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Good day, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s.

Swallowed By Life

As time weathers all things, so too did it erode my ability to work on this project. No, hold your breath, this isn't a break-up speech. Following some rough personal turmoil, I relocated to a new area, and whereas I used to work-from-home, I now have a regular office job like everyone else.

To be brutally honest, that is where most of the delays have been coming from. I have vastly expanded responsibilities at my job now that I am there in person.


There is good news, however. My divorce tried to kill this mod, and that failed. My moving across the State I live in tried to kill this mod, and that failed. And finally, my aging rig (which blew a power supply and had to have some other components replaced) tried to kill this mod, and that, too, failed.

To celebrate not being "dead", I decided I would grab a new CPU (one which I believe will be much better at handling the extensive work needed in this mod) and that would jump-start a wholly new perspective on development.

Whereas in the past I must admit that a lot of things were half-organized and mainly driven by, "when I had time", I think I want to try a new approach to the development. One that is overall more organized, more streamlined, and easier to get into (as a developer).

Since returning to an office environment, yes - I may have less time than I ever had before. But the *good* news is, I also now have a much, much, much finer appreciation for what some good organization, an encouraging word or two from all of you, and a desire to see this project make it across that hallowed finish line that eluded so many STALKER mods before this one.

The Holding Of Breath, and the Calm Before The Storm

All-in-all, you are all wonderful for sticking it out. The one thing I am constantly reminded of is that we are *all* survivors. We are all STALKERs, and we are all part of a community that loves to keep the "Zone" alive. Every one of us who still enjoys these games does so because STALKER gave us what many games today still haven't; and that's a massive experience where our very survival depended on our quick wits, our ability to survive on-the-fly, and a game that nourishes our very will to live.

What does all of this mean? It means that, "it's time to get back to the business of making one of the best Clear Sky mods out there".

Look for updates coming in the next few weeks, and this time - barring a tornado dropping on my house, a flash flood sweeping my neighborhood away, or a real-life nuclear apocalypse - I'm pretty certain we'll be able to share some of the latest and greatest from our work we've been doing.

With this in mind, I am armed with new tools, and a renewed zeal for crossing that fairy-tale finish line - I believe we will see the Zone in ways we haven't seen it before by the time I am able to make M.I.N.E. yours.

Very sincerely, with heart-felt thanks for your time and patience,
-"Doc" Blizzard

The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home

3 years ago News 5 comments

In an open letter, M.I.N.E. Lead Developer DrBlizzard discusses the future of M.I.N.E. development.

M.I.N.E. Project Update

M.I.N.E. Project Update

4 years ago News 4 comments

The M.I.N.E. team gives a brief update on the progress of the mod, keeping the community informed.

M.I.N.E. Development Resumes 09/15/2011

M.I.N.E. Development Resumes 09/15/2011

4 years ago News 4 comments

After a brief break to relocate hardware, the Team Lead, and his family to a new place, we are ready to begin continuing development of M.I.N.E.

M.I.N.E. Development Hiatus

M.I.N.E. Development Hiatus

4 years ago News 7 comments

M.I.N.E. development will briefly halt while the team lead takes a short break to relocate.

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DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Apr 15 2011 says:

As promised, we just uploaded a new video demoing the current working shotguns in M.I.N.E.

Additionally, because we really, really like the idea of sporting a Monolith suit, we also have a short movie showing the Monolith suit on the actor in 3rd person. This suit will be available later in the game, from a single trader. No doubt it will be a suit worth finding, then.

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DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Apr 14 2011 says:

On a side note, I will concede that we have new shotguns making it into M.I.N.E.; the Protecta (Armsel Striker) from Faction Fronts is getting an overhaul, and will be upgradeable. Fully upgraded with the fire rate bonus, it will be capable of near-automatic fire (albeit in single-fire mode). You'll finally have a reason for carrying 200 shotgun shells around.

For those of you itching for an automatic shotgun in Clear Sky, I can also confirm we have a working Saiga-12 shotgun, that WILL work on both single-shot and full-auto firing modes. It will also accept upgrades.

