All FastGamerr releases on ModDB and elsewhere have entered their end-of-life product stage for good in December 2015, meaning that absolutely no further technical support will be provided by FastGamerr. I am not omnisciently aware of how files that work perfectly fine on most systems can be harmful on others - use FastGamerr projects at your own risk! Deus Ex: Nihilum (DXN, DEN or Nihilum for short) is a First Person Shooter mod taking place in an alternate Deus Ex continuity - released on May 28th 2013. It features new made-from-scratch original content, while also extensively featuring material from the UNATCO Born mod (used with permission from fender2k1, UB's project leader) and Deus Ex: Revision (used in accordance with the mod's license).

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A really good mod coming from such a small team.

The Deus Ex-like story was quite nice, with all of them conspiracies and Wesley learning about the truth.
The story was easy to follow, there weren't too many hard points that could've been hard to understand.

The music was mostly very atmospheric, with most of the tracks being very suitable and atmospheric and a few being somewhat forgettable. I specifically loved the track placed in the map with Mad's first mission in Hong Kong, that one had some really nice spots.

The voice acting - well, there's mostly nothing critical to say about them, but Mad Ingram's voice does sound somewhat non-fitting for an agent grown in a pod - too gentle and soft, maybe. In some way I LOVED Mad's voice, though.
The other VAing was very good and sounded quite professional. Nice fem. VA's! The minor roles weren't bad either.
The only flaw about the voices was that some of them were too quiet - it was hard to hear them, especially in cutscenes where there's dramatic music in the background too.

While I'm not that much of a weapons freak in games, there could've been a few more weapons anyways, or more situations where you could've used them. The railgun didn't really go into such a big use, I mainly carried it around and shot few bots and cameras with it. Also, you get the light machine gun so late in the game that you mainly use it for the really tough mercenaries that XVA has.

And also about the amount of lockpicks in the game - way too much, especially if you have your lockpick skill leveled up to trained in the beginning of the game. Just after a couple of hours, you tend to have quite enough of them to get through any doors, and you get a lot more of them as you go.

The amount of original Deus Ex lines in the game was strangely high - it didn't really matter much, but I wonder why there couldn't have been more new voices.

But mostly, the mod's very enjoyable with an epic atmosphere. It's just too bad that it felt so short.

Just replayed the mod and had even more fun than on the first play.
The maps are rich in details, the storyline is interesting. The voice acting isn't that great, but it is compensated by occasional joke lines in the dialogues.

Anyway, missing this one would be a mistake.

Great soundtrack, gameplay, story great everything.

Besides main protagonist's horrid voice acting, it feels like an official expansion to the original.

It's that good.

Oh and go and download the soundtrack. It's terrific!

Great mapping, great Deus Ex mod. Big and fun.

Pretty neat mod. I'd give this a bronze medal after TNM and 2027.

Great mod. Really have the feeling and atmosphere of the original game. Only minor things with the mod is a few small bugs & a few lesser great gameplay choices. But all in all, a superb mod with a great story. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the original Deus Ex game.

Finally I've finished the Nihilum Mod! VERY GOOD WORK everything looks good and the story is very interesting. The structure of the game is solid, functional and very well done. Voice acting is good!! Great work... hope for a sequel? ;)


I think a lot of things stop this from being perfect, but it's still a very good mod to begin with. Some of the voice acting done is fairly good or even great, but some of it isn't. But heck, it has voice acting, and that in itself is exceedingly rare and troublesome to pursue, +5 pizazz for that. A lot of the textures and models are also very impressive, but some models lack a spot of polish, while others are simply amazing. The amount of thorough signs done in chinese is a very nice touch, but makes navigation confusing, especially without any maps that label particular areas. Some of the maps also lack very distinct landmarks or are very cramped and leave the maps with a sharp learning curve for navigation. Additionally you often end up running in circles sometimes, making this feature somewhat exaggerated. Although the mapping on this is absolutely supreme, possible the 2nd best I've ever seen next to only RS2020, very large and very detailed mapping. Finally I think some places are prone to almost overly-dense enemy placement, although this varies greatly, and sometimes objectives are obscure in themselves.

Overall a very good mod, but not perfect (but what mod is, amiright?) It's not so much my style of gameplay, but you can tell a lot of love and care went into making this, and that's what really counts.

A cool mod in the deus ex fashion. I still have to complain about the combat being the same as the deus ex one considering the improvements in that area in the mod project 2027 and the smoke mod, but despite that the mod is amazing. There is a whole lot to explore there is also a lot of tactics available for missions and the ability to kill no one if desired.
The story is quite well written and there is even the amazing option to avoid killing certain bosses. The open gameplay is still there and there is some goodies for brutes as well.
A good mod set in the deus ex universe.

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