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Mar 19 2013, 4:23pm Anchor

The swadians are surrounded, and this has led their tradition of horseback fighting to remain important.
Their infantry is not really that strong, the pride of the horsemen has saved them every time.
 they have access to lancers, cavalry trained to charge and hunt down other cavalry, with lance and sword.
They also have the dragoons, these men are not really cavalry in the sense that they use an infantry musket, and have to dismount to shoot. The dragoons are formed as an adaptation to the use of gunpowder and they completely replaced the knights on the field of battle. They can still however use their sabre to fight in the melee and their proudness in their swordsmanship has led them to become very fine swordsmen indeed.

So, let us know what you think!

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Mar 27 2013, 12:26pm Anchor

Name change suggestions for the Swadians:

Holy Swadian Empire.
2nd Empire of Swadia.
Grand Swadian Hegemony.

Mar 27 2013, 12:48pm Anchor

The swadians are not an empire, and they are not holy.
If only we can change the "Swadian" part then it would make sense :)

But I like the idea, a "holy roman empire" like faction that pretends to be rulers of all.

Apr 9 2013, 8:15pm Anchor

Okay, I'll just leave these faction name suggestions here:

Swadian Empire (Given that the 'First Calradian Empire' is referred to as being based in Praven.) -  British Empire/United Kingdom
Rhodok Republic (As we saw with their King in the vanilla, they were slightly turning into a republic) - France.
Kingdom of Sargoth (Nord is a very medieval term) - Denmark/Sweden

Can't think of any changes for Khergits of Sarranids.

Apr 9 2013, 9:06pm Anchor

does make sense...
You know what, i'll start a new topic for these suggestions, I hope you don't my copy/paste your suggestion to kick-start it.

Jun 12 2013, 6:47pm Anchor

Since the Swadian traditions was to fight on horse backs the riders modify the firearms so they could be shot from horseback and then they cut down their foes with their sabers. The Swadian infantry consisted of the poor and lower social classes drafted and given a firearm. Thanks to the strong beliefs to their gods they marched to the enemy under heavy fire till they saw the whites in the enemies eyes and then they was giving the first order to shoot a volley, the second line rush past the first line and shot the next volley. After the second volley was shot they charge the enemy, with pikes, bayonets and/or swords if they could afford one.

Why not model the cavalry after the Swedish "dragoons" or Caroleans cavalry as they are called in English.

To attain this steadfast discipline, the army had very strict rules. Even a soldier's private life was strained down by very strict rules, as they were supervised at their soldiers cabin[citation needed] as well as in the field. Religion was used as a tool for keeping the morale high amongst the troops.[citation needed] Not only within the army religion was used for military purposes, but regular priests also preached about the virtues of serving the crown and being a soldier in order for young men to join the army. Within the military, priests often participated in battles to raise morale amongst troops.
In order for soldiers from different regions and provinces of the kingdom to feel companionship and loyalty with fellow soldiers, soldiers from the same region or province were made stay with each other. The church also helped creating a feeling of solidarity between soldiers from different parts of the kingdom by showing that the soldiers fought for the same beliefs of the Swedish Lutheran church when facing an enemy army. This was also a reminder to the soldiers that God was protective and helped them in battle, as had been said since Sweden fought in the Thirty Years War as the continental leader of Protestantism. After the battle of Narva many soldiers believed that God had sent them the blizzard that helped them to victory. It was commonly thought that the defeat at Poltava was God's punishment for the soldiers' hubris and sins.[citation needed]


Sweden was in the 17-18th sparse rural place with small towns far between, but still Sweden struck fear in the biggest of the empires in europe. So the Swedish Army often meet far larger larger armies. The Carolinian battle tactics can be summarized by the expression: "No bullet hits man" witch means there was no point in standing, kneeling or hiding. If a bullet struck flesh it was an act of god. So the Infantry march to the point whey could see the "white in the enemies eyes" roughly 30 m and then giving the command to shot, then they charge with pikes and fixed bayonets.
The cavalry was basically dragoons but used a further development tactics then the European dragoons. They rode knee to knee in a wedge formation firing their carbines or my favorite the two pistols roughly 30 m in front of the enemy and then they drawn blank weapons to cut the fleeing enemy. 

I have always looked at the Swadians as feudal Sweds.

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