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Swallowed By Life

As time weathers all things, so too did it erode my ability to work on this project. No, hold your breath, this isn't a break-up speech. Following some rough personal turmoil, I relocated to a new area, and whereas I used to work-from-home, I now have a regular office job like everyone else.

To be brutally honest, that is where most of the delays have been coming from. I have vastly expanded responsibilities at my job now that I am there in person.


There is good news, however. My divorce tried to kill this mod, and that failed. My moving across the State I live in tried to kill this mod, and that failed. And finally, my aging rig (which blew a power supply and had to have some other components replaced) tried to kill this mod, and that, too, failed.

To celebrate not being "dead", I decided I would grab a new CPU (one which I believe will be much better at handling the extensive work needed in this mod) and that would jump-start a wholly new perspective on development.

Whereas in the past I must admit that a lot of things were half-organized and mainly driven by, "when I had time", I think I want to try a new approach to the development. One that is overall more organized, more streamlined, and easier to get into (as a developer).

Since returning to an office environment, yes - I may have less time than I ever had before. But the *good* news is, I also now have a much, much, much finer appreciation for what some good organization, an encouraging word or two from all of you, and a desire to see this project make it across that hallowed finish line that eluded so many STALKER mods before this one.

The Holding Of Breath, and the Calm Before The Storm

All-in-all, you are all wonderful for sticking it out. The one thing I am constantly reminded of is that we are *all* survivors. We are all STALKERs, and we are all part of a community that loves to keep the "Zone" alive. Every one of us who still enjoys these games does so because STALKER gave us what many games today still haven't; and that's a massive experience where our very survival depended on our quick wits, our ability to survive on-the-fly, and a game that nourishes our very will to live.

What does all of this mean? It means that, "it's time to get back to the business of making one of the best Clear Sky mods out there".

Look for updates coming in the next few weeks, and this time - barring a tornado dropping on my house, a flash flood sweeping my neighborhood away, or a real-life nuclear apocalypse - I'm pretty certain we'll be able to share some of the latest and greatest from our work we've been doing.

With this in mind, I am armed with new tools, and a renewed zeal for crossing that fairy-tale finish line - I believe we will see the Zone in ways we haven't seen it before by the time I am able to make M.I.N.E. yours.

Very sincerely, with heart-felt thanks for your time and patience,
-"Doc" Blizzard

The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home

3 years ago News 5 comments

In an open letter, M.I.N.E. Lead Developer DrBlizzard discusses the future of M.I.N.E. development.

M.I.N.E. Project Update

M.I.N.E. Project Update

4 years ago News 4 comments

The M.I.N.E. team gives a brief update on the progress of the mod, keeping the community informed.

M.I.N.E. Development Resumes 09/15/2011

M.I.N.E. Development Resumes 09/15/2011

4 years ago News 4 comments

After a brief break to relocate hardware, the Team Lead, and his family to a new place, we are ready to begin continuing development of M.I.N.E.

M.I.N.E. Development Hiatus

M.I.N.E. Development Hiatus

4 years ago News 7 comments

M.I.N.E. development will briefly halt while the team lead takes a short break to relocate.

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DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Mar 20 2012 says:

Sorry for the long delay in replies and posts, folks.
Real-life has got me tied down in more ways than one.

It's worse than being on stretch torture.

To make up for things, I'm posting some not-to-shabby screenshots of my current testing playthrough. They're all from the Swamps, but the good news is that this playthrough is giving us lots of help in regards to what needs final polish or changes.

Let me know if you like what you see in the images section, and if you want me to keep posting these.


0 votes   reply to comment
Cowlick035 Mar 11 2012 says:

"With the new code, they take full damage - resulting in a more realistic damage model throughout."

Will this change depending on difficulty? I'd rather it didn't and only the damage the player takes changes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Mar 20 2012 replied:

This specifically concerns the damage that the NPCs receive; so friendly and enemy NPCs will end up taking more realistic damage, instead of absorbing only around 30% of the energy of the bullet (as is in default).

This change will be global, across all difficulties.

0 votes   reply to comment
febel Mar 7 2012 says:

So if you won't give us a solid release date could you at least tell us if it will be released this year?

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Mar 20 2012 replied:

Febel, you tried so hard so many times to get a positive date out of us. :)

In all likelihood, it will be this year. I would like to wrap this project up so that I can work on other activities as well.

0 votes   reply to comment
Cowlick035 Feb 28 2012 says:

It's been a while since any activity on this page. I'm hoping everything is going well.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Mar 5 2012 replied:

Cowlick, thanks for the concern.

While things are arguably slower, they haven't stopped altogether. Unfortunately, my real-life responsibilities are eating away at precious development time as never before.

I hope to make some additional progress soon.

Best wishes,

+1 vote   reply to comment
Cowlick035 Mar 10 2012 replied:

That's great, thanks for the reply and good luck with any progress.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Le_Smee Jan 14 2012 says:

Is there a rough release date, like april etc, nothing concrete just so i can get excited, so i can finally play clear sky?

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Jan 15 2012 replied:

Unfortunately, no, we don't have a release date. Mostly due to my general inability to come through on anything, and my insolvent ability to wreck project plans and completely (and with vinegary ire) miss dates nearly on purpose.

In short, when I am able to salvage what little dignity I have, I will finally be able to close the lid on this project and release it. Sometime in 2035.

Or, perhaps, when it's done. Which could be sooner than 2035. Or later.

+4 votes   reply to comment
RequestDenied Feb 16 2012 replied:

Really? in 20-24 years?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Le_Smee Jan 16 2012 replied:

Well i'm happy waiting, quality takes time anyhoo.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Jan 16 2012 replied:

In all seriousness, sooner rather than later. There's only a few more things I am capable of doing that I could add, and those are getting fewer and fewer.

I have things I'd LIKE to do, but would delay the mod until I learned how to do them - which doesn't seem very fair or likely.

+1 vote   reply to comment
febel Mar 2 2012 replied:

So answer me this: If you won't give a rough release date could you at least tell us if it will be released sometime in 2012?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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