Missing Information aims to recreate Valve's original Half-Life 2 storyline found in Raising the Bar.

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Dev group is full of ********

This mod is TERRIBLE. Why?

Odell stands still for most of the time,headcrabs don't appear,the combine soldiers and metrocops have no A.I.,most maps have missing textures,combine assassins are invisible,the SMG is invisible,conscripts have no A.I,citizens have no A.I.,alien assassins have no A.I. and appear invisible,tau cannon doesn't appear(on menu),flare gun doesn't appear(On menu),the last story has no helena or consul,alyx is invisible and has no A.I,and most important of all,all of the chapters except for Borealis don't load.

Plus,the game crashes if you click while the intro is starting.

I was expecting a bit more story than this. Right now it's just a cluster of random cut content. Was that what it was meant to be? Doesn't make for a very good mod, then. Have some imagination. Do some research on the Half Life lore. Make it worth playing.

Just crashed on start up, and it's not my PC build.

this so bugged and unfinished


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