Deus Ex : New Vision is an overhaul of the environment textures in Deus Ex.

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This mod succeeds in bringing the old Deus Ex into the modern era with sharper textures and better graphics rendering. It's worth reinstalling the game for this facelift.

Almost great. Some things could be retextured better.

Nice work on improving the textures for the great Deus Ex, but I don't get how a simple texture mod can deserve a 9.8 rating, which is higher than any other *creative* mod.
Moreover, there are still many lacks. Characters for example. How can an uncompleted texture mod get a 9.8 rating???? And the choices are certainly not perfect: many of the posters that have been put in the mod can only belong to our era, not to 2052.
But the biggest problem to me is that most of the texts are reversed. (!) It begins with the text on the very first crafts in game. What gone wrong here? It makes the whole mod feel sloppy...
Still a must have, but it feels unfinished.

75% complete means I can not give it the 10 out of 10 it deserves. But regardless it is a very high quality texture pack for a aged game that well deserves it.


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