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Morrowind is the third game in the series known as the ” The Elder Scrolls”. You might be familiar with the previous games in the series, such as "Arena" and "Daggerfall", but most certainly you're well aware of Morrowind's sequels: "Oblivion" and "Skyrim". Morrowind hit the store shelves back in 2002, and became an instant hit among the entire gaming community. It was not only embraced due to its stunning graphics of that time but also for the intriguing storyline, the immersive gameworld and its depth. Some RPG enthusiasts also regard Morrowind to be one of the best role-playing games of all time, sharing the title with other fantastic games such as ”Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn”, ”Neverwinter Nights” and ”Dragon Age:Origins”.

The game takes place on the island of Vvardenfell, which is a province in Morrowind. Due to the nature of the game you can actually do anything you like, without getting punished for it. Perhaps that's also the main reason to why it's still so popular, more than 10 years after its release. Morrowind is a great game, of that can be no doubt.

"Rebirth" sprung to life in 2007 with my mod-series - ”New Cities Project”, which basically can be described as town- expansions of different cities such as Seyda Neen, Caldera and Gnisis. As this project went on, I had some sort of revelation - why not merge all the plugins, and create a massive overhaul of sorts? What you see here is the result of that process; A full concept modification, or overhaul if you will, that will transform Vvardenfell into something very special. Down below you can view some of the changes, but expect to see a lot more in-game.


Please keep in mind that this mod is a work in progress, meaning that things can and will change. For those of you who want more information about the changes in this modification, please refer to the following changelog: and/or watch this video for a quick general overview:

New encounters and places to visit
Explore the Island of Vvardenfell once again, but keep in mind that things are not what they used to be. New packs of bandits and villans have made it harder to travel throughout the wilderness, new dark cults have formed and it's harder than ever before to survive in an already dark and hostile enviroment.

Rebuilt cities with loads of details

Cities are no longer an empty shell with a few NPCs wandering about. Discover how things might have turned out if the developers had more time to improve on their creation. Expect a massive increase in detail including new traders, NPCs, houses, shops, Inns and an overall feel that cities are actually "alive".

More than 20 new creatures to battle

Encounter new vicious creatures such as the mighty Draugr Deathlord, the chilling Frost Monarch or the charming Daedra Seducer. Beware, these foes are not to be taken lightly!

New weapons, armor and misc items

Battle your way through Vvardenfell with a vast array of new weapons and armor, both normal ones that complement sets already present in-game and uniques' that are far more powerful.

New music, splashscreens and main menu
Included are new tracks, suited for both battles and for exploration, 11 new beautifully crafted splash screens, and two new main menu screens. These additons are optional, and not needed for the mod to function properly.

Better landscapes with less seams and floaters.

Do you have a problem with floaters, seams or just that some areas look and feel ”boring”? Well no more. With Rebirth I've tried to eliminate these issues, giving each area a unique look without overworking it. There's also far less seams and floaters which obviously will make the gameworld a better place to live in.

Balance tweaks and bugfixes
Fixed a large number of floaters, reduced clipping meshes, corrected miss-aligned objects and fixed some script/text bugs. Also tweaked settings, spells, weapons, armor, misc items, merchants etc to make the game more balanced and enjoyable.


Bugs and other issues
It's important that you, the players, provide me with feedback and support. Without it I might not be able to track down bugs introduced by Morrowind Rebirth. You're also welcome to report issues found in vanilla Morrowind. Post your bug-reports here or send me a personal message.

Morrowind Graphic and Sound Overhaul and Morrowind Rebirth
Is Morrowind Rebirth compatible with MGSO? That depends! There are some things you need to do in order to avoid issues (though you may still experience some issues). Start by downloading MGSO, then click the installer and follow the instructions until you reach to "custom option"-screen. Now keep in mind that you need to tick the "custom mod" option for each flora region. You will also need to deactivate grass by choosing "no grass" for both Vvardenfell and Solstheim. Last but not least. Do NOT tick "Animated Morrowind". It's not compatible with Morrowind Rebirth.

