Total Conversion for Oblivion: "Nehrim - At Fate's Edge" is a finished Total Conversion for the RPG The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. That means it is a self-contained game that bases upon the Oblivion game engine, but has no relation to Oblivion's lore. It is a world in which neither Tamriel nor any other TES based name exists. The continent itself on which the game is situated is called Nehrim, it is completely independent from the base game. Nehrim was developed by the Sureai Team ( We have already created two Total Conversions for Morrowind, named Arktwend and Myar Aranath, but unfortunately there never was an English version of them. This time, however, we will develop an English version of the project with translated texts and German voice acting.

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Beautifully crafted world, with many interesting and unique locations, magnificent cities (Cahbaet is my favorite), and breathtaking landscapes. The music is very good as well, some tracks I even listen to regularly on my player.

The story, while linear, is indeed interesting and gripping, so much that I played until late hours just to see what happens next, despite having to wake up early the next day due to work.

All in all, I loved it. For me it's more than "just a mod", it's a game in it's own right.

The best mod I've ever played.
Definitely better than Oblivion or Skyrim.

nice mod


this is soooo cool

The king of Oblivion mods, has more polish, features and better game play than many full featured games.

This mod obviously influenced Skyrim immensely; there are many small details in this game that don't appear in Oblivion but do in Skyrim: bard playing music on command to a larger variety of spell effects.

Nothing but awesome! I'm already at lvl 40 and still not bored!

What "Oblivion" wished it was !!!

Better then Skyrim. Enough said.

A fantastic Oblivion total conversion

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