Deus Ex: Nihilum (DXN) is a First Person Shooter mod taking place in an alternate Deus Ex continuity - first released on May 28th 2013. It features new made-from-scratch original content while also extensively featuring material from the UNATCO Born mod (used with permission from fender2k1, UB's project leader) and Deus Ex: Revision (2011 build - used in accordance with the mod's license).

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No more tech support, sorry. Frequently asked questions for Deus Ex: Nihilum. More entries will be added if necessary.

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No more tech support, sorry.

Because of the millions of different hardware and software combinations possible with today's personal computers, under no circumstances including negligence shall FastGamerr or anyone else be held liable for any incidental, special, consequential or any other damages that may result from the use or inability to use this mod/add-on content.

Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting for Deus Ex: Nihilum. More entries will be added if necessary. Links valid as of May 2013.


- Voice Acting
- Technical

- Cheat Codes:
* How to enable cheats
* Instructions and Item List

- General
- New Vision
- Gameplay/Bugs
- Plot
- Gameplay/Bugs (SPOILERS)
- Final (SPOILERS)


- I hate the voice acting! I'm never playing your mod again!

Well, you could also just access the volume controls from Menu -> Options -> Sound and set the VOICE volume value into OFF (the left end of the slider).

The voice acting in particular has not been well received, but alas, it's the best I got when I asked for anyone interested in voice-acting for the mod for free to do so. A shame that some actors even expressed their regret in voicing for the mod! Nevertheless, I'm eternally grateful to everyone who voiced for it - especially the professional voice actors who did their work for free (and resumed working on their actually paid gigs). I really can't thank you enough! 8]


- I'm trying to run the mod but I get an error saying that I'm missing a file named MSVCP110.dll from my computer. What to do?

Please (re)install the Microsoft VC++ 2012 runtimes!

- I'm using the Steam version of Deus Ex and I get a "Cannot find Steam" error when I'm trying to play DXN. What to do?

It's more or less compulsory to use Kentie's launcher with the Steam version of Deus Ex (as far as I know). If you've already installed the mod, grab the launcher from here ( ) and copy its DeusEx.exe and rename the copy as fgrhk.exe in your DeusEx\System directory (replacing the one put there by the installer).

- Is DXN compatible with gameplay mods (e.g. BioMod, Shifter, etc.)?

DXN doesn't edit the DeusEx.u file, so in theory it should be compatible with such mods. Can't guarantee it, though!

- I can get to the DXN main in-game menu, but pressing "New Game" starts vanilla DX (i.e. Liberty Island)! What to do?

First off, you should always make sure that you're running DXN via shortcut that includes the INI and USERINI settings in it.

For example:
fgrhk.exe INI=C:\DeusEx\fgrhk\System\fgrhk.ini USERINI=C:\DeusEx\fgrhk\System\fgrhkUser.ini

2) Sometimes the correct playerclass might have been changed into Class=DeusEx.JCDentonMale in fgrhkUser.ini by the game due to an unknown bug.

Make sure that the value Class in the [DefaultPlayer] section of your fgrhkUser.ini says:


3) If you're using Kentie's launcher, do note that the launcher makes copies of the fgrhk.ini and fgrhkUser.ini files into your My Documents folder (f.ex. \My Documents\Deus Ex\) the first time you run it.

If you're receiving any of these problems, check that the INI files in the My Documents\Deus Ex directory are correct - or remove them altogether and run the launcher again.

- I have two Walther pistols in my inventory...

Sadly they seem to cause various issues after all (on the contrary to what I wrote on the readme, sadly enough!). Here's what you have to do:

Select the first pistol and then throw it away from your hand (there's a special keybind for this that you can assign from the Options). Then select the other pistol and throw it away as well. Only pick one of those pistols back into your inventory and move on.


How to enable cheats:

First make sure that you have cheats enabled (i.e. running the mod by including -hax0r in the shortcut target (before the INI=fgrhk.ini part!)).

e.g. "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Deus Ex\System\fgrhk.exe -hax0r INI=fgrhk.ini USERINI=fgrhkUser.ini

(Note! The default shortcut might have too much text for you to put the -hax0r part into it. Remove the log=fgrhk.log section to gain more space, and try shortening the INI and USERINI parts into the names of the INI files only as in the example above)

Instructions and Item List:

Press t, remove 'Say' from the console prompt and first type the following:

summon fgrhk.

(Remember the dot at the end!)

