Artwork by: Lelek1980 (Alexey Rudikov). Logo by: Nzdawghaus


1) Morrowind Rebirth is nothing like MGSO. Rebirth is all about enhancing the in-game experience by overhauling cities/landscapes, by fixing bugs and balance issues, and by introducing new creatures, weapons and armor-pieces. MGSO as you might have noticed by now, is all about graphics and sound. Obviously there are some graphical elements in Rebirth, but these are mainly mesh-replacers, and are aimed to make the in-game models a bit easier on the eyes.

2) Morrowind Rebirth is not a mod-compilation. Yes there are a few mods included in Rebirth, but I wouldn't call that a compilation. This mod was made by hand, using assets and resources made by Bethesda and the Morrowind community.


Explore the island of Vvardenfell as you never have before, with a world built anew to be both alien and familiar to the Morrowind you knew before. New adventures await, with new exciting areas to see and explore, and new artifacts just waiting to be discovered. This is a complete overhaul for Morrowind, adding countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do. Experience the world of Morrowind in a new light, try out Morrowind Rebirth today!


Please keep in mind that this mod is a work in progress, meaning that things can and will change. For those of you who want more information about the changes in this modification, please refer to the changelog, which can be found here:

New encounters and places to visit

Explore the Island of Vvardenfell once again, but keep in mind that things are not what they used to be. New packs of bandits and villains have more difficult to travel throughout the wilderness, new dark cults have formed, and it's harder than ever before to survive in an already dark and hostile environment.

Rebuilt cities with loads of details
Cities are no longer empty shells with a few NPCs wandering about. Expect a massive increase in detail including new traders, NPCs, houses, shops, Inns and an overall feel that cities are actually "alive".

More than 20 new creatures to battle

Encounter new vicious creatures such as the mighty Draugr Deathlord, the chilling Frost Monarch or the agile Ash Scorpion. Beware, these foes are not to be taken lightly!

New weapons, armor and misc items

Battle your way throughout Vvardenfell with a vast array of new weapons and armor, both normal ones that complement existing sets, and uniques' that are far more powerful.

New music, splashscreens and main menu
Included are new tracks, suited for both battles and for exploration, 11 new beautifully crafted splash screens, and two new main menu screens. These additons are optional, and not needed for the mod to function properly.

Better landscapes with less seams and floaters.

In Morrowind there were a lot of empty flat areas and very little efficiency in use of space. With Rebirth I've tried to eliminate these issues, giving each area a unique look. There has also been an effort to eliminate all texture seams and floaters throughout the world.

Balance tweaks and bugfixes
Fixed a large number of floaters, reduced clipping meshes, corrected miss-aligned objects and fixed some script/text bugs. Also tweaked settings, spells, weapons, armor, misc items, merchants etc to make the game more balanced and thus more enjoyable.


It's important that you, the players, provide me with feedback and support. Without it I might not be able to track down bugs introduced by Morrowind Rebirth. You're also welcome to report issues found in vanilla Morrowind. Post your bug-reports in the forum section here: , at nexus: or send me a personal message.


Morrowind Graphic and Sound Overhaul and Morrowind Rebirth
Again, Morrowind Rebirth is nothing like MGSO. Rebirth is all about enhancing the in-game experience by overhauling cities/landscapes, by fixing bugs and balance issues, and by introducing new creatures, weapons and armor-pieces. MGSO as you might have noticed by now, is all about graphics and sound. Obviously there are some graphical elements in Rebirth, but these are mainly mesh-replacers, and are aimed to make the in-game models a bit easier on the eyes.

With that said, is Morrowind Rebirth compatible with MGSO? That depends! There are some things you need to do in order to avoid issues (though you may still experience some issues). Start by downloading MGSO, then click the installer, and follow the instructions until you reach to "custom option"-screen. Now keep in mind that you need to tick the "custom mod" option for each flora region. You will also need to deactivate grass by choosing "no grass" for both Vvardenfell and Solstheim. Last but not least. Do NOT tick "Animated Morrowind". It's not compatible with Morrowind Rebirth.