Obviously, each of these new weapons threatens to break the balance afforded by the other original weapons, so we like to spend a lot of time making sure that each weapon has a niche and is fairly balanced.

Finally, I will also hint that these are NOT the only new weapons we are adding. In fact, we just finished some preliminary testing of around 8-10 new weapons during testing this week. This in large part has been the reason that new updates on the site have lagged behind.

We plan on making that up to our fans with a video highlighting some of the new weapons to be released in the near future.

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RobertSteele Apr 13 2011 says:

Whoa, weird. This mod sounds and looks exactly like the L.U.R.K. mod for SoC, but for CS...and includes at least one magnum...which gains you bonus points.

If you have a bolt-action, even if it's just a Nagant, you get even more bonus points.

If you plan on making it so that the potential damage you can get from enemies, combined with recoil, and amount of enemies determines the outcome of gun-play, rather than waiting for the gun to shoot the direction the enemy is in, will get you so many bonus points, I'll download the mod simply for that alone.

Having hunting shotguns that can peg a soldier boy from 10 - 20 meters away, will snag you so many bonus points, that even if nothing else in your mod works as intended, I shall dub the mod "Double-ought Commando", and use it just for that.

Also, the pump-actions need reworking. I really don't want them to be like L.U.R.K's, or vanilla's...The former has them take roughly a second to pump the shotgun ONCE, and does neither Jack nor Squat, and the latter has them pump so fast they seem like semi-automatic shotguns; although that compensates for them doing absolutely nothing to anything, unless you pump more than three shells straight into their face. It should be about the middle: Take more than half a second (Or maybe just half a second) to pump them, and increase the damage and accuracy SIGNIFICANTLY to compensate. That would also make the mods that increase the pump speed worth something, since they aren't nigh semi-automatic at base level.

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DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Apr 14 2011 replied:


Thanks for writing.

To answer a few points raised in your post:

A) The GP-100 Sturm Ruger was provided by GoSuke's weapon mod, and included in Faction Fronts (the base mod I am using). I believe this is how it went.

B) The M1891 Mosin-Nagant will also be present. I also have a working Accuracy International AWM with .338 Lapua Magnum in development right now (a bolt action sniper). Does a magnum-class bolt-action sniper rifle earn double the points? :)

C) Damage that is done by all weapons has been increased to the tune of anywhere from several tenths of a point to several fold, depending on the weapon. You can now literally kill two people or more with a single hand-gun clip (I always thought handguns deserved bigger roles in the original games - they just felt too weak for me, so I've beefed them up). Gunplay is now highly reliant on your ability to take cover effectively, your suit, and what weapons the enemy is carrying. In this mod, you will never underestimate a TOZ-34 or a SPAS-12 once you get hit with one.

D) The TOZ-34, BM-16, BM-16L (Longbarrel BM16), Winchester 1300, and SPAS-12 are all very powerful now - designed for killing mutants. The TOZ-34 is easily capable of taking down even medium-armored stalkers at close range thanks to a serious boost in power. As an example of this amplification, the SPAS-12 will drop a military grunt in one shot if you are close enough (close to mid-close range). Shotguns were vastly underpowered in the original game, and I believe the changes I've made will make them much more universal, and likable.

E) I'll see if I can get a video showing the shotguns off posted sometime "soon". I hate being ambiguous, but I am working full-time and I'm also developing the off hours to furthering mod development here. I think you will like the changes we've made.

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RobertSteele Apr 14 2011 replied:

A: Sweet. I hope it works better than in the one video where I saw it in use, because it seemed to follow the original usefulness of sidearms. (Not at all.)

B: HELL YEAH! Although, I must admit, I'm a much bigger fan of weapons like the M24, R700, and M40 series, rather than the absurdly large magnum-class rifles, like the AWM. One of those could be a much more cost-efficient alternative to the one and only Super Magnum, and the Super Magnum would make you have to play nice with Freedom, no doubt; and the M24Ax/R700/M40Ax would be much more common (As they are in real life, no doubt.), as well as firing much cheaper rounds (The biggest those weapons can fire is .308, I believe. One variant of one of them, I don't remember which, might even fire plain 'ol 5-5-6-ers.).

