Mount and Musket Battalion is a multi-player total conversion that tries to accurately represent the time period around the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1812-1815). It has historical factions with accurate units and equipment, including different types of infantry, cavalry and even usable artillery.

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I wont talk about the textures and all that, because for that you can look at screenshoots at the gallery.
I will say that the sound aspect is beautiful, with napoleonic themed music (like the March of british grenadiers, for example), and combined with a great musket effect (specially in high numbers) create a interesting atmosphere, a really deep one.
It really fits with the gameplay, with shoots everyone, you know that every shoot can kill you, there is load of people, loads of people shooting, there is even cannons shooting and you are a poor man with just a musket that shoots like... a musket, and thats not a good news. But you are standing, waiting orders to fire, to advance, listening to the music and trying to do your best.

Its a feeling that is very unique. I recommend at least to try it. See with your eyes, and feel with your ears :D

Simply the best multiplayer mod for Mount and Blade Warband and I prefer It over native Warband.

I love this mod so much I play on the Europeon server even though I live in New Zealand so I have 400 ping. For Warband this ping is basically unplayable for melee combat however this mod is so awesome that I don't care about the lag, the line battles are huge and very fun, I am also in the 92nd Gordan Highlanders Regiment.

I would never play any other game or mod with this ping. This in itself shows how much I cherish this mod, because It is simply brilliant.

played for ages an still love playing it go MM mod team! :P

Has a Great Community.

Played it for an hour or so today and it's a lot like Battlegrounds 2 for HL2. Although I believe the gameplay is better in this.

There are a few servers on BG2 that play only line battles and stuff, which is very fun. Just hope that they have the same in MM.

This the best mod i've ever ever played this games just gets better and the best thing is it's not even over yet how call is that? Line battles make it Epic!! Just like a real napoleon battle!! this game needs to go top!

I played this mod from since it first started. Its come a LONG way since then, the textures now look really good, the gameplay is lots of fun, and with the exception of those bloody Green Jackets the classes are nicely balanced.

You need to play the mod for a couple days before you get the hang of the combat system, and you definetly need to join a regiment to understand the full potential of the mod! Hanging with my buddies in the 14te and participating with them in line battles and events is tons of fun.

Bottom line, get Warband, get this mod, get your *** on the 22nd Teamspeak channel and you'll love this mod.


Excellent Warband Mod well worth playing recommend buying mount and blade warband just to play this mod, great fun.

Best Mount and Blade Warband mod for sure. I was quitting Warband when I found this, and now I play more than ever. I love the time era, the perfect models and animations. Everything is just the way it should be. And the best thing about the mod is that it's being updated all the time.

Thank you Mount and Musket for a great gaming experience.

P.S - The textures are better than Native, don't know how crappy PC's you guys have with the bad reviews and they're surely not made with Paint.

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