Mistake-1 will let us deeper in Steve's past, why and how did he get to the asylum. Not just the asylum will be the only place, Rick's last workplace and home as well. We'll find out he had a wife and a normal life, which is radically changed due a murder...

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Nice style, more mods must be like that.

Awsome Scary mod ever!

Not bad mod

yeahhhh awesome

I love the storyline, i love the maps (was a bit too dark :( ) the game was a bit short... even too short... but, hope to see Mistake 2 :)

nice mod

Ужас и хаос! Вот что мне нужно!

Very well done mod, a straight upgrade from the original mistake. Brilliantly dark atmosphere complemented by a subtle storyline. The game in general feels like an intense nightmare.


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