3) Now, enter one of these item names to summon the custom DXN item in question:






- Why the name Deus Ex: Nihilum?

In 2004, I discovered one of the Latin words for 'nothing' and combined it with 'Deus Ex' to form "Deus Ex Nihilum" i.e. "God from nothing" - which sounded very Deus Exy at the time. But in time I discovered that the actual phrase for "god from nothing" appears to be "deus ex nihilo" and I didn't like the sound of that - so in the end the mod became "Deus Ex: Nihilum" (the colon actually makes a difference!). As an added bonus, every time if someone asked me what I was working on I could have replied "nothing!" and followed that up with "I already told you, I'm working on nothing!" if they didn't get it. Oh the hilarity!

- I heard you had a Continuity Bible for the project...

That's true. In fact, I considered releasing it with the project (it would have explained a lot of plot elements and character profiles in much larger detail) but I decided that I'd rather want the players themselves decide if anything in the mod makes sense in any way. As long as they just keep the whole "alternate Deus Ex universe" factor in mind! :]

- Will there be any more patches to the mod?


- I can't download the 1.1 and 1.2 patches anymore!

Their contents were incorporated into the proper mod download already when the patches came out, and later on I decided that it was high time to remove the separate patch downloads to lessen confusion.


- Is DXN compatible with the latest version of DX: New Vision?

Yes. In fact, the mod has been designed with DX:NV in mind! It's recommendable to install New Vision before DXN as well (since the DXN installer will copy the current contents from your DeusEx.ini and User.ini files to DXN's INI files).


- I can't seem to get the December 2012 HDTP beta working with Deus EX: Nihilum, but I can see that you've had it enabled in most recent screenshots! What to do?

I put all .U files from the HDTP Release #1 + HDTP Beta packages (DeusEx.u, HDTPBookClosed.u, HDTPBookOpen.u, HDTPCharacters.u, HDTPDecos.u, HDTPDemo.u, HDTPItems.u, HDTPPapers.u) in \Deus Ex\HDTP\System and HDTPanim.utx in \Deus Ex\HDTP\Textures. In the [Core.System] part of your fgrhk.ini file, add these lines right after CacheExt=.uxx


In-game, you have to go to the HDTP Options to select 'Custom' from the Global option and disable the MJ12 and JC models. With these settings, HDTP works fine with DXN on my system. If you do this to no avail, I'm sorry if it doesn't work the same way on your end!

- Why don't the first person skin color and coat sleeves match Mad Ingram's with HDTP active?

Quite a bit of the code in HDTP is different from the original game in certain areas, and fixing this issue for DXN in particular would have involved too much work for me and most definitely for other people as well. Sorry!

- Why don't the patrol & military bots make their trademark sounds with HDTP on?

See the answer above.


- Why do the Gauss Gun and LMG2049 models have gloves in their models but the others don't?

I guess some guns are just way too dirty for Agent Ingram! Anyway, the gloves are a part of their original 3D models and I wasn't willing to spend any extra time in getting them removed/modified.

- Why can't you hear the End Credits song when you click 'Credits' in the main menu?

After playing through the mod a few times, hearing the proper End Credits music only after finishing the mod was much more effective and gratifying to me. I guess you could consider it an artistic choice. Doesn't stop you from taking a peek into the Music folder, though!

- Where can I get the prod for the first time?

It's quite easy if you have invested in the Lockpick skill (so that it's at least in the Trained level) and have acquired two lockpicks from the crates at the helipad (Hint! You can drop them from the helipad or use the movable railing to crush them open). The prod is located in the locked drawer left of where the mechanic is standing in the Tech Section (in other words, when you enter the Tech Section, go down the slope, immediately turn left and you should see the locked drawer in the corner).


- You know, the Ambrosia vials still mention the Grey Death even though it's not a dire issue in DXN's setting...

The item descriptions for the items from the original game remain unedited for practical (mostly editing-related) reasons.


- [Yumashev Factory] Why is the lighting in the vents/pipes that lead to the nanotech storage room blue even when there's no water in there?

Well, the light fixtures in there are blue to make it look more appropriate... at any rate, it's a minor bug at best.

- [Yumashev Factory] Why do you get the skill points for Joe's safe arrival at his destination only after you've witnessed his arrival there or when the level changes?

That's just how the game seems to work with that particular scenario. I don't really consider it a bug.

- [Yumashev Factory] Why are the dogs and birds dead after the gas scenario despite them not being in the area?

