Missing Information aims to recreate Valve's original Half-Life 2 storyline found in Raising the Bar.

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This game was extremely good, it has most of the content cut from half-life 2 and has its own map (MI_BUILDINGBLOCKS) were you can test the spawnable entities.I would give it a ten but it lacks some content such as the Combine Guard and Cremator it also lacks the manhack arcade. I recommend this mod for anyone who wants to legally play a beta version of half-life.


cool mod!

beta was it

great mod this is a fun mod to play


great mod,
actually includes a few half-life beta stages, weaps and textures, plus the borealis level.
i recommend you give it a try

This mod is incredible and based on the Leak Half-Life 2. Too bad we haven't heard anything related about the mod!Maybe they're working on Episode One?

nice the mod is nice but i expected more
like the original half life 2 beta story? not the e3

I think that's pretty cool how these people went out to re- create the Hl2 beta and E3 maps, along with the other things such as working beta npc's. My only problem with it is that there are a few bugs, but that isn't much of a problem with me.

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