C: Sweetest deals! Now maybe I can choose a sidearm on a principal other than accuracy and/or clip size! And now point-blanking a military sucker with a shotgun is actually a good idea, rather than a waste of medical supplies, shot shells, and brain bits. Which also, no doubt, makes the TOZ-34 the most useful weapon in the game, that isn't absurdly large, or has a scope! It could plaster mutants, rookies, bandits, and such in vanilla...increase the accuracy and damage, and it just isn't funny any more. I'd bet you could take down a Monolithian with a both-barrels maneuver.

D: Non sawed-off side-by-side shotgun? That gets you more bonus points than having a magnum, or having a bolt-action gets you. Combined.

E: I believe I will like the changes you've made, good sir.

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RobertSteele Apr 14 2011 replied:

Now, I wonder which pistol will kick the most ***...the magnum? The Colt? Or the 92FS?
D-Eagle doesn't count!

Personally, it's hard to choose. The Colt is very cheap, and has stopping power that can actually be considered magnum-class; the magnum, well, is a magnum; and the 92FS is still one of the Wonder 9s (In my opinion. Assuming it isn't ACTUALLY one of the Wonder 9s...), as well as being very effective. Hell, it was effective in the base game, just because of how much ammo per clip it could hold (Nearly twenty rounds with +Mags! Or was it actually twenty rounds...? I dun remember.).

Also, may I suggest a muzzle choke modification, for shotguns, that increases the accuracy, but makes the weapon unsuitable for slugs and darts, for the buckshot enthusiast? And magnum buckshot.
More buckshot pellets = more fun.

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DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Apr 15 2011 replied:

At the current time, we have (counting the Faction Fronts GP-100) 4 brand new pistols added and working. Discussing them here would spoil the surprise later.

I can confirm also that we have Call of Pripyat -esque three-round burst and full-auto models of every original pistol that these modes existed for in Call of Pripyat. For example, the Walther P99 is available in a "Walther Burst" model, which allows a 3-round burst firing mode. The Beretta 92FS, being fully-automatic once upgraded in CoP, is available as a full-auto pistol here. These specialty pistols are separate weapons that you can purchase should your trigger finger demand it.

Other small changes make things much more immersive, too; for example, the Desert Eagle is now properly chambered in .357 magnum (as there is no .45 Colt version in real life). We also have a specialty (hidden) .50AE version of the Desert Eagle. As you can imagine, .50AE ammo in the Zone will be next-to-non existent, and very expensive, making this weapon a true trophy for any collector.

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RobertSteele Apr 15 2011 replied:

*drool* I wonder if I can find and use Monsieur Glocky... Full-auto or not, that would kick too much ***.

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snag Apr 6 2011 says:

this mod looks really nice
i have been playing faction fronts for a while now i have some ideas:

-make the flea market mechanic in garbage sleep a bit less because if you have bandits enemies and he is sleeping you dont have any mechanic in the whole garbage when he is asleep

-(i dont know if its a bug or what) you should remove the bandits in checkpoints becoming randomly your enemies because its almost impossible to keep the bandit faction neutral or friendly if they keep attacking you every time you answer a call for help from their faction. the scripted robberies like the basement with fang pda and the other one are enough imho

-make an option pack to disable (yes i mean disable) the annoying and loud Freedom and Duty base propaganda. the radio music is cool but the loud propagandsa is just annoying as hell the way it is now.

-rebalance the guides fee for quick travel i mean having to pay 2000ru to move from the garbage to a near territory (cordon) is a theft.
they should be cut of one third (-33%) at least to make them fair.

best of luck with the development! (sorry for enventual bad english in my post)

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Apr 7 2011 replied:

We like the idea of letting the mechanic sleep less - it is rather painful to have to trek to the Dark Valley or the Cordon for repairs. This is slightly offset by the random repair kit drops, but this is certainly something we will look in to.

