Movie Battles is a class-based, team-orientated Multiplayer Total Conversion for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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Worst community I have ever seen in a game, everyone is a troll, completley toxic. If you want to play make your own server, password it, and invite your friends, do not even bother with public servers. Public servers are ALL running the SAME EXACT MAP 24/7. A few might change once in awhile, but only ever to one of 5 maps that are ever played, even tho theres about 50 or so maps for this game and mappacks.

Clan servers are the worst, as they are more toxic than the aveage troll in this "community". Tried really hard to play with these people but at every turn they just shove away any new players with endless harassment, TKing, trolling, and all sorts of abuse. Got banned from a server because I said "can we change maps in a few rounds?". What a joke.

Honestly a waste of time, had little to no fun with my experience with this mod, a disgrace to what JKA use to be unfortunatly. It has potential to be good if played with friends tho theres abit of unbalance with some weapons/classes. Snipers and lightsabers are the most used and you will rarely see any other class than a jedi/sith or a class weilding a sniper rifle. Snipers are instant kills no matter where you hit, and so are sabers on most classes unless you have high HP or your class has armor against sabers, so it can become abit annoying when the entire enemy team is weilding a lightsaber and you only have a blaster that every shot you fire gets reflected right back at you unless they are facing the other way.


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