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Mindfuck is a horror-themed game/mod, set in darkness, made ​​to have a tense atmosphere and immersive gameplay. It was planned to have a slower gameplay (speed-runners may not enjoy it), focused on details of setting (not talking about map detailing), seeking to please players who like to feel in character''s skin; to embody the story.

The main idea is (try) to create a horror game, with good feeling, many zombies, scares, monsters, creepy music and details, and of course many mindfucks. The most common enemy in most of the time are zombies civilians, workers and visitors to the same place as you, who were dead in the incident and then revived by the dark forces that now hold the place. The zombies are dumb (as zombies must be anyway), but the living enemies has some improved AI.

Many of the weapons in the game are scenery objects used by the player as a defense until he can find real firearms. In some parts the use of flashlights is essential.

There are RPG elements (like Deus Ex or Strife) and the player can talk to other people, usually survivors, and even have their help in some situations. Also in many cases will need to use computers to get passage or some other benefit.

So, some details:

History (very) shortened:


Part 1 - The cadet*:

The character, Ravick (:B), follow to the last admission tests in order to become a security guard at the Table Preta Complex, the largest of the UAC.

- Will be included in demo.
(* It is a Training Episode, like the modes of training of games like Thief, Half-Life or Deus Ex)

Part 2 - Day Off:

The character, now a UAC Security Guard for 5 years, takes his day off to make admission tests to join the Space Marines Corp of UAC. After, he goes play cards with other security guards and UAC employees out of dutty. During the game, some kind of major accident occurs. There are explosions, screams, and, then, boxes falls over the character, leaving him unconscious.

When the character wakes up, the others are gone, lights are failing, and something is very wrong with the place. He realizes that the nightmare is worse than if he were dreaming. He notices, for hes full horror, that his friends and fellow employees became horrendous and aggressive creatures, undeads. Besides that, different kinds of monsters are scattered around the Table Preta Complex.

A series of events leads him to seek shelter in the great armored train which runs the undergrounds of Table Preta Complex, and connects it with others UAC's installations. They said that the Marines who control the armored main car of the train are still alive, and are rescuing survivors.

-Not included in the demo.

Part 3 - Surviving:

The only way to get on the train when it stopped at the station was to climb up the load crane and jumping in the cargo wagon. The last wagon of the train. Hence, the player must reach the main car of the train in order to meet the UAC's Space Marines and other survivors.

-Included in the demo, 6 maps.

Part 4 - Erebus:

The final part of the saga.
-Not included.

End Spoiler

Gameplay notes:

* Player seems to be more vulnerable then the original doom player. He is also 'less fat' and can get in narrow aisles.

* When health go under 20 points, hit regenerates to 20 slowly (and painfully).

* There is many inventory items that may be used, for many reasons, like healing or being an allied robot.

* Some maps will feature allies. Humans, animals, robots.

* There is usable machines in the game: Player may use computers for many things, buy food or drinks in snacks machines, heal itself in health stations... and also play videogames. Glasses , sparks, steam and other world elements are can be dangerous.

* Fire weapons are strong, as fire weapons must be. But the living enemies compensates it by being more smart and hard to hit.

* Stealthy is also a good skill for survival: Many enemies will not see nor hear living humans in certain distances; What is essential in parts where players have no weapons, or need to save ammo.

* Player can become completely unarmed. All the melee weapons can be lost.

* Too big/heavy weapons cannot be storage.

* Player will be able to carry many weapons only after finding a backpack.

* Weapons and other items are not scattered in odd places like most of the games. Weapons will be usually found near corpses or ammo depots, medikits near nursery or deadh medics, etc.

* Many weapons are not really weapons, but scenery objects that can be used for defense, like chairs, boxes or gas cylinders.

* There will be lots of melee weapons. All of them, each one in a way, can be lost.

* All the fire-weapons has to be reloaded, it's their Alt Fire.

* There are too flashlights: One is 'Doom3 like', and other is attached to another weapon. There is also flares.

* There are not plasma, laser or BFG weapons. Most are ballistics or explosives.

* Most weapons (seen in the videos) are in alpha or beta stage.

There are, basically, 3 types of enemies:

* Undeads: Earthlings or not, they are dumb and usually slow. Typical zombies.

* Living wilds: They are 'animals', but not intelligent/civilized beings. Most are smart, fast, and some has special attacks techniques. Some also are near inoffensive.

* Living Civilized: They are intelligent, more then the wild ones. This guys will never be trolled by light beans, and many can 'understand' if player is hiding, or has a strong weapon. Possibly the main stakeholders in the invasion.

Edit: The zombie translations was made in Alpha versions. Many will be taken.

Other features:
* Inner-Games: All maps will have easter-eggs. One kind of it are consoles in what player can play other games (usually ATARI 2600 games). See the videos.

* Trolling flashlights: Some of the 'wild' enenies may be distracted with the light beans of the flashlights, allowing the player to save ammunition, to escape the attention of enemies, or just have fun ...

* Previous Weapon button.

* A usable PDA (I didn't made it yet).

* Two game modes: The story-line maps, and the original (IWAD) maps. If playing with doom maps, it becomes a gameplay mod.

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this looks cool cant wait until finished

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do you have a release date?

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Mod name keeps getting better by days.

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