Finally! The GTA:IV multiplayer mod we've all been waiting for. MultIV is a free online multiplayer modification for the Rockstar title Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. You and up to 255 friends and foes in a server shooting the sh*t out of each other. What more could you want? Free The mod is, and always will be, 100% free to play. All we ask is you support the game developers by purchasing GTA: Episodes From Liberty City. Limitless A ton of scripting functions. Your server game modes and features are limited only by your imagination.

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It's a very nice modification. It's getting better every day, supported heavily by developers. We've been waiting a lot of time for a properly built modification and most likely this time we're gonna have it.


After spending the past few days reviewing the mod and playing around with the programming side of what DP1 has to offer, i'm impressed at the features and stability DP1 supplies at such an early stage.

I hope that DP2 will be even better than what came with DP1. Good work, MultIV dev team. Keep up the great work and support you're supplying to your player base.


This is a amazing mod, please continue you have a great future :) im waiting for a new and a good update to this game

Finally, a nearly-stable modification for EFLC.

Nice mod , good sync keep moving team :)

Great mod, looking forward for future updates.

IV netwotrk - its amazing!

Awesome! Finally a multiplayer for EFLC


It's working great for a alpha and I'd love to see the ending product

Good luck!

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