Mount and Musket Battalion is a multi-player total conversion that tries to accurately represent the time period around the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1812-1815). It has historical factions with accurate units and equipment, including different types of infantry, cavalry and even usable artillery.

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This mod really is my favorite of all mods I ever played for any game. The gameplay is near perfect and still being improved. I also like it because of the teamplay people use in it. M&B is a tactical game while still being able to show your personal skill in 3rd person and this mod makes the tactical part even larger with tons of formations, regiments and even types of volleys you can give. Alot of people also are trained in this game to do those formations which very often occurs into a line being formed out of nowhere.

The mod itself is also very easy to use, quick to learn because all the futures are close to hand and all of them are pretty obvious also, this is one of the things mods usually don't have which I can get pretty annoyed from. The mod itself is also good for both expert and beginner as anyone can shoot a rifle or musket but the experts can just go a little further with tactics and melee.

Every monday, and sometimes on other days huge events are also organized where regiments form lines and fire volleys to any enemy line. This is a really good time every week again as all of the regiments participating are very professional and dedicated to be the best of them all. Each side also has a commander to tell the regiments where to go, for a more strategic depth in the event.

So all together, this mod deserves a 10+(cant choose from that D:...) from me because of the most epic experience I have had since I started playing it, which is probably already + - half a year ago.

Epic mod is epic

Very fun multiplayer mod for those who are looking for a realistic or more historical musket warfare. Organized events within the Mount & Blade community can literally lead to massive 100+ player events in which players will often take the whole Military rank/formations seriously.



How can you not like it?


Wonderful modification, enjoying it with my clan having training, linebattles and public server visits. Every regiment looks epic and unique, +10!


Brilliant mod.

the best of the best

The multy player was the best i have ever played the guns arent accurate but in a line battle this is great the single player is lacking though you can only play as a genral with no pistol but the multy player more then makes up for it

Rien à redire ! une tuerie, mais c'est toi qui prends cette fois.

Now rather than simply say "EPIC THIS IS A TEN DEFINATELY" I shall instead say why I like this and what I'd like to see in the future:
I loved the reload times in this they are rather true to reality however you cant fire accurately enough to get a good shot at a range where staying and reloading to shoot again is a viable idea in an open plains map(People will say its supposed to be like that but its a bit annoying when you get bayonet rushed)
Another thing I liked was that small confined fort map however you could improve that a bit more:A bigger space for your team to spread out (35 men in that small space charged by 35 men from the opposing team is a very lag inducing moment)And also perhaps make cannons more powerful when hitting walls as 5 or 6 hits to destroy a wall is a bit unrealistic
New Ideas:Perhaps a mode where 2 people are commanders and the rest are normal soldiers and you can give out orders as a commander(Realism mode will have commanders on the ground looking at a map to give orders and has a radius where people can hear him and others outside the radius cant and non realism mode is just a top down view giving orders to everybody clicking them to give orders)
I hope you take in what I have said into consideration and look forward to the next update!

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