When you've completed the installation, please continue with Morrowind Rebirth. Extract the files to your Morrowind root folder as stated in the Morrowind Rebirth readme. If you're told to overwrite any files, press "no" (I've had a few people reporting that pressing "yes" might cause issues). There's also five plugins included in the MGSO archive that need to be removed: "Texture Fix 2.0.esm", "Poorly Placed Object Fix 1.2.esm", "Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta (BTB Edit).esm", "Windows Glow" and "Animated Morrowind". That should be it.

Old Save Games
A lot of people ask me about save game compatibility between patches. It's actually not a problem if you use "Wrye Mash". So what's Wrye Mash and why should you get it? Here's a short description from the uesp wiki "Wrye Mash is a general purpose utility for managing and repairing mods and savegames. Currently it is the only tool that systematically prevents NPC doubling. It combines multiple mod-management capabilities making it one of the most strongly recommended utilities for both modders and players". Download the program here:, and be sure to check the readme too (which can be found at the same page).

Morrowind might be an old game but this doesn't mean that your old laptop can run Morrowind Rebirth without any issues. In some areas such as Balmora you will get fps drops if you don't have decent computer. If you're using a lot of texture replacers it might be a good idea to remove some of these to increase the overall performance. If you're using MGE or MGEXE you might want to reduce the distant statics detail, remove some shaders or skip the fancy fog effects.

Installation and requirements
Please read this article if you are new to mods:

Morrowind Rebirth is a huge modification and will not work well with a lot of other mods, especially those that alter landscape or add new buildings. There's no list of specific mods that work with Rebirth, but the most popular ones like "Tamriel Rebuilt" and "LGNPC" should work just fine (minor issues). Mods that add or alter dialogue should work well too. If you have any other questions regarding mods and compatibility, let me know and I'll try to answer them for you.

Do not use "Morrowind Rebirth 2.9 - Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta [Rebirth Edit]" included in the Morrowind Rebirth archive along with "Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta", "Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta [BTB Edit]" or the "Unofficial Morrowind Patch Project". Also note that "Texture Fix 2.0" and "Poorly Placed Object Fix v1.2" are not compatible with Morrowind Rebirth.

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 2.9

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3 comments by trancemaster_1988 on Dec 12th, 2014


Morrowind Fixes
* Removed ownership from Percius Mercius' chests so that you are no longer considered a "criminal" for chosing to accept your reward after finishing the quest "Kill Hard-Heart".
* Included a fix for the Chuzei Helm, which wasn't properly aligned on the z-axis, making it look wierd on the player and on npcs.
* NPCs "cattle_imp_f01" and "cattle_imp_m01" was set to race "Nord" instead of "Imperial".
* Removed barter and repair options from Dagoth Fervas.
* fabricant_summon, fight: "90" -> "50".

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
* Removed two, rather wierd, sources of "dark" light inside the Seyda Neen lighthouse. I also adjusted the lighthouse door so that it doesn't clip with the wall.
* Ivramie Sarandas in Tel Naga didn't wear her armor, even though she had several pieces in her inventory.
* Reduced Scamps running speed, cause they were way to fast for their animation to play properly.
* Removed a missplaced spawnpoint from the Red Mountain Region (shore creatures).
* Moonmoth Legion, Guard Tower: Removed lock from the trapdoor.
* Removed trading services from "Agaran", who's in Ebonheart.
* Angus Macrina in Pelagiad no longer sells broken stuff.
* Improved path grids in Ebonheart, Caldera and Khuul.
* Fixed some scrolls which had wrong weight.
* Fixed several floaters in Caldera..again.
* "Last Wish" now has an enchantment.
* Landscape fixes and improvements.

Morrowind Rebirth Changes
* The player will now regenerate a small amount of health every 2 minutes (1-2 points). It's not much, but at least you don't have to run to the alchemist all the time.
* Moon-and-Star enchantment changed from: fortify personality 5 points to 15 points and fortify speechcraft 5 points to 15 points.
* Face of Kagrenac enchantment changed from: fortify personality 10 points to fortify intelligence and enchant 15 points.
* Revised a few lines of dialogue to reflect that summoned creatures no longer have a soul value.
* Rebalanced damage output of most fire/frost/shock/poison spells (slightly lower damage).
* Dwemer barrels, drawers etc now have a slighly lower chance to hold rare loot.
* Medusa's Gaze (Paralysis) spell duration changed from 15 seconds to 6 seconds.
* Paralysis enchantment duration changed from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
* Paralysis spell duration changed from 5 to 3 seconds.
* Removed all changes to the athletic skill.
* Re-enabled invisibility for spellmaking.

