Move In! is a tactical combat action game. It offers the player realistic environments, including standard and special issue combat weapons, giving the feeling of total immersion. Move In! is team based and therefore integrates leadership and the comradery that is felt during life threatening situations that highly trained soldiers face on the battle field. The player can experience some of the best military equipment available - Rifles, Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, and a whole host of specialist equipment.

Realism plays a big part in the game. 3D environments are set in real life locations from all over the world. Featuring realistic weather conditions - rain, snow, and fog. Move In! has been developed in a way that allows variation in the mission objectives for each map, leading to a totally new experience with every map change. Secondary mission objectives have also been added, these missions do not have to be completed, but doing so will reward you.


+ New Multiplayer Modes, including combinations of: Extraction, Hostage Rescue, Bombing, Repair, Defend, Attack, and many more!
+ Gameplay modes can be combined, allowing infinite mission possibilities.
+ Variable team names for each map, the team name fits the location
+ 10 new multiplayer maps from all over the world - Urban, Jungle, Desert and Winter Campaigns
+ 12 new realistic combat weapons
+ 4 new player classes with different abilities, weapons and skills
+ Fallen soldiers can be looted for supplies
-- The Inventory system allows you to customise your equipment and weaponry.
-- Dont get caught alone or your equipment will be the enemies!
+ Realistic aiming model
--The gun can be aimed independent of the view
--Stance and speed affect accuracy
--Scopes and sights can be used with all guns for accuracy
+ Customised respawns for each level. Squads can target objectives, respawn areas can be captured, and specialist classes may be able to infiltrate.
+ Fantastic new Heads Up Display (HUD)
+ Enhanced movement, with prone, leaning and sprinting.
+ New and updated life like animations
+ Completely redesigned menu system allowing for ease of use
+ Authentic combat sound effects and music
+ Brand new spectator mode with full overview maps
+ Realistic armour system with varying body coverage and penetration values..
+ Enhanced radio communication, allowing the mouse to target commands / waypoints..
+ Squad based gameplay allows the team to execute precise tactics..
+ Full screen map can be viewed to locate teammates.
+ Enhanced graphics.
-- Light-source glowing (GeForce3+ only).
-- Motion blur.
-- Detail textures.
-- Level Of Detail system.
-- Polygon shaders to allow mappers to write custom effects for textures..
-- Levels with a maximum view distance, allowing large outdoor areas.
-- New flashlight effect
-- Dynamic / High resolution skies

For more information on anything to do with Move In! Join our official chat room on GameSurge IRC #movein. A team member will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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Its been a long time coming, and we should delay it a little longer, but we've decided to release it anyway. A big thanks goes to everyone who has made this project possible over the years by contributing to it or encouraging those who have! The reason we were going to dealy the release is that there is a small issue with the installer where you have to select the directory above your "Half-Life" directory, otherwise it will install to "X:/blah/half-life/half-life/movein", so please keep this in mind while installing. Also, there are a few graphical glitches when using ATI graphics cards, such as the overview map will not display properly. The MI team is still dedicated to the project, and we will be releasing Beta v1.1 ASAP to address these issues and to add new content. More download mirrors and game servers will appear in the coming days!

Here is a list of download locations:

» FilePlanet

More mirrors will follow during the day.

Deadline, Pics and Manual!

Deadline, Pics and Manual!

9 years ago News 6 comments

We're currently completing the final steps to get Move In! public beta 1.0 ready for distribution. All our fans will be happy to hear that we have...

Move In! Release confirmed!

Move In! Release confirmed!

10 years ago News 7 comments

We didn't give you MI for Christmas 2004, we didn’t give you MI for Christmas 2005, we didn't even give you a teaser video for the new-year...

Move In! - Status report

10 years ago News 1 comment

You all should be playing Move-In! by now, but there is no playable version available yet. But I can offer you some more detailed information on our progress...

Ingame Footage for you!

10 years ago News 6 comments

Just short News, we finally made a (very) small Teaser for you! Move In! - Teaser Movie The footage hasn't been edited except cutting/trimming ...

Move In! Public Beta 1.0 (linux)

9 years ago Full Version 1 comment

This is the same as our EXE installer, except packaged in a linux friendly format for servers.

Move In! Public Beta 1.0

9 years ago Full Version 0 comments

Move In! is a tactical combat action game. It offers the player realistic environments, including standard and special issue combat weapons, giving the...

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Ingalls Jun 14 2004 says:

Looks interesting to say the least. Kinda reminds me of FLF + CS...who gives a crap :lol: Looks really good!

/me modwatches.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SwissError May 30 2004 says:

We have a new Board. You can take a look at :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
DarkAngel Creator
DarkAngel Jan 20 2004 says:

you should ask this kinda stuff over at our forums :p

new aiming style, where your crosshair can move over the screen.
You can go for extra accuracy by using the guns actual sights instead of the crosshair. Your stance, movement speed also affect your accuracy.

4 Distinct classes which are designed to complement each other in squads with various weapons and equipment. Eg, having a scout around may let you access other paths through the map using lockpicks, or a support player may help tactical assaults with door-breaching rounds.

Players are organised into 2 teams, and then 3 squads per team. Each squad may have a 'squad leader' who can use his tactical overlay (activates mouse cursor) to issue waypoints/orders to the squad. You can also use this to see the distance to objectives / other squad members.

Mappers have a lot of freedom when designing missions, 3 primary objectives and 2 optional objectives may be created. These could vary from hostage rescue, bombing, capturing areas, or infinite other objectives that mappers can trigger themselfs.
Mappers can also create mission time limits, and/or a shared team life limit.
Custom spawn-points are also available, so mappers can create any kind of reinforcement point, from a capturable spawn-zone, to one which only spawns 5 people, to one which only spawns if theres no enemies nearby. Again the possibilities are up to the mappers creativity.

And then theres all the fancy graphical stuff which youve never seen in HL before :P

+1 vote   reply to comment
a_llama Jan 14 2004 says:

What features will set it apart from other mods/games? And i mean gameplay wise, i don't care about the graphical crap.

I'll be watching, but i fear it'll just be a dressed up cs/hi clone.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DarkAngel Creator
DarkAngel Sep 7 2003 says:

but its got a lot more action gamplay than the games i listed below :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
e-labs.ecion Sep 1 2003 says:

ah very cool :).. I can't wait

+1 vote     reply to comment
DarkAngel Creator
DarkAngel Sep 1 2003 says:

The gameplay is really not like cs :P
More realistic damage model, in-depth missions and objectives, enhanced teamplay organisation, plus heaps of cool features :)
think more in the style of ghost-recon, op-flashpoint, R6 series...

+1 vote   reply to comment
e-labs.ecion Aug 28 2003 says:

It looks cool and all.. but I don't know.. it does remind u alot of CS :S

None the less.. I am gonna watch it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SwissError Aug 28 2003 says:

Trust me. This MOD is going to rock :)

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