When you've completed the installation, please continue with Morrowind Rebirth. Extract the files to your Morrowind root folder as stated in the Morrowind Rebirth readme. If you're told to overwrite any files, press "no" (I've had a few people reporting that pressing "yes" might cause issues). There's also five plugins included in the MGSO archive that need to be removed: "Texture Fix 2.0.esm", "Poorly Placed Object Fix 1.2.esm", "Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta (BTB Edit).esm", "Windows Glow" and "Animated Morrowind". That should be it.

Old Save Games
Please read the article "How to update your old save game to a new version using Wyre Mash", which can be found here:

Installation and requirements

Please read the article "Installation & requirements", which can be found here:

Morrowind Rebirth is a huge modification and will not work well with a lot of other mods, especially those that alter landscape or add new buildings. There's no list of specific mods that work with Rebirth, but the most popular ones like "Tamriel Rebuilt" and "LGNPC" should work just fine (minor issues). Mods that add or alter dialogue should work well too. If you have any other questions regarding mods and compatibility, let me know and I'll try to answer them for you.

Do not use "Morrowind Rebirth - Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta [Rebirth Edit]" included in the Morrowind Rebirth archive along with "Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta", "Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta [BTB Edit]", "Morrowind Patch 1.6.6 Beta" or the "Unofficial Morrowind Patch Project". Also note that "Texture Fix 2.0", "Poorly Placed Object Fix v1.2", "Windows Glow", and "Animated Morrowind" are not compatible with Morrowind Rebirth.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6
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RSS feed Articles

Greetings! Today I'm proud to present one of the largest updates for Morrowind Rebirth ever! It's packed to the brim with stuff such as a Red Mountain overhaul, a Ghostgate overhaul, Suran Dock overhaul, bug fixes, balance changes, tweaks and more! Please read the changelog for a more in-depth look to what you can expect from v 3.6. Enjoy!

Getting there..[WIP]

Vanilla Fixes
* Fixed an issue with the topic "Golden Saint", where it's said that Golden Saints are "winged females", which is untrue. Removed "winged".
* Added a fishing pole to Foryn Gilnith's shack, as it's mentioned in dialogue that he's supposed to be a fisher.
* Caravaners (Silt Strider operators) will no longer fall of their platforms.
* The bar in the Eight Plates tavern, Balmora, was floating above the floor.
* Fixed a door in Andasreth which wasn't properly attached to the frame.
* Added 'Recall Ring' to the appropriate leveled-list.
* Fixed 0 locks.

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
* Fixed an issue with the topic "Chills", where its mentioned that you can contract chills from the beholder, a creature no longer part of MR. Added the disease to the bonelord and bonelord summon.
* Fixed an issue with the topic "water creatures", where it said " Three creatures are commonly encountered in Vvardenfell's coastal and water environments." Changed three to five.
* Fixed an issue with the quest "Roland's Tear", where deleted container references made the quest impossible to complete without using the console.
* When traveling by boat from Gnaar Mok etc to Seyda Neen it will now read "Seyda Neen" instead of "Bitter Coast Region".
* The Treant (unique encounter) should now be more responsive and attack the player on sight.
* Bradasou Rothandus, Black Goblet Suran, will no longer offer trading services.
* Fixed the door to Balmora Temple which wasn't properly attached to the frame.
* Fargoth now has his original face and hair.. not sure what happened here..
* Fixed some UV issues related to the Basin model (thanks to "Greatness7").
* Fixed a trapdoor at Ald Velothi Outpost that wasn't placed correctly.
* Ald Redaynia is no longer reachable by boat, as stated in dialogue.
* Fixed terrain that was partially blocking the entrance to Sudanit Mine.
* Fixed terrain that was partially blocking the entrance to Shallit.
* Moved a rock that was partially blocking the entrance to Aharunartus.
* Removed wind activators from the Deadlands due to sound issues.
* Removed ownership from some containers that had no content.
* Added missing ingredients to the "exotic products" topic.
* Fixed an issue where Blighted Rats were unable to move.
* Fixed some NPCs that didn't wear their assigned armor.
* Some traders will no longer sell broken weapons/armor.
* Fixed a few NPCs that shouldn't offer beds for rent.
* Fixed some containers which weren't set as 'owned'.
* Performance in Balmora should be somewhat better.
* Fixed some small issues in leveled-lists.
* Fixed clipping issues in Tel Branora.
* Fixed pathgrids in Ald'Ruhn.
* Fixed typos.