One of the core design goals in M.I.N.E. is, like other projects, to disturb the base gameplay as little as possible. We believe at this time that the bandits will largely go unaltered, as quests can be done to slightly improve your relationship with them should the need arise.

We like the idea of adding the option to silence the loudspeakers - and it is now on our "Features Request" internal list, to be included upon release. This will be an available option in the release as planned at this time.

Finally, on the guide fees, we believe the fees contribute to more players walking, which improves your overall time spent in the Zone - versus more time spent swapping areas to sell loot or repair gear. While the fees may be high, ultimately, the Wish Granter (included with Faction Fronts) allows you to warp maps for free, which, although a cheat, remains a player's option at their discretion.

Thank you for your feedback, and we hope to continue receiving such feedback from our fans.

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snag Apr 7 2011 replied:

sorry for double post but they didnt let me edit past 5 minutes

2 things i forgot:

-make npcs buy upgraded weapons instead of having to carry them to a trader and make them sell a magazine of the same ammo their main weapon and side weapon uses (like 30 5.45 if they have an eastern block weapon and 10 pistol bullets according to the pistol they have as sidearm)

-make ammunition/health items/food and drink you buy cost more! because everything that ends up in the zone is smuggled and should cost a lot more and have more value! it will increase difficulty but also make the game more realistic

-make all mutants drop a bodypart i think it is a bit silly that a boar that has 4 legs doesnt drop at least one. you could rebalance the money the npc and traders give for the mutant part considering how common and difficult to obtain they are so the player doesnt end up with a ton of early money and unbalance the difficulty level

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DrBlizzard Creator
DrBlizzard Apr 7 2011 replied:

I was thinking of having NPCs buy upgraded weapons - the only real issue is that each NPC usually only carries around 5000RU with them at a time, and some of these weapons can be worth quite a bit more when traded to a fellow Stalker.

One thing we are evaluating is whether or not to increase item cost in the game; new forms of revenue make it possible to earn more cash, but this is going to be offset largely by earlier access to weaponry that you usually would only see towards the end of the game - or not at all. This enables you to enjoy each weapon of your choice to the fullest, versus picking it up at the end of the game and only having a few levels with it. Thank you for the feedback on the items; we always take our fans feedback into consideration.

Finally, we have been able to fix mutant item drops for ALL mutants - including the cut-out mutants. All mutants will drop an item, and while a boar at this time may not drop four legs, it will certainly at least drop something.

Again, thank you for your feedback.

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snag Apr 7 2011 replied:

hey thanks for the reply

-about trading with npcs that are not fixed traders/barmans
you could randomize amount of cash based on rank. exo/seva veteran 10K to 14K stalker suit/armored guy 7K to 9K leather coat rookie 2K to 3K.also npcs should buy only one main weapon and one side weapon.a rookie with 5K buying 4 assault rifles from a stranger is unrealistic
this will make players less ratpacking and reflect more before load backpack with tons of weapons

food/health/ammo bought from normal npcs should cost double and that is the extra price for buying stuff in the field because other fighters need that stuff as well so it wont be cheap

-about the Duty/Freedom base speakers propaganda if you can code something like this:actor enter base once>message1 plays.leave and reenter the base later>message2 plays and every message plays only once in the entire game.but leave Ashot and Uncle Yar voices over the intercom! :D

-about the bandit random attempts to rob you let me explain better..i think its a feature in conflict with another.if the bandit faction ask me to help their outposts from mutants why when i reach the place 3 bandits out of 7 will attack me and if i defend myself all of them attack me with the outcome that i will die or the entire faction is my enemy?also random bandit attack if you are neutral to them are not realistic because the player is a Merc not a Stalker.and as seen in Call of Pripyat if i remember correct mercs are seen cooperating with bandits.also messing with Mercs should not be considered a good idea overall

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