Crown of Torment

New artifact
* Crown of Torment
- Drain Endurance 10 points
- Drain Strength 10 points
- Reflect 25 points

* Removed and replaced a handle texture attached to two Telvanni doors, with one that doesn't appear streched.
* New improved meshes for a large number of misc items, including redware pottery, dwemer kegs etc.
* New and improved meshes for Dwemer weapons and armor (updated version of an included mod).
* Velothi platforms now have textures that matches other velothi buildings (check image section).


So.. I posted a new trailer the other day. If you're new to Rebirth I urge you to check it out. You can also watch it over at youtube:

Mod of the Year Awards

As we all know there's annual Mod of the Year Awards here at moddb, and guess what.. Morrowind Rebirth reached top 100! With that said I want to thank everyone who voted, it means a lot to me! Now another 9 days of voting begins, and I hope you want to help Morrowind Rebirth reach the top (well.. one can dream!).

Mod of the Year Awards

Merry Christmas!

That's it for this year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! See you again next year!

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[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 2.9

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 2.9

Dec 12, 2014 Full Version 13 comments

Hello, hi! I hope you guys have enjoyed 2014, and are looking forward to another year of Morrowind Rebirth! What follows is a summary of the changes in...

[SOUNDTRACK] Morrowind Rebirth - by Rich Douglas

[SOUNDTRACK] Morrowind Rebirth - by Rich Douglas

Jun 8, 2011 Music 2 comments

Here's the amazing soundtrack by Rich Douglas. It's already included in Morrowind Rebirth v 2.7, but added here for those who want to listen to his tunes...

Post comment Comments  (1140 - 1150 of 1,395)
EbonKnight Nov 30 2011, 10:22pm says:

I'd just like to chip in that the Daedric and Dwarven masks are easily some of the best if not -the best- armor I have ever seen in Morrowind. Especially coming off Skyrim Morrowind armor and weapon designs are painfully horrible, for the most part (dwarven, anyone?).

So this sorta stuff, while seemingly small -really- affects my enjoyment of the game further.. the fact you're making unique artifacts and hand-placing them in further reworked areas of already unique dungeons.. me coming off Skyrim and it's bloody leveled loot.. again, absolutely fantastic.

Now I'm just gonna try waiting till v 2.0 of the graphics & sound mod rolls by, hopefully the 3rd map of Tamriel Rebuilt as well, and then it's time to get into MW again. What you are doing with this mod is absolutely phenomenal man and I definitely feel the need to personally thank you for making me want to play Morrowind YET ANOTHER TIME :)

+6 votes     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Creator
trancemaster_1988 Dec 1 2011, 6:23am replied:

I agree. They are very well made in comparison to the vanilla stuff. I'll scan the net for more of these gems, pretty sure I overlooked something.

Yepp I didn't liked the leveled loot & enemies either, it's a real gamebreaker for me, truly. That's why I really enjoy Morrowind due to the handplaced stuff.

I'm waiting for the 2.0 pack too and from what I know, it won't be long, not long at all!

Thanks for the positive feedback, hope you'll enjoy the mod too! :D

+2 votes   reply to comment
Ballowers Dec 1 2011, 9:08pm replied:

Trancemaster_1988 can you help me and tell me why I am lagging/freezing with this mod my PC is new I have 4gb ram my graphic card supports the highest of DirectX 11 and it is also a quad core 2.31 ghz processor I should not be experiencing this and this is the only mod I have on the game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Creator
trancemaster_1988 Dec 2 2011, 6:47am replied:

Hi there,

While your computer are just fine, Morrowind ain't optimized properly and won't use 2 or 4 cores. Neither will it take advantage of your ram. You graphics card however will help quite a bit.