MGE Screenshot 2016 03 22 09 23

Morrowind Rebirth Changes
* Made it bit harder to use alternative routs into cities which have city gates such as Balmora and Caldera.
* Moved Ebonheart Lighthouse to a more suitable location further south.
* Reworked the farmland area south of Ebonheart.
* A complete overhaul of the Red Mountain [BETA].
* A complete overhaul of the Ghostgate.
* A complete overhaul of Suran Docks.
* Small tweaks and additions.

MGE Screenshot 2016 03 22 15 52

Morrowind Rebirth Additions
* Added "Rift Guardians" to "The Rift", a special undead encounter guarding the 'Crown of Torment'.
* Added sleeping quarters to the Guild of Mages in Caldera.
* Added a cellar to The Black Goblet tavern in Suran.
* Added a new weapon, the Imperial Claymore.
* Added a recreation area to Seyda Outpost.

This means trouble


* Rebalanced damage values for all Dai-Katanas, Katanas and Wakizashis.
* Daedric Warhammer value from 9000 to 7500.
* Daedric Claymore value from 7250 to 8000.
* Daedric Dai-Katana value from 7500 to 8500.
* Daedric Katana value from 5750 to 6250.
* Daedric Wakizashi value from 3750 to 4250.
* Daedric Club value from 4250 to 3650.
* Ebony Katana value from 4250 to 4750.
* Ebony Wakizashi value from 3000 to 3500.
* Dwemer Great Axe value from 650 to 750.
* Dwemer Warhammer value from 800 to 725.
* Dwemer Claymore value from 750 to 800.
* Steel Battle Axe value from 125 to 110.
* Orcish Battle Axe value from 450 to 675.
* Orcish Warhammer value from 550 to 750.
* Daedric Crossbow weight from 38 to 34.
* Daedric Dai-katana weight from 44 to 48.
* Daedric Warhammer weight from 64 to 58
* Daedric Club weight from 28 to 32.
* Ebony Shield enchantment capacity from 800 to 750.
* Ebony Towershield enchantment capacity from 1000 to 950.
* Daedric Shield enchantment capacity from 1200 to 1000.
* Daedric Tower Shield enchantment capacity from 1400 to 1200.
* Made changes to enchantment capacity for all staffs:
- Wooden staff 75
- Steel staff 100
- Silver staff 150
- Dreugh staff 175
- Dwemer staff 200
- Glass staff 250
- Ebony staff 300
- Daedric staff 350
* centurion_projectile_dart damage from 5-20 to 5-15.

* Ring of Dahrk Mezalf value from 75 to 2500.
* Amulet of Flesh Made Whole value from 500 to 1775.
* Amulet of Unity value from 1000 to 2250.
* Arobar's Amulet value from 250 to 1225.
* Adusamsi's Ring value from 30 to 250.

* Poisonbloom magnitude from 1-25 to 1-20
* Frostbloom magnitude from 1-25 to 1-20
* Shockbloom magnitude from 1-25 to 1-20
* Firebloom magnitude from 1-25 to 1-20
* Greater Shockball aoe from 10 to 8
* Greater Frostball aoe from 10 to 8
* Greater Fireball aoe from 10 to 8

* Deadroth magica from 160 to 80. This should prevent the Daedroth from casting an endless stream of poison spells.
* Centurion Archers won't appear as early on compared to v 3.5
* Removed regenerate ability from Ash Scorpions.
* Electric Slaughterfish health from 50 to 75.
* Centurion Archer health from 300 to 250.
* Dwarven Spectre health from 65 to 75.
* Swamp Troll health from 180 to 220.
* Swamp Troll speed from 20 to 30.

