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M.S.O. v1.0.1 Download @ ModDB

M.S.O. Discussion thread @ Gsc-game.com

RECOMMENDED GFX MODS (fully compatibile):

Atmosfear v3 @ ModDB

Absolute Texture Packs @ ModDB

M.S.O. is not enough for you?

Check out my almost finished global rebalancing mod called P.G.R. for Pripyat Gameplay Rebalanced which retouches every single aspect of CoP gameplay and is entirely based on M.S.O. in therms of AI and a-life.

You can D/L and read about it here:

P.G.R. Download thread @ Gsc-game.com

and discussion is here:

P.G.R. Discussion thread @ Gsc-game.com

Please provide feedback on prv or in above discussion thread as testing and some detail polishing are the only things I lack before proper ModDB release.


P.G.R. / M.S.O. - random NPC skirmishes MOVIE @ Youtube.com


M.S.O. is a stand-alone Call of Pripyat A.I. and a-life (simulation) overhaul revamping and radically improving every aspect of NPC and mutant behaviour in-game.

Changes include everything from complete smart terrain revamp (spawns, function, logical repopulation of all quest-related places), thru NPC and mutant daily behaviours to rank-specific combat skills and habits (diversified aiming skills and reaction times).

All this done for all locations (so Pripyat also got completely overhauled) and pararerly to the storyline and side-quests meaning that (despite such major changes) everything works fine and doesn't get broken.

No other CoP mod ever has touched this subject in such a complete and complex manner - and all this is available to you in stand-alone 'vanilla-oriented' package making the mod easy to add to your favourite compilation.


Alundaio, Trojanuch


Ataru Moroboshi, Jketinu, MacBradley, scigacz1975, xanmalone, domovoi, durundallives, Grunt, HappyEmu, D_Money, vindictus
smrtphoneusr, Ceano - for general inspiration and great learning material in form of their mods

MODS INCLUDED (great thx):

AI Tweaks by Alundaio
Alunadaio Plugin Pack and Plugin Manager
Clear Sky SSP-99 and SSP-99M Suit Mod by Fluffy22
correct ironsights alignment by b1ub4k
Full English Translation by Tagaziel Staval Iurien AKA Mikael Grizzly
Cleared stash mod by Angrydog
Various fixes from PRP by shifter
Carry Mod for COP by Ceano
two npc meshes from Variation Mod by Darkenneko


- complete revamp of all locations spawns both in therms of what is spawned, where and in what number (see Article)

- complete revamp of npc and mutant simulation behaviours - what they do and where they go at which hours (old A-life in CoP called 'simulation', see Article)

- proper and logical repopulation of all quest-related locations (ex. water treatment or workshop in Zaton)

- introduction of number of custom profesions for npcs, for ex. hunter and scientific squads (see the Article for details)

- complete overhaul of Pripyat in aspects mentioned above - all factions and profesions are present there, along with a lot of varied mutants - generally a lot of stuff is going on there now

- overhaul of npc's fighting skills: it is now rank and faction depended with masters having much better accuracy and reaction times then noobs (see Article)

- NPC chances in fights vs mutants greatly increased (meaning that NPC death from mutant is quite rare) - squads survive for much longer periods and you can meet same guys a lot of times during the same play-thru

- overhaul of NPC's vision settings - noobs are much less perceptive and detect player slower than masters (especially at nights)

- large tweak of NPC combat 'speach' - no one will warn about granede throws for example. Higher ranks tend to speak even less and remain silent.

- improvement to 'neutral bases' behaviour (ex. Skadovsk and Scientists Bunker) - NPC's patroling perimeter will actively 'defend' bases by shooting to wandering mutants and hostile factions.

- AI Tweaks: vast improvements to all NPCs on-line behaviours:

* fighting over long distances (rank / faction depended)
* detecting & ignoring enemies (rank / faction depended)
* pursuing escaping enemies (rank / faction depended)
* looting of all dead bodies
* proper and fast aid to wounded comrades

- AI Tweaks: new & proper NPC blowout reaction - fights get ignored and everyone is sprinting for covers - no more stupid deaths around the player on each emission

- AI Tweaks: introduction of NPC running in combat (rank / faction depended)

- Alundaio Plugin Pack: completely random (yet diversified by rank and faction) NPC gear with proper weapon attachements usage

- Alundaio Plugin Pack: introduction of facer NPC ability (they do meele attacks using their weapons)

- Alundaio Plugin Pack: introducion of medkit and bandage usage by NPC's (rank / faction depended)

- Alundaio Plugin Pack: introduction of proper AP and special ammo usage by NPCs (rank / faction depended)

