You are the leader of the Mystery Combat Squad, a mysterious group of people who shoot other people. Who are these mysterious Mystery Combat people? What are their intentions? Who do they work for? It is unlikely that anyone will ever know for sure. But when heroes are needed, they are always there to help.

-9 unique characters who have banded together in common interest of the liberation of the planet of the earth

-15 action-packed maps, From afghanistan to the tedious tundra of the arctic

-The unique ability to shoot through walls

-Take on covenant elites, nazis, terrorists, stormtroopers, government agents,tau warriors, even ronald mcdonald!

-A unique soundtrack that sets the mood for each map

-Challenging gameplay that requires in-depth thinking

-DLC which will reveal the back stories of each of your squad members.

"The best mod ever created, hands down, detailed maps, quality models, unique soundtrack, amazing storyline, and brutal battles, this mod is the best I seen, and the DLC's were so much damn fun, I would like to see more of this. 9000/10" -Zombeh_Cupcake, 10/10

"BEST MOD EVER!" -CrazyChickenMFK , 10/10

"10/10 for music from the A Team"

"Great mod.But the music was very loud!" -Sfod-d, 10/10

"I give this mod a 10, just because of the fact that people take it so seriously that it's funny"

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