All FastGamerr releases on ModDB and elsewhere have entered their end-of-life product stage for good in December 2015, meaning that absolutely no further technical support will be provided by FastGamerr. I am not omnisciently aware of how files that work perfectly fine on most systems can be harmful on others - use FastGamerr projects at your own risk! Deus Ex: Nihilum (DXN, DEN or Nihilum for short) is a First Person Shooter mod taking place in an alternate Deus Ex continuity - released on May 28th 2013. It features new made-from-scratch original content, while also extensively featuring material from the UNATCO Born mod (used with permission from fender2k1, UB's project leader) and Deus Ex: Revision (used in accordance with the mod's license).

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Sheer flawless


ZuloxDark says

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I consider myself a DX hardcore veteran and this is pretty much the perfect re-imagining of the clasic DX, down to cheezy (sorry!) voiceacting and story choices that prove meaningless in the end. But Nihilum also menages to capture all that was great in the first DX - with emphasis on exploration, fleshed-out world (with far less flavour texst than DX, but still a bunch), paranoia and making any style of gameplay valid. It is not a perfect game though - it carries all flaws of the original DeusEx - dumb AI or maps allowing players to jump into plains outside proper map limit. for example. But then again - it is a mod and when evaluated as such it turns out to be pure GOLD!
Deus Ex: Nihilum is slightly shorter than the game it is based, 'only' around hours 10-15 for a carefull, stealth focused and pacifistic playthrough on realistic mode and around 7-10 hours if one prefer run'n'gun on easy mode. It is worth noticing that this is, both in quality and lenght, more than average 60$ new Bioshock clone.
About the run'n'gun aproach - there are few new guns, like M249 light machinegun, P99 pistol, new small machine gun and Gauss Gun, emmiting EMP shots. The last one is a game changer, much like EMP pistol from The Nameless Mod, capable of (almost) silent elimination of bots and messing up cameras. Ammo is also not so scarce like in DX.
Story presented in Nihilum is interesting, gripping at moments, characters are well rounded up despite far from perfect voiceacting (Number's One voice is by far the worst IMHO, but even his lines highlit his character traits, esspecialy in the last act of the game). All of characters act and react to player in logical manner consistent with their own agendas so they all feel life-like. There are four endings, one for each of three faction fighting with two others plus 'sod off' ending. Any ending can be chosen in the very last mission in the game (just like in Deus Ex).
Damn 2k char limit. Just do yourself a favor and play DX:N.

I'm sorry but this just isn't very playable to me. I hate to give a low mark to a work of love like this, I can only imagine how much time and effort goes into these things, but this mod is nowhere near a 9 or a 10. Here is why:
- The levels are basically mazes, that leads to
- Lots and lots of backtracking
- I had to go guns blazing in the club in the first mission after running around for what felt like hours and searching every nook and cranny
- I couldn't find the right way for the life of me in the second mission after the robots activate, and I was done with this mod
I know good Deus Ex when I see it and this unfortunately isn't it, but it's still better than human revolution, I mean less annoying.

Edit: my review above concerns only the first two missions of this mod. As I learned playing it gets much much better afterwards, it was a pleasant surprise. I still give 5/10 to the first two missions but the rest of this mod is good, sometimes even very good.

I tried to play this mod but Mad Ingram's voice acting just killed it for me. I couldn't continue to play. I can handle sub-par voice acting but not down right atrocious voice acting. It almost seems like a person would have to TRY to be that bad. Otherwise in the short time I played it seemed like a pretty awesome mod and I commend the creator for putting such great effort into it. Patch Mad Ingram's voice acting with someone that can do a decent job and I'd be glad to play it, but as it stands that voice just kills the immersion too much for me to spend any more time on it.

A cool mod in the deus ex fashion. I still have to complain about the combat being the same as the deus ex one considering the improvements in that area in the mod project 2027 and the smoke mod, but despite that the mod is amazing. There is a whole lot to explore there is also a lot of tactics available for missions and the ability to kill no one if desired.
The story is quite well written and there is even the amazing option to avoid killing certain bosses. The open gameplay is still there and there is some goodies for brutes as well.
A good mod set in the deus ex universe.


Jblade35 says

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A fantastic mod that captures the spirit of Deus Ex. The music is excellent, and while there are some spotty bits in the voice acting it's still of good quality for the most part. The main character's backstory is interesting, and he turned from another Denton style character into his own man easily enough. It references the DX plot well, and you visit a good set of locations. I think my only criticism would be the end area is a bit too reminiscient of Area 51, however that's down to personel preference more than anything else.

An amazing Deus Ex mod - here's hoping that DX will live on with more mods like this in the years to come.

Great mod, fantastic look to it, voice actors could of used been leveled at the same volume a bit more but, some are a bit too quiet, others a bit too loud, that said I still recommend this mod to everyone!

This long awaited mod has everything you would wish for. The gun models are very good, the soundtrack fits the theme and the voice acting is hilarious.


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