- Number of options to customize mod features (see Article or individual readme's in #Optionals folder)

- overhaul of npc armors and squads composition:

* Quest / special NPCs squads were generally given better armors - they can handle themselves better in freeplay and scripted fighs are more interesting now
* Bandits and Mercs can have mixed squads (they either act as bandits or mercs in a-life)
* Merc squads can also have high-ranked soldiers in their squads (deserters / veterans / officers working after hours as hired guns)
* Duty and Freedom squads of all types can have Loners in them
* Freedom and Loners veteran squads can have soldiers in Clear Sky suits
* Loners and Duty veterean squads can have soldiers in Military suits
* Monolith can have NPCs in armors of all other factions - they're minds where already broken (they will talk 'monolith style') but they have not received they're armors yet

(npc's in armors not typicall to squad's faction will always be in minority)

- full compatibility with AtmosFear v3 mod by Cromm Cruac (compilation patch included in the package)

FIXES: (great thx to PRP project by shifter and its contributors)

- bodies of NPCs and mutants stay for proper ammount of time preventing the Zone from being overflooded with corpses
- anomally fields do not get dead and no longer spawn artifacts (thx to mnn)
- Jupiter burers fix
- Kovalski mission in Pripyat fix
- crow number fix
- Jupiter anomally scanners fix
- corrected ironsights aligment (thx to b1ub4k)

- Cleared Stash mod by angrydog - showing locations of already searched stashes (g8 thx to angrydog)


Contents of this mod can be used in other mods but please contact me prior to inclusion on trojan158@poczta.fm.


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Time to venture home Freedom Elite on patrol Camping at Dredger
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: M.S.O. (Massive Simulation Overhaul) v1.0.1 for Call of Pripyat released!

0 comments by trojanuch on Apr 15th, 2012


Here's the first update for release version of M.S.O.

Changes are quite significant and largerly based on feedback - so g8 to all contributors :)

And please note that this still not end-of-the line for fither improvements.

Now here's the detailed info on newest build:


LAST UPDATED: 14.04.2012





- randomized NPC squad size greatly (generally more elite units are smaller)

- improved mutant behaviour at nights somewhat (they're generally more agressive)

- fixed enemy and being attacked detection of mutants

- generally increased mutant spawns in Jupiter (they now match the Zaton levels)

- added a new type of custom squad: Monolith Scientific Squads. So now Monolith is divided into two types of groups:

* fighting squads (might regular or vateran) - at day they sit in bases, at night they go out and patrol base vinicity, occasionally venturing futher from it
* scientific squads - at day also sit in bases, at nights go out to 'accesible' (not placed in civilized areas) anomaly fields and scan them

- added optional allowing to control the main respawn rate of smart_terrains (allows to control the overall mood greatly)

- fixed problem with NPCs sometimes being frozen in dangers stance endlessly (g8 thx to _xXxTWiST3DxXx_)

- fixed problem with Tremor shoting himself with another weapon than his pistol (g8 thx to Jketiynu and gannebamm)

- fixed the crash with xr_corpse_detection.script (g8 thx to askfor)

- made vanilla dropped weapon condition default again (g8 thx to askfor)

- fixed issue with knife not behaving properly (again g8 thx to askfor)

- added proper Grouse script to 150m switch_distance optional so that Bloodsucker Den quest works properly with this setting (again g8 thx to askfor)


- IMPORTANT: new game is required to run this mod

- IMPORTANT: SWITCH_DISTANCE (distance at which a-life gets on-line so you can for ex. spot npcs with binocs) is by default set to 300 meters - this shouldnt introduce any poblems but if you experience too much slutter, reduce it in configs\alife.ltx (vanilla value is 150), afterwards you should also reduce the respawn radius in script\smart_terrain.script to the same value as your switch_distance (or slightly lower)

- IMPORTANT: you can increase the overall activity around the Zone by tweaking these values in smart_terrain.script:

local DEATH_IDLE_TIME = 120*60 (squad will not respawn for this time period after death 2 hours by default)
local RESPAWN_IDLE = 14400 (general respawn rate: every 4 hours by default)

- you can turn on the debug mode in configs\plugins\axr_debug_tools.ltx among other things it will allow to see all sts and off-line squad movement on PDA map
- as many stuff as possible was left as it is in vanilla - MSO is supposed to be a sort of 'final patch' to AI and A-life in CoP.