In general the advice would be to install these:

* Morrowind Code Patch

* Morrowind Exe Optimizer

* Change the way the game computes light attenuation by editting the MORROWIND.INI file and change to the following settings:



* Disable high quality shadows, as they cause more negative effects than positive.

Let me know if it gets any better.

+2 votes   reply to comment
booman Nov 30 2011, 11:21am says:

I voted Rebirth for Mod Of The Year!

+4 votes     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Creator
trancemaster_1988 Nov 30 2011, 1:54pm replied:

Thanks mate! Means a lot to me, since I've put loads and loads of hours into this work!

+3 votes   reply to comment
Maonsie Nov 30 2011, 5:20pm replied:

You deserve all of the praise and votes; no, this is an amazing project that more than deserves it! Keep up the fantastic work! (By the way, I've voted as well!)

+3 votes     reply to comment
lol1234 Dec 2 2011, 9:50am replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Kyle07 Nov 28 2011, 3:07pm says:

I bought Morrowind yesterday on steam.
The graphics are looking amazing for the year 2002.
But I'm not sure, should I install for the first time mods or playing it like bethesda made it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Creator
trancemaster_1988 Nov 28 2011, 7:14pm replied:

Hi Kyle,

What's your computer specs?


You should get the following mods for vanilla (these are essential!)

Morrowind Patch Project

Morrowind Code Patch

Mesh Improvements

Smoothened Mesh Req's

Correct Meshes

Other than that it's pretty much up to yourself. If you don't like to tweak the game on your own the Morrowind Sound & Graphics Overhaul is for you, but you might not be able to get those new mods being released until the author decide to update the pack, anyhow here's the link:

It will work fine with Morrowind Rebirth, but you need to disable grass and activate specific tree-mods in order to make it free of issues.

If you decide not to use this approach I could guide with links and stuff, just tell me. But start out with the Morrowind Code Patch and The Morrowind Patch Project.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Sabrith Nov 27 2011, 2:30am says:

You say only some trees will have graphical changes. But in the screen shots it looks like a lot has changed (graphics), I haven't played Morrowind in a while so I might be wrong, or maybe you're just using a graphic replacer? I'll probably wait 'till this mod is finished before I go and reinstall Morrowind to try it, and again great work 10/10 :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Creator
trancemaster_1988 Nov 27 2011, 4:58am replied:

Yeah the graphics is diffrent due to that I use a lot of replacers and my mod will only replace the trees. I didn't want anyone to be limited in using a specific replacer. Thanks for your kind words! :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
EbonKnight Nov 28 2011, 10:09am replied:

Hey man,

So this mod is looking pretty awesome but I'm planning on starting MW again soon with that huge Sound & Graphics overhaul megamod. Any plans to make this mod compatible with it? From what I understand Tamriel Expanded already is, now we just need a compatibility patch for this great mod :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Creator
trancemaster_1988 Nov 28 2011, 10:14am replied:

Hey there Ebon!

It will work with Sound & Graphics overhaul.

The only thing you need to think of is to deactivate grass, as the landscaping done by my mod will make the grass float.

Also here's a chart of what treemods are included in Rebirth, so that you can activate them using the Sound & Graphics console (use them to reduce the risk of having clipping issues):

* Vurt's West Gash Trees 2
* Vurt's Ascadian Isles Trees 2
* Vurt's Bitter Coast Trees 2

There's no other graphical enhancers included in Rebirth, so don't worry.


+2 votes   reply to comment
EbonKnight Nov 28 2011, 11:35am replied:

Wow, that's fantastic news man! Time for my millionth Morrowind play-through, then! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Creator
trancemaster_1988 Nov 28 2011, 12:13pm replied:

Ofc! Don't forget the 1.4 BETA, it adds lot of new stuff and fixes a bunch of issues

+1 vote   reply to comment
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subtle changes making Morrowind a completely fresh experience
I wandered around for a short while, not having played the game for years and I couldn't quite put my finger on it; but it just felt as if though the whole game-world had changed

simply amazing accomplishment

Dec 11 2011, 5:26pm by Lord_Santa

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