Nations at War is being built upon the roots of a large group of friends, some of which have known worked and played together for year's. Our community/team has a large amount of tournament experience, and expects and demands nothing but excellence on the battlefield and exceptional sportsmanship and comradely off of it. Nations at War is at its heart a large community of friends who put a premium on teamwork, respect and fairness. This is after all it's a game and something meant to be enjoyed by all, where one comes to make friends and have fun.

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This mod changes the whole concept of BF!

With BF3 being released last fall I find the lack of coop disappointing. This is the only mod I ever return too!

Keep up the great work guys, I know you said 6.0 was your Final Release but still hoping for updates :D

Very fun! A wide variety of weapons makes this even better!


This mod is simply amazing!

I am amazed at the amount of maps and vehicles! I only wish there were more choppers and planes in a map.

mod well done dev team! :) lots of new stuff, the jets (which i love the most in the game), new kits. this deserves 10/10. not all mods can be as rich as this.

Most fun I've ever had in any modification of a game.



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