- only AP ammo has tracers for easy recognition (NPCs can and will fire both kinds of ammo now)

- NPC profiles only affect their fighting skills everything else is vanilla

- NPCs immunity vs mutant attacks increased a lot - to 'emulate' suit protection which NPC do not have by default


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M.S.O. Massive Simulation Ovehaul v1.0.1 (for CoP)

M.S.O. Massive Simulation Ovehaul v1.0.1 (for CoP)

Apr 15, 2012 Full Version 14 comments

This is the new version - v1.0.1 - of Massive Simulation Overhaul: AI and a-life modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat.

M.S.O. Massive Simulation Ovehaul v1.0 (for CoP)

M.S.O. Massive Simulation Ovehaul v1.0 (for CoP)

Mar 26, 2012 Full Version 8 comments

This is verion 1.0 of Massive Simulation Overhaul modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

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Veniathan Apr 18 2012, 10:42am says:

I don't know why but when i talk to stalkers and ask them "What are you up to?" and then travel with them somewhere i can't move once i've arrived.

- I have no HUD
- ALife and everything else is going on around me with no problems
- No keys are working, not even ESC to the menu
- The game MUST be closed via CTRL ALT DEL

+1 vote     reply to comment
trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Apr 19 2012, 5:32am replied:

Hmm - will have to look into that.

For now you might try do delete the scripts\travel_manager.script.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Veniathan Apr 19 2012, 8:58am replied:

I don't have travel_manager.script in my script map ..

+1 vote     reply to comment
trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Apr 19 2012, 9:29am replied:

OK then - I will look into it.

G8 thx for info.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Veniathan Apr 19 2012, 3:55pm replied:

No, the problem has not been fixed.

I really need this to be fixed asap :<

+1 vote     reply to comment
trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Apr 20 2012, 8:34am replied:

Ok then - I'll try it out today.

It's a little strange that it happens for you - cause noone else has ever reported a similar problem.

Netherless - I will try it today and let you know.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Veniathan Apr 19 2012, 10:31am replied:

It seems to be impossible to investigate the Stingray when you travel with Noah becuase the same thing happens :/

I still dont understand why i dont have travel_manager.script

I'll try to verify files via Steam and maybe it will install it back. If that doesnt work ill quickly report back later

+1 vote     reply to comment
marsalandrei Apr 13 2012, 5:09pm says:

Hello Trojanuch! I was wondering if you could take in consideration some suggestions for your AI scripts for Misery? regarding AI and Alife system:
1.I noticed in your mod monolith and mercenary squads in zaton; if it were up to me i wouldn't place monolithians in Zaton and Jupiter, only Pripyat because they carry good weapons and having good stuff too early isn't just right; now if you insist on spawning monolith in Zaton and Jupiter, maybe make it so 5% chance of spawns are Monolith squads, 10% mercenaries, and 50% 50% stalkers and bandits in Zaton/ 50% 50% freedom and duty in Jupiter and maybe 50-100% monolith in Pripyat
2.Please don't create too many spawn locations as this will lead to a crowded Zone
3.When installing, add optionals for spawning squads' strength(2 members,3 members, 5 members or random 2-5, just an example)
4.There is a logic feature in Swartz mod where, if you take stalker's side of Beard's/Sultan's quests, all bandits including Sultan become enemies(Sultan is an enemy now and won't speak to you further)
5.In Misery, bandits attack you INSTANTLY if you take your weapon out; that is abit wierd, it would be normal if they attack you when you look down the sights at them, so they consider you threathen them, but after a few seconds and maybe a few warnings, not instantly attack you( zero seconds ); so if you get attacked let's say by mutants while being near bandits it is like the bandits team up with the mutants only until you are dead-because of the game mechanics, all enemies focus on you first:(

+2 votes     reply to comment
trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Apr 19 2012, 5:34am replied:

Thank you very much for all this feedback. All this stuff is taken care of for new Misery and will be tweked / fixed in this way or another.

I think that you'll like the effects :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Lowpro18 Apr 12 2012, 9:52pm says:

how do i install?

+1 vote     reply to comment
CombatWombat101 Apr 8 2012, 3:30am says:

Never mind, I have discovered that that weird long pause bug isn't the fault of the mod... CoP is doing it even on a fresh install of the game. Now I need to figure out how to fix it...

