NEOTOKYO° is a first person shooter that aims to provide a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich futuristic setting. NEOTOKYO° takes place in and around a fictionalized Tokyo approximately 30 years in the future. Mankind has begun to fuse with technology. Government and corporate corruption have transformed Tokyo into a deadly dystopian nightmare. After a near-successful military coup by ranking members of Jinrai, the National Security Force (NSF) is formed - answering directly to the Prime Minister, it's mission is to investigate and eliminate all threats to Japan, both abroad and at home. The initial core of the NSF is made from an exodus from within the intelligence branch of the military. With this betrayal begins the war in the shadows between the NSF and Jinrai.

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awesome game! there's very few people, but usually they play at late afternoon to close. take time to memorise the various class-based controls. whether you're into anime like Ghost in the shell or not, if you have the patience to wait for games to show up, and don't ragequit, you'll find that this is a game worth sticking with.

also, the itunes soundtrack kicks ***. get it. get it now.

Very enjoyable game with amazing art, I would play this on a daily basis if there were bots but alas there are none. Still I don't see this as a failure of the designer and more as a let down that the community aren't playing more online together. Another issue is the steep learning curve that punishes players quite severely, however this is aimed more at the hardcore market from what I can see. I still give this a 10 out of 10 and the gaem itself is absolutely outstanding and worth every second spent playing it, hoping to see more great things from this team in the future, but that may be sometime based on the already existent radio silence.




Mind-blowing Awesome!!!

AAA Quality

very good


Amazing mod!!! Get this if can!

Come back, guys! I beg of you!

Excellant mod,Its sad that it doesnt get the attention it deserves.

This is the best multiplayer mod of Half Life 2. The multiplayer is rich of accion, it has excellent graphics, it has great gameplay and the music is very well-made.

NeoTokyo has some very well designed features in the game. Almost each weapon has a silenced version and each of the 3 class types have their own weapons they can use and their own "Visor" mode. Since only the Light Weight and the Medium Weight characters can use cloaks, the Heavies have one overall advantidge, complete view of cloaked and uncloaked targets. Each class has pros and cons, which equals out in the end. Heavies can't run, but they can bring the big guns, the light-weights are faster moving and can see tangos in the dark, and the medium built troopers can see targets in cloak, but only while moving. Similar to Counter Strike, this game has a different feel at the same time. This is basically a combo of Ghost Recon with Counter Strike, given objectives and keeping the enemy surpressed. Course, with a game with high tech gear, your gonna find that your tactics may not count with the unexpected. Cloaked players in this game are actaully hard to see, making it much more of a challenge to find them.

Well detailed maps, a desent variety of weappons to choose from, 3 player builds for the Tank, Soldier, and Scout like, and some mechanics that makes it a whole lot fun, if you want games like this on Steam, give it a Greenlight. Definantly worth a try.

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