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We are pleased to say that Missing Information has been approved through Steam's Greenlight program! In just two short weeks after submitting the mod, we reached 14th place on Greenlight's top 100 and got final approval on October 1. This will allow us to fix bugs and push out updates sooner than before rather than having our fans worry about downloading patches in archives. Thank-you to everyone who voted for us.

So obviously this means that despite what some people on the internet would have you believe, the project is not dead. Real life took priority for many of us after 1.6, but the hiatus from the mod has done us some good. Most of the old gang is back together along with some new faces and we are working hard on porting everything over to our new Steam version. The first release will be a fixed version of Missing Information 1.6 ported to the Source 2013 engine which will resolve all the missing texture issues caused by the SteamPipe update. We will also have some new maps included in this version. The first of these is "Streetwar" which is a combat map based on an old City 17 map with architecture that never found its way into the final game. The next is "Terminal" which is an adaptation of Team GabeN's elusive fix that features the gloomy City 17 atmosphere that everyone loves so much.

As well, for those who were worried about us selling out like Black Mesa did, this mod will remain a free download on Steam.

Missing Information 1.6 is released!

Missing Information 1.6 is released!

4 years ago News 38 comments

At long last our mod is finished and available for download. Thank you to all of our fans for their patience!

Missing Information update, Twitter and now on Desura!

Missing Information update, Twitter and now on Desura!

4 years ago News 11 comments

A little update on what's going on with Missing Information!

Status report. Mac users. Site Update.

Status report. Mac users. Site Update.

5 years ago News 15 comments

News regarding our next patch, our team status and Mac support.

Missing Information in the Top 100, Version 1.5.2 and Future Plans

Missing Information in the Top 100, Version 1.5.2 and Future Plans

5 years ago News 23 comments

As many of you may have noticed, Missing Information has made it to MODDB's Mod of the Year top 100. It's come a long way, and we would like to thank...

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Missing Information 1.6 Full

Missing Information 1.6 Full

4 years ago Demo 107 comments

It is finally here! The long awaited 1.6 patch for Missing Information!

Missing Information patch 1.5.1

Missing Information patch 1.5.1

6 years ago Patch 39 comments

First patch for our 1.5 release. This patch addresses several issues observed by our fans. Changelog can be found in description.

Missing Information 1.5

Missing Information 1.5

6 years ago Demo 97 comments

1.5 version of Missing Information. This is the first release since our revival. This is an updated version 1.4, running on the Orange Box engine.

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HL2Fan289 Aug 23 2015 says:

Bah, it's dead propably.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ScarT- Creator
ScarT- Aug 27 2015 replied:

Probably. Probably not.

+7 votes   reply to comment
supersteve2000 Aug 30 2015 replied:

Will you add the Cremators? or the Airex? of fix the errors.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Junk Aug 23 2015 replied:

You're dead propably.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Junk Aug 18 2015 says:

Here's a fun fact about the Borealis for you guys:

On the first map of the Borealis you meet with Odell, listen to the transmission and go into a flooded hallway that takes you to the cargo hold. This map does not physically exist in the actual Borealis, as these rooms and hallways conflict and overlap with the Borealis in the rest of the chapter. They only exist in that one map. The communications room falls roughly in the hollowed out cavity with the Breeder pods. Also the staircase that leads down to the cargo hold is physically outside of the ship.

Also, in MI canon, Odell is gay.

+8 votes     reply to comment
JohnSmirnov Sep 4 2015 replied:

By MI canon you mean canon of the mod itself or the canon of the beta storyline? If first, why to make him gay (IMHO its kinda ridiculous decision, not trying to be a homophobe though), but if second, how do you know that he is gay? (just curious).

+3 votes     reply to comment
Junk Sep 9 2015 replied:

JohnSmirnov, this must be your first time dealing with us.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Cvoxalury Sep 5 2015 replied:

I think it was made pretty clear in the game that Odell is gay. Same goes for Barney, obviously.

+4 votes     reply to comment
JohnSmirnov Sep 15 2015 replied:

How? Barney doesnt even behave/look like guy. Well, I mean, IMHO he is handsome of course and seem to be pretty good friend towards Gordon, but I really see nothing gayish in him or his behaviour. And I still dont get why to make Odell gay (if you're speaking about Odell character in general though, I personally see nothing gayish in him either, plus I didnt found any info on him and/or Barney being gay).

+2 votes     reply to comment
JohnSmirnov Sep 15 2015 replied:

behave/look like gay*.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Junk Aug 19 2015 replied:

I remember when I discovered this partway through 1.6's development, thought about redoing the entire path through the ship so that it is fixed, and then decided "**** it" and crossed my fingers nobody would point it out.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Cvoxalury Aug 19 2015 replied:

Actual, original brushwork on Borealis maps is hideous. Too many "crossing" brushes, a floor brush on one deck serves as ceiling on another (and doesn't always fit hallways so additional brushes are added), map geometry doesn't make sense... redoing it all is the right way to do it but, no one (of the players) would care. And as proven by mods such as Cinematic and Build 2046, atrocious brushwork (and "remastering") can appeal to the public more so that proper mapping.