* Ring of Dahrk Mezalf enchantment:
- Demoralize Creature from 1- 25 to 5-20
- Demoralize Humanoid from 1- 25 to 5-20
- Demoralize Creature duration from 30 to 10.
- Demoralize Humanoid duration from 30 to 10.
- Charge amount from 1000 to 800
* Amulet of Flesh Made Whole enchantment:
- Restore Health from 1-150 to 1-75
- Enchantment cost from 250 to 125.
* Amulet of Unity enchantment:
- Charge amount from 690 to 300
- Enchantment cost from 138 to 100.
* Fury enchantment:
- Drain Skill Heavy Armor from 20 to 15.
- Drain Skill Medium Armor from 20 to 15.
- Drain Skill Light Armor from 20 to 15.
- Drain Skill Unarmored from 20 to 15.
* Widowmaker enchantment:
- Restore Fatigue duration changed from 10 to 5
- Restore Fatugue magnitude from 25-50 to 5-20.
- Fortify Skill Axe from 25-50 to 20-20
Silver Staff of Dawn enchantment:
- Fortify Skill Blunt Weapon duration from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
- Blind on self duration from 5 to 10.
- Bind on self magnitude from 5-75 to 5-25.
Veloth's Judgement enchantment:
- Fire Damage duration from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
- Fire Damage magnitude from 4-10 to 5-10.
Greed enchantment
- Drain Attribute Personality magnitude from 5 to 15.


* Practice Dummy health from 3000 to 2500 (reverted from v 3.4).
* Apprentice's Lockpick quality from 0.5 to 0.6.
* Journeyman's Lockpick quality from 0.75 to 0.8.
* Master's Lockpick quality from 1.0 (unchanged).
* Grandmaster's Pick quality from 1.25 to 1.2.
* Secret Master's Lockpick quality from 1.5 to 1.4.
* The Skeleton Key quality from 5.0 to 2.5.

MGE Screenshot 2016 01 15 21 23

* New improved meshes for a large number of misc items such as bottles, cups, plates etc.
* New improved meshes for statics such as overhangs, ropes and railings.
* New improved meshes for a large number of ingredients.

Red Mountain [WIP]

Other changes
* Removed "Dwemer Guardian" from the mod.
* Removed unnecessary textures.
* New readme.

And lots of other misc changes..

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6

Have fun guys!

[NEWS] Rebirth Texture Overhaul: The Bitter Coast

[NEWS] Rebirth Texture Overhaul: The Bitter Coast

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Hey guys! I hope you're well, and that you're enjoying v 3.5. Today I'm happy to introduce new textures for the Bitter Coast region. The textures were...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.5

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.5

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New month and a new update! Version 3.5 include balance changes, bugfixes and some small additions.. but above all, toilets! I also want to wish you all...

[NEWS] The Future of Morrowind Rebirth

[NEWS] The Future of Morrowind Rebirth

News 12 comments

Greetings! Today I want to talk a little bit about what's to come in 2016, but also what you would like to see in the future to come.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.4

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.4

News 10 comments

Hey my friends! It's time for another update, v 3.4! As you can see down below there's a lot of stuff in this update. Feel free to share the news on other...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6

Full Version 0 comments

Greetings! Today I'm proud to present one of the largest updates for Morrowind Rebirth ever! It's packed to the brim with stuff such as a Red Mountain...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 Hotfix

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 Hotfix

Patch 2 comments

This is a patch. Download the full version, then overwrite the esp with the one included in this package.

Rebirth Texture Overhaul: The Bitter Coast

Rebirth Texture Overhaul: The Bitter Coast

Full Version 2 comments

This pack is not requried for Morrowind Rebirth to work. New textures for the Bitter Coast region. The textures were created by 'Mr.Zz' and are 2 k in...

[SOUNDTRACK] Morrowind Rebirth - by Rich Douglas

[SOUNDTRACK] Morrowind Rebirth - by Rich Douglas

Music 3 comments

Here's the amazing soundtrack by Rich Douglas. It's already included in Morrowind Rebirth v 3.6, but added here for those of you who want to listen to...

