This is a singelplayer and multiplayer modification for Mount and Blade: Warband. It covers a central theme of colonists versus tribes, with tribes taking inspiration from anything from aztecs, neolithic tribes and comanches/apaches. It is based in a fictitious land on an Island called New Elgante which is occupied by seven factions. The mod aims to convert the native world to this new setting. The game world and setting are entirely of my own imagination and I try to convey the world in a believable fashion. I am making this mod alongside writing several novels based inside the world.

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I like the conquistador feel to this mod

Best Mod Ever

This game is very original and fun. It adds a huge amount of new features. I really enjoy playing it!!!

Love it! I love the way the guns fire, reload, everything about this mod is amazing!

This mod is stupidly detailed. I love that nice feeling when my Indians are being shot down and we swarm the Elgante Bastards. The adition of lords with small armies means you can fight other lords without being hopelessly outnumbered. ONE OF THE BEST MODS OUT THERE. I just wish the multiplier didn't die.

One of the few mods where I feel like I'm playing a new game. Best mod ever.


I wrote an article about this mod on mount and blade wiki and i still think its a great mod. Creative and ambitious. It might not be brytenwalda, but its got spirit.

I love the symbolism in this mod, even if the symbolism is as dark and horrible as the metaphors in The Walking Dead. The pseudo-European colonists symbolize the sense of loneliness and helplessness that comes with the realization that there is no god. Technology has left the cannoneers of the Elgante Empire weak against the brute savage fury of the Mountain thugs (whose names I have forgotten).

Great mod, we need mod likes the aztec!!!


razvanel122 says

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Very good mod man..
This is one of the best mods i saw..
Can i ask you something,will you make a mod but more medieval like the 100 years war mod..Just asking.
Anyway perfect mod!

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