This mod will let us into a horroristic world in the Andrew Parker asylum and we will live through (or not) in the view of a mental patient. The mod's primal object is not the insane bloodbath. The real object is to escape from the huge building which holds a lot of secrets. The mod have been completed after 3 months. It gives you 15-20 freaking minutes in the horroristic Andrew Parker asylum. The game runs with WON and Steam based Half-Life too. The mod includes: - new textures - new sounds - new HUD - new maps - new menu - changed and new models Mirror: Mistake mod site Rapidshare

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My opinion is neutral: 5/10
There was only 1 (ONE) frightening moment in this game: when zombie breaked the door as I approached it.
Nevertheless, very good as the FIRST attempt of creating something horror-like...


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