Mount and Musket Battalion is a multi-player total conversion that tries to accurately represent the time period around the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1812-1815). It has historical factions with accurate units and equipment, including different types of infantry, cavalry and even usable artillery.

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10 PhilmacFLy

Nov 26th, 2010 13 people agree 3 people don't
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Mount and Musket is and epic mod. This is caused by a lot of Facts i now want to Mention here:

1. Very active Community
There are a lot of clans (~10), which is pretty amazing for a Mod like this. Furthermore there is always a public linebattle on Monday.
2. Very activ Modders:
The modders are really trying to fast fix Problems they have in the Game. Also they accept Critism and Suggestions what to Change in the Game. Release cycle is atm like every 2 weeks
3. Very Detailed
The Graphic are very Detailed, and everything is historicall correct, so its a lot of fun to play and you can really reanact past times
4. Large Unit Variety
There are a 3 Kinds of Units: Cavalary, Artillery and Infantery:
Infantery has 5 regiments on every Nation (3 atm [Prussian, France, UK]), Cavalery has 3, Artillery 1. For every regiment there is a Ranker,Sergenant and Captain with different Weapon loadouts. Furthermore there is a "Super"-Commander like Napoleon, Bl├╝cher or Welligton.

Thats why i think its the pest mod for Mount and Blade

A_Dane says
10 A_Dane

Nov 19th, 2010 15 people agree 5 people don't

I'm not sure what those guys giving this a bad review is on about, having played the other mods mentioned, i can positively say that the textures arn't any worse, most of the time they're better, and remember this is still in developement.... I also prefer the class picking system, it might seem a bit confusing at first, but just ask the people playing what the different guys get, and you'll know who you want to play quickly :)

Over all it's the best MP mod I've played :D

Krimdor says
10 Krimdor

Nov 17th, 2010 15 people agree 5 people don't

Musicians in the next patch!
And walking as well o.O too good to be true

rabidnemesis says
10 rabidnemesis

Nov 18th, 2010 12 people agree 4 people don't


HarbingerXY says
10 HarbingerXY

Nov 27th, 2010 9 people agree 2 people don't

Mount&Musket is by far one of the best multiplayer mods out there. With events spanning over 200 players, it's just a lot of fun fighting regimental battles with massive cavalry and bayonet charges! I recommend this for any fan of the Napoleonic era!

Tikov says
10 Tikov

Nov 22nd, 2010 9 people agree 2 people don't

Maybe the best Warband modification.
Great models and textures. Great weapons. Good maps. Moders that respond to suggestion. Administrators that solves problems. Huge and growing community based on own 222 server.
Usualy have some problems after new patch start, which are solved in week.

Works in progress: more factions (in preWaterloo version there was about 10) and especially more options (Naval Battles, musicians, better artillery, ...)

rokema says
10 rokema

Nov 25th, 2010 10 people agree 3 people don't

Great mod.

All the bad reviews are people from AOFI (Another 1800 century that failed)


Textures are awesome, they fixed most of the lag, they added new concepts to the whole modding ideal.

Condoz says
10 Condoz

Nov 19th, 2010 7 people agree 1 person doesn't

Gooood Game

WarlordofAzeroth says
10 WarlordofAzeroth

Dec 1st, 2010 8 people agree 2 people don't

The linebattles are so much fun and amazingly epic!

Weterin says
10 Weterin

Nov 29th, 2010 8 people agree 2 people don't

Fantastic mod!

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