+1 vote     reply to comment
CombatWombat101 Apr 9 2012, 8:03pm replied:

Never mind what I said before; it turns out it is your PGR mod causing it. Did a fresh install and defrag, dropped in a fixed XrEngine.exe, and everything was loading fine. Install PGR, suddenly the issues are back, even after uninstalling the mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
marsalandrei Apr 5 2012, 9:03am says:

I like the sound indicators of fatigue, low health, mask breathing(you should bring those to Misery these sounds are very immersive, good job!)
It's nice sometimes to have random stalkers pop up in locations and give you a hand in eradicating the mutants
I got stalkers and bandits shooting at me around skadovsk and i don't know what caused them to become hostile
It's a nice touch hearing bloodsucker howl come nightfall,powerful mutants hunting at night is a good ideea
Beard sells PKM.(now, my prefferance in every mod concerning traders would be: they should sell a few weak guns and few supplies and ammo, this will make the game harder, and you will get better gear from high rank enemies or pay a high price for nimble's weapons)
The armor/weapons degrade extremly fast in general and if you stay in chemical clouds, heat etc. i think in 30 seconds armor is down to zero; if you get shot in a certain place or something hits you near that place(helmet or bodysuit) then the armor or helmet gets destroyed quite a bit, this is reasonable
The mutants are deadlier
It's way too crowded, everywhere you go there are several squads fighting eachother, bullets flying everywhere and mutants running from place to place, there's no time to rest for anyone
And i was surprised when i went to knife enemies in hurt position, i hit once, they got on their feet in 0.5 secs and started shooting, did they like heal themselves and were just acting hurt!?
2 things i don't like: vanilla unrealistic gun stats and Zaton over-crowded with npcs and mutants(i don't think its nice to place powerful mutants all over the map so you encounter them right at the begining, it's perfect the way they are in vanilla, like snorks in caves, and i think snorks should also be active at night, but anyway you succeeded in making the zone more alive)
I would like to see misery use some of your features

+1 vote     reply to comment
marsalandrei Apr 5 2012, 9:11am replied:

I also like your ideea with light armors not protecting some areas of your body, armor degrading is a bit excessive, but it is a good idea for the armor to lose a chunk of durability depending on where you get hit; in Misery: i enjoyed the glass cracking on my mask after i took a grenade to the face, your armor looses considerable durability only when you take explosion damage or get damage from those acid splashes, bunrt fuzz etc. and armor looses very little durability when exposed to chemical clouds , heat and psi fields

+1 vote     reply to comment
trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Apr 5 2012, 10:52am replied:

Ok - as promised here's some 'explanation' on why som stuff was done in this way:

1. Breath sound are not my merit - I just used awesome Dynamic Hud Reworked mod by smurth:

2. Hostile factions are present - and since sometimes bandits wear Loner suits - you might get an impression of being shoot at by Loners. Generally be cautious and return fire to whoever engages you.

3. Traders - well I don't know if you are aware of this but traders goods reset after you quick save / quick load the game.
So generally reducing the number of goods at traders (like low ammo quantities) is pointless as player can easly restock.
So what I tried is to balance this economically - the fact that you could buy as much ammo as you wanted does not mean that you can afford it.

4. Armor degradation in anomally fields - well thats because I wanted to prohibit you form entering those fields without proper suit. To gather artifact properly you need to purchase SSP at Beard's and then carry it in backpack to anomaly field (you could walk in it but it's very risky as the armor is very fragile to all physical damage).
Later on you'll get SEVA for that.

5. 'Crowdy' zone - try using the optional: #smart_terrain_occupation >> 12h. This will make most ppl stay at camps etc and there will be less walking around and fighting going on.
In next version I will add an optional that will reduce the squad's strenght - from 4 to 2 or 3 ppl.

+1 vote   reply to comment
marsalandrei Apr 5 2012, 11:20am replied:

Thank you, i understand now
1.Good job smurth! let us use that for Misery also :P
2.Got it :)
3.I know,not cool GSC did this; anyway i never use this 'cheat'
4.oh that is very good, i thought all armors degrade like that in anomalies
I know very little in terms of modding, i only know how to modify damage on weapons and fire spread, modify effects of medkits/food, changing NPC sight range and detection values, changing flashlight values
If i knew more i would tweak any mod's changes to my liking, but i don't know what most lines in config files do

+1 vote     reply to comment
trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Apr 5 2012, 10:52am replied:

6. Mutant population - it's easly controlled by respawn rate (you can make Zone desolate with changing two digits on top of smart_terrain.script) so there's room for tuning (and another optional for player to choose).
Also - 'large beasts' (bloodsucker, giants etc.) have in fact been restricted to certain, remote places (they get released for nights thou).
I've also made snorks spawn at random - you might encounter some at the beggining of the game but might not see any for long time later on (there are only two 'free snork' spawn points in Zaton and each has only 20% chance to spawn snork squad instead of 'common' mutant one like dogs or pigs).

Generally - thx for all this feedback it will surelly be taken into account for futher tweaks.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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