I guess those mean scuba guys started shooting them for fun.

- [Yumashev Factory] Why do the bots turn against me even though I've already turned them to my side?

Most bots in the mod don't like it if they see the player walking around with a gun (in UED terms, bHatesWeap regardless of the loyalty settings. It'd be wonderful if it affected other NPCs as well, but eh, that's DX AI for you.

- [Platz Der Republik] You know, opening and reopening the manhole next to the XVA HQ will always give 300 skill points.

Well, I guess it's fitting that DXN has a bug like that just like the original level has (at the Vandenberg Air Force Base)! I tried to do my best to avoid bugs like that in DXN, though. People, try not to abuse it! ;]

- [Queens Streets] Why does the bouncer just walk to the side and then back to his original position if he lets you inside the bar?

To me it looks more like he expects the player to go inside in the moment when he steps on the side. After all, he's still not that appreciative of Ingram's presence there. While tacky, I don't really consider it a bug.

- [Cutter Residence] Why is MacFarlane just standing behind the door and not barging in to confront the player?

In-game explanation: that's how he tends to work (thus annoying some of his coworkers). In-editor explanation: that's the easiest way for the full sequence with Alistair present to work.

- [Cutter Residence] Hey, why didn't you tell me MacFarlane was going to kill all the gang members!?

As with so many things in the mod, you just needed to explore a bit more. >.> <.< Namely, finding out the datacube in his apartment where he states how much he hates the gang members.

- [Washington D.C.] Why do the maglev's buttons disappear when the levels change?

The physics with the maglev and the buttons has always been sketchy, removing the buttons from those two instances makes it look more tolerable in my opinion.

- [Dynamene Station] Why do the Outer Section and the Missile Unit levels lack a conversation music?

Artistic choice again. This way you can have a smoother transition to the endings (so that the music won't start twice). Since those two levels don't have many conversations anyway, I decided to omit that music sequence even though the bug still occurs if you transfer to the endings with the combat & death tracks playing. But as those levels can involve more combat and death than conversation, I thought it was more natural to retain those two sequences there.

- [Dynamene Station] I'm getting a game-crashing error if I try to blow doors up in the Outer Section (at least)

The error (that says something akin to "BreakableWall1 (function Engine.Mover.Makegroupstop:0000) Infinte script recursion (250 calls)") tends to be caused if you blow doors up with the 20mm HE ammo - sometimes in other scenarios. As this issue is related to DX's native code and fixing it would require remaking the entire level from scratch, it will not be fixed in any future release. Sorry! Sometimes it doesn't even occur. I also recommend sticking to LAMs when blowing things up in the level.

!!!! A solution to this problem has been implemented by kocmo, creator of the unifiedDeusEx mod. I still recommend you to make the fix (requires recompiling of DXN's packages) or use the new Engine.u at your own risk! Many thanks to kocmo for this information! !!!!


As a general note, Deus Ex: Nihilum takes place in an alternate Deus Ex continuity, meaning that several deviations have been taken with the original game and its Continuity Bible. Even further, the mod takes place in an alternate universe altogether, so many events have taken a different path in the mod's past several years, decades and even centuries before the DX(N) era. To highlight a specific example, you can come across a reference to "The Tonight Show with David Letterman" specifically to highlight this in a subtle non-intrusive way. But it cannot be understated that the overall Deus Ex continuity has fascinated me ever since I played through the game for the first time, so with DXN I've done my best job at trying to maintain a mostly consistent continuity with the original game even with the deviations in mind.

- Are there any ham sandwiches in the mod?


- [Airborne Laboratory] Wait, why is the inventory still intact in the cell?

Check the clipboards in the large room where the lab equipment (and stairs) are. At any rate, enabling a similar "retrive the inventory!" scenario as in the original game would have been feasible as well, but as the "product statement" goes: similar events have taken a different course in DXN. Besides, I find it funny! >.>

- [Dynamene Station] How many endings are there?

Four: the Illuminati, MJ12, XVA and Sacrifice.


- Any personal favorites as far as levels, characters and music are concerned?

Going with my current (December 2017) favorites here:

1) Levels: Yuanda Zhu Streets
2) Characters: Alistair Carlsburn
3) Music: Civil Unrest

- Yeah, whatever. Thanks for nothing!

Hey, you're welcome!

"It's just a show; I should really just relax." - MST3K Mantra

"Don't examine this too closely." - Bellisario's Maxim

"In the end? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends." - Dr. Manhattan

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