This is my first mod, a small but ambitious one. This mod focuses on expanding Warband with bits of my personal taste while using Diplomacy as base, attempting to add more content, from gear to factions and possibly (if I'm able to do it) new mechanics. I'm not attempting to make a gigantic and complete overhaul like mods as Floris, Nova Aetas or Medieval Conquests, but still someting big enough that cannot be considered an addon. Right now the mod is bare-bones and I'm doing my baby-steps on modding this game, I beg pardon and patience to anyone wanting to give this mod a try.

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Companion: Marcolier
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Name: Marcolier

Origin: Pyrennian

Type: Man, Warrior, Leader

Noble: Yes (Bastard)

Backstory: Marcolier was the product of an affair between two nobles, his father died in the war while her mother was pregnant and her mother died of childbirth from him, and neither of the families of the two wanted to take care of young Marcolier, so he grew up among the courtiers and scribes of the court of Yalencia. In his teen years, he found inspiration among the heroes and legend of books and set up his dream to become a legendary figure himself and make his battles to be written. He started a small company with some economical aid by the Pyrennian monarchy, and fate soon seemed to have blessed him as he would become very popular pretty quickly. After many years in service as a hired blade for the kingdoms of Pyrennia and Fallenwood in their wars against the aggressive Swadians, Marcolier was contracted by the Antolians to defend Sarapolis against a possible Sarranid invasion. After long and painful victories, he was recognized as a hero and granted the title of Marshal inside Antolia, however, this rewards were met with extreme envy by the Antolian nobility. In the feast of celebration after the end of the war, the Antolian nobility paid Marcolier's men to betray their captain and attempt to assasinate both him and the antolian king, and that night, the assault in the halls of Sarapolis was made, King Adrinus II was murdered, Marcolier was gravely wounded, but survived the event. Since then, he remained hidden for the past 20 years, despite he was granted for dead, he recived all the blame for the assault, and his heroic figure became one of a villain. You can find Marcolier in taverns, he will tell you that for the past 20 years he has been hidding and working as a caravan guard, but he's willing to be back in action.

Inspiration: Marcolier's history is inspired by two legendary mercenary captains of the medieval ages: Mercadier and Roger de Flor.

Companion, Mod, NPC
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