Awesome mod - based mainly on coalesced(configuration file) - for 'Mass Effect 3' Single player. Includes several game-play tweaks and unlocks.

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7 harrymarshalluk

Jul 29th, 2015 0 people agree 0 people don't

Great mod, but appears to be quite buggy

jefffranklin102 says
9 jefffranklin102

Jul 20th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

Nude textures and glowing stripper casual outfits don't work right.

Drogoth-fan says
10 Drogoth-fan

Jun 8th, 2015

No review provided

crissm_007 says
8 crissm_007

Oct 24th, 2014

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fixmixfix says
10 fixmixfix

Dec 29th, 2013

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DeMoche says
10 DeMoche

Sep 17th, 2013

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☢Youknowit☢™ says
10 ☢Youknowit☢™

Sep 15th, 2013

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Chalk says
9 Chalk

Apr 18th, 2013

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Artagon96 says
10 Artagon96

Apr 17th, 2013

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bali21 says
10 bali21

Jan 30th, 2013

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