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hello i have some question. Did i need to install the game englisch or can i install it on my language??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
trancemaster_1988 Creator

I'd advice against anyting else but the english version.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Vanilla Fixes
* Caravaners (Silt Strider operators) will no longer fall of their platforms.

Ahahaha! Can't believe you finally managed to deal with this atrocious but still funny bug. I remember i was having an hard time finding the Balmora Caravaner during my first playthrough in Vanilla Morrowind, only to find out that he has been under the bridge the whole time!...After 30 hours of playtime or so.

Keep up the good work and please put something special on top of the red mountain!

P.S. So glad you are planning to put grass in this mod, it's probably the only thing i struggled to give up from MGSO.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
trancemaster_1988 Creator

It's a great fix, but I can't take credit for it. Another modder at TES Nexus created the script, and I simply included it in MR!

Cheers for your kind words, and I'll think of something special to put on top of the Red Mountain :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Should I install texture replacers first and then install Morrowind Rebirth on top of that or the other way around (or maybe it doesn't matter)? I imagine that the former option is the best because MR could overwrite any conflicts but I might be wrong here.

Another thing - do you think that Tamriel Rebuilt fits MR well? I'm not asking if it's compatible because I know it is. I'm more concerned if it doesn't break the MR balance. For example MR changes some of the weapon/armor stats in order to make the game more balanced. I wonder if stuff added by TR is in line with these changes.

If I understand everything right, I should avoid using "Morrowind Patch Project 1.6.6" and use "Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 [Rebirth Edit]" instead. Am I right? Also - are there any plans of updating Rebirth Edit to the new version?

Thank you for your responses in advance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
trancemaster_1988 Creator

Install MR first, then any texture replacers that you might wanna use.

TR is a great mod, but it won't be balanced in the way MR is. TR is more like vanilla when it comes to that part.

Yes you should avoid 1.6.6 and use the 1.6.5 [Rebirth Edit] esp instead. There are plans to update the patch, but I'm waiting for another project -


Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thank you for your response - especially the one adressing Tamriel Rebuilt. I'm sort of a fanatic when it comes to the game balance so your opinion is very helpful for me. How do you feel about the full LGNPC installation (by full I mean the one which contains quests and rewards as well). I know that LGNPC in general is great for improving game's atmosphere but what about its relation to Rebirth's balance? To be honest I didn't ever use LGNPC before so I don't know how much besides dialogues it actually adds. I'm torn between using the full or dialogue-only version because of balance concerns. If you have any opinion on that subject I would be very grateful to read it. :)

I know that I should avoid mods like "Texture Fix" and "Poorly Placed Objects Fix" because their functionality is already included in Morrowind Rebirth. But what about mesh-improving mods like "Mesh Improvements", "Mesh Fixes" or "Dwemer Mesh Improvement" for that matter? I'm not sure if its funcionality is already included in Rebirth and I should stick with texture replacers only or should I go for it. :)

Also, I've seen that your mod makes a few other little patch-like mods obsolete. For example I don't need "The Hospitality Papers" mod anymore because you have included that fix in your mod already. I'm curious if your mod has the funcionality of "Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attack" mod as well as "Illy's Solstheim Rumour Fix". Don't want to install two mods that do the same thing after all. :) I've tried to read through all your changelogs in order to find the necessary info but I quickly get lost whenever I try to do this. Also I want to avoid spoilers as much as I can. :)

I'm sorry for asking so many questions. If I manage to create a stable Morrowind Rebirth setup I might repay you that annoyance by posting a list of mods that work reliably alongisde Rebirth and compliment it well. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
trancemaster_1988 Creator

Regarding LGNPC I can't say for sure if the full version will work flawlessly with MR or not, nor if it's balanced, but the dialogue only should work without any issues! At least it does on my build.

Mesh Improvements, Mesh Fixes, Dwemer Mesh Improvements are included or at least parts of em (in some cases I've included better alternatives for better performance, looks etc).

