All FastGamerr releases on ModDB and elsewhere have entered their end-of-life product stage for good in December 2015, meaning that absolutely no further technical support will be provided by FastGamerr. I am not omnisciently aware of how files that work perfectly fine on most systems can be harmful on others - use FastGamerr projects at your own risk! Deus Ex: Nihilum (DXN, DEN or Nihilum for short) is a First Person Shooter mod taking place in an alternate Deus Ex continuity - released on May 28th 2013. It features new made-from-scratch original content, while also extensively featuring material from the UNATCO Born mod (used with permission from fender2k1, UB's project leader) and Deus Ex: Revision (used in accordance with the mod's license).

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Mod Of The Year 2013 Editor Choice

Mod Of The Year 2013 Editor Choice

Feature 39 comments

Welcome to the Editors Choice award for Mod of the Year 2013. Here the editors of ModDB have their say on the most prolific mods both released and unreleased...

Deus Ex: Nihilum FAQ

Deus Ex: Nihilum FAQ

Feature 0 comments

Frequently asked questions for DXN. More entries will be added if necessary. As of July 2015, Deus Ex: Nihilum has effectively entered its end-of-life...

Quarter 02 Year in Review 2013

Quarter 02 Year in Review 2013

Feature 5 comments

ModDB's Year in Review Quarter 02 April through till June 2013.

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