Nali Weapons 3 is a new weapon pack for Unreal Tournament, containing over 15 new weapons, including nuclear weapons, drones, freezing and flaming guns, and the list goes on... It's also the sequel to the old Nali Weapons II X.

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The amount of effort put forth into to this mod and the quality that has come from it is far superior to any weapon mods I have seen or tried out! The imaginative and beautiful effects, the balance and challenge, pull you towards not playing any other weapon modification! Whether or not you're shooting down small, cramped hallways or blasting your enemies from afar, this mod does well not to lean towards one type of gameplay! Once I picked up this mod, I have been constantly looking towards its future releases, and await them with giddy, christmas-eve, school girl anticipation! You will not do wrong with Nali Weapons 3! 10/10!

cant wait for the overessurestions !!

This mod is just amazing, really adds more epicness to the mod. If this was out earlier ( talking like 2000 or 2001 ) I bet epic games wouldve added this to the GOTY edition and not the chaos mod!

Nice Weapons and good quarity of details. But some weapons are overpowered.

I myself I am creator of gun mod for Doom that aims to be most overpowered and ludicrous **** ever. I absolutely approve the gimmicks and destructive power included here!

Lol, forgot to review... Ah well, great mod!

Just a fantastic well executed mod with a lot to give. It is extremely well made and the weapon models and ammo are just gorgeous. 10/10 for this fantastic mod

Greatest ut mod ever played

☢ This mod takes UT99 far beyond anything anyone thought possible ☢
I have not been this impressed since the Bonus pack 2 (with Xpickups)

1 small step for man, 1 giant leap for UT99

I've played with the first two versions of this mod, and I have to say that Ferialidragon truly succeeded at taking the older concepts and amping them up in a new way that is both fresh and entertaining on the surface, but incredibly well-organized and crafted everywhere else.

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