I do recommend some sort of delayed Dark Brotherhood mod, as well as Illy's Solstheim fix. Those mods are not included in MR, nor those type of changes.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Okay so judging from your posts I don't need any graphical fixes no matter if they correct meshes or texture seams because they are already included in Morrowind Rebirth, am I right? I guess it also applies to the "Correct UV" family of mods judging by your changelogs. Correct me if I'm wrong.

But what about mods that are not fixes but full graphic replacers? They sometimes contain meshes too along with textures. An example of such mod would be "Cliffracer Replacer". Using my common sense it seems obvious that I should install the whole package not just textures in that case but it doesn't hurt to ask. :)

There are also mods like "Script Improvements" that correct bugs concerning scripts. I don't know how would such a mod relate to Morrowind Rebirth. Judging by what's written on that site, Rebirth tries to correct bug errors from the original game so "Script Improvements" mod could be made by your mod. But there's still a possibility that they edit the same things and thus are incompatible. Don't want to mess anything up while creating my "ultimate Morrowind setup".

By the way - I'm really impressed by your attitude and would like to congratulate you for your efforts. You respond so quickly and are so supportive even when speaking with someone who asks a lot of very simple questions. And you managed to release a new version of your mod in the meantime. Bravo!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
trancemaster_1988 Creator

Thank you for your kind words, Sir!

You are correct. I've spent a lot of time searching and incorporating meshes- and uv fixes in this mod, some which are not available anywhere else but in MR. Therefore you should be fine with what's included in this mod.

Cliffracer replacer will be fine, and so will also most texture replacers that contain meshes. However I wouldn't recommend using tree replacers or mods that add new meshes for rocks. There are a specific set replacers for such things in MR. Using another set might cause floating objects here and there, and even things bleeding into eachother.

Regarding Script Improvements I'd say it's not recommended to use that mod with MR. Mainly because the MPP esp included in the MR archive, but also because there's just too many things that can go wrong. The MPP included in MR will probably fix those issues anyway, but probably not in such a "clean" fashion.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Everything sounds legit. One last thing and I promise I won't bother you again. :)

By "rock meshes" do you mean only meshes with "rock" in name or do you mean others as well (f.e. "menhirs")? If the latter is true (which is what I suppose) then could I use the "Correct UV Rocks" as a reference? It is advertised as replacer for all rock meshes in the game - I wouldn't be using any of them but I'd treat it as a list of meshes to avoid, so to speak.

Also when you said that I should avoid tree replacers you meant that I shouldn't install them at all or that I should avoid installing meshes while the textures are fine to use?

Is graphic herbalism okay to use with your mod? I've seen no compatibility patch for plants added by your mod but in the worst case it will result in Rebirth-added flora to act like containers (just like in vanilla) but no more serious incompatibilities, am I right?

After hearing your response I will shut my mouth for at least a week. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
trancemaster_1988 Creator

Don't use any type of replacers for rocks and trees basically. Correct UV mods only replace VANILLA meshes. The ones included in MR are CUSTOM meshes, which replaces all VANILLA meshes. Therefore Correct UV mods are useless in this case :)

Graphic Herbalism will work, but sometimes flora will still act as containers, somtimes not. It's not a big deal really.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Didn't mean to use "Correct UV Rocks" - just wanted to use it as reference, to know which meshes qualify as rocks and which don't. PS. Do Azura's Coast mushroom "trees" replacers count as mushroom trees or should I avoid them? (it sounds very stupid but I'm deleting all tree meshes from my mods before I put them in my data folder and have a dilemma with mushroom trees :) )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
trancemaster_1988 Creator

Well it all depends on which replacer you plan on using?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I was planing to use "Apel's Asura Coast and Sheogorath Region Retexture". But now as I'm analyzing its description it seems now well fit for using with Rebirth.

I was thinking about just installing all possible graphic replacers first - whatever they might be - and then installing Rebirth on top of that. I would let Rebirth overwrite any changes that other replacers could have made. That way Rebirth would take precedence over the other mods. Do you think that could work? You told me that I should do that in a reverse order but I'm just curious. ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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