Anyway. Have you guys thought about porting the mod to Src2013? I presume you had but decided that public wouldn't want yet another iteration of the old maps?

+4 votes     reply to comment
Junk Aug 20 2015 replied:

Yeah, that's the thing. Seems like every other leak mod out there is just in a contest with each other to see how many props from STALKER and sharp textures they can cram into one map. I don't get it myself, so we stick with trying to imitate Valve's aesthetics.

+4 votes     reply to comment
snark567 Aug 22 2015 replied:

Being different from valve does not mean it's bad and the fact that you don't like it also doesn't make it bad, it's subjective. The mod you are talking about is trying to create the dark feel half life 2 was originally supossed to have, it's goal isn't to be 100% accurate, unlike the missing information mod or the other mods that try to be "faithful" build 2046 tried to ne it's own thing and just creating a different atmosphere to satisfy people who want the dark feel instead of trying to recreate something and never finishing it, just like with mi that post 1 picture every 7 years.

The cremation mod isn't 100% accurate it's just there to make maps with a similar feel, or do you think it's bad because of that?

Also there is nothing wrong with the cinematic mod, it is there to change the atmosphere of the game and that is what it does, that's the description, it's not there to make the game look good, it's about giving it a different atmosphere while doing it in a way that is pleasant for the eye, it's not there to replace the original. Complaining about how it's different is like complaining about how missing info is a mod about beta content even though that's the purpose of the mod.

Black mesa changes more things than the cinematic mod, in fact the cinematic mod plays more like half life 2 than black mesa does like half life. I don't care if the props are from stalker or not as long as they fit with the rest of the mod.

PS: writing from a tablet so excuse any mistakes.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Junk Aug 23 2015 replied:

My criticism wasn't about the dark atmosphere, or how "faithful" it is to whatever, it's about the poor choices in textures and prop placements. There are too many mappers out there who just take the "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to map making and fill their maps with too many props or props that don't make sense where they are. This along with poor texture choices are my chief criticisms. Filling the Borealis engine room with stacks of wooden ammo crates, for instance. It makes no sense, looks bad, and ruins the immersion. Importing STALKER models is something I've seen more than one mod do now and it always looks tacky.

And there is plenty wrong with the cinematic mod. The effects it adds are cranked so far to the extreme it's absurd and kind of painful to look at. Good level design should lead your eyes towards details, but the cinematic mod just crams so many props and sharp textures into the maps the level design loses all subtlety. The fact that it's different isn't the problem, the problem is that the end result looks like ****. But like you said yourself, that's my subjective opinion and you'll have to put up with it just like I have to put up with your opinion.

But that's not even my problem with build 2046. Their maps can look as ****** as they want, and they can go with whatever atmosphere they want, I don't care. My problem is that they keep using decompiled maps from Missing Information and putting their own sloppy prop and texture placements on top of it, don't credit us, and then boldly lie about doing it. We put in the work to make our own leak fixes stand out from all the rest and we didn't do it so that some other team can change a few textures, fill it with nonsensical props and put their name on it. If they stopped doing that, we'd stop yelling at them about it. Their leader claims innocence because someone else contributed the stolen maps, but ultimately the mod authors are responsible for the final content because they sign off the release build. So by asking them to stop doing that, that makes apparently makes us the bad guys.

We're not the only ones either. Word on the street is that at least one of their other maps is similarly ripped off from Project 9.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Cvoxalury Aug 18 2015 replied:

That (the maps thing) is likely what caused that poor Combine soldier to get stuck in the ceiling and dragged along through it. He was taking a walk in the breeder room but, due to space continuum distortion, got stuck in the hallway's celinig. Horrible...

+3 votes     reply to comment
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Highest Rated (18 agree) 10/10

This modification not only follows the original valve art style but is also keeping users up-to-date again. With moronic individuals posting 5's out of 10 because of their lack of interest or understanding of a project of this scale, this leaves fans with pretty much all the knowledge of the Half-Life universe to rate a 10/10 and give information to support. Half-Life 2 was to have a 50+ hour campaign and have over 20 weapons. Fun fact: The Borealis in fact was owned by a scientific research team…

Jan 28 2011 by av3nger

Lowest Rated (4 agree) 5/10

Well, it is a great mod, there have really been some work in this, but there is also some big glitches that makes it... bad. The stalker-looking enemies is not well made, they doesn't look good, but a nice detail with the laser, but it damaging a little too much. And if you have passed a checkpoint/loading screen, you can't go back without it crashes (or at least it was what happened to me). Then your partner tries to walk down stairs, he just flyes around it, walking in walls and so on, undtil…

Oct 22 2010 by JK4ever


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