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We have begun construction of an Crysis Total Conversion if we can entice enough Modelers, Programmers, and people with flair for texture’s and scripts to enable us to combine both the Might & Magic game series with the Heroes of Might & Magic series.

Our intention is to design and construct a fully 3D version of the combination of two games might and magic 7 and the heroes of might and magic 3, and ensuring that it is playable as a would be single person that can level up, learn new spells etc, but one that can also navigate by foot the full size castles within the Kingdom, whilst still maintaining the abilities of ordering troops from dwellings which still must be erected. There will be an ability allowing the adventurer to order the troops to either venture forth with the hero or stand guard either in your castle or the surrounding lands.

We would like to vastly improve on the already playable games by having the game play real time, as opposed to turn based, giving the concept a far more distinctive playability. In advancing this concept in such a way, we still wish to maintain some of the original abilities like having to establish treasure and resource to improve the towns and wage war on your enemy’s. There will be towns with NPC to interact with and gain quests.

We are also venturing to make the mod multiplayer which we feel will certainly be beneficial. Any ideas and information would be greatly appreciated at this point, to achieve a fantastically playable game designed and constructed by the wishes, ideas and needs of game players themselves, we believe will be the ultimate in game play. So sit back, relax, send in your ideas and thoughts and watch this space, this one is for us gamers.

Game features

  1. Huge world of Antagarich to explore and wage your war on.

  2. Dynamic world includeing storms rain and weather changes with graphics powered by the CryEngine2

  3. Rideable horses and ships

  4. Over 12 Different castle types each with there own creature dwellings to construct

  5. Over 24 Different classes each with there own abilities

  6. Over 17 Different races to choose from

  7. Over 160 Different creature

  8. Over 12 Different main quest lines for single player

  9. Over 150 Different single and multiplayer NPC quest's

  10. A spell system like no other

  11. Ragdoll enemies that can be killed in a variety of creative and intuitive ways includeing hand to hand combat or if the odds are againsed you use your fully deployable army

"The Might & Magic series and the Heroes of Might and Magic series are registered trademarks of Ubisoft. Might & Magic Warlords is not produced, endorsed, connected with or supported by Ubisoft in any way. Might & Magic Warlords is a fan-made freeware game intended as a tribute to the Might & Magic series originally produced by New World Computing. The project's purpose is to maintain interest in the Might and Magic series until such time if or when Ubisoft are in a position to officially continue it."

Porject On Hold Order Given By DeltaStrium

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0 comments by DrakeBD on Mar 18th, 2008

- Fight your way out of the Plane Between Planes
The game begins directly outside Escaton's Palace in the Plane Between Planes. The player must speak to Escaton inside the Palace and receive their mission - to destroy the Kreegan-infested world of Sileneth, more commonly known as the Fiery Moon, in the name of the Ancients. To do this, they will need to perform a series of tasks allowing Escaton to use the Convocation of Cataclysm on Sileneth. Firstly, they must find a way out of the Plane Between Planes.

- Reach the world of Colony
Escaton is aware that the denizens of a world named Colony recently repelled the four Elemental Lords from causing mass destruction. Interested in their means, he sends the player to Colony in order to allow swift access to the Elemental Planes. Once the player has reached the continent of Antagarich upon Colony, they must travel to Bracada and speak with the Wizards there.

- Talk with the Wizards of Bracada
The ruler of Bracada, King Gavin Magnus, will permit the player to speak with his Chief Wizards, but not until recent troubles with the Barbarian nation of Krewlod have been put to an end. Krewlod and Bracada are at war, and the Barbarians have already conquered the Fey Coast, poised to progress further. Magnus charges the player with repelling the Krewlish hordes and pushing them back to their own lands.

- Conquer Ulgak, capital of Krewlod, and capture Duke Mulgark
Duke Mulgark of Krewlod resides within Ulgak. King Magnus of Bracada has ordered the player to conquer Ulgak and bring the Duke back to Celeste in chains, reinforcing the Wizards' position of higher power over the Barbarians and thus bringing an end to their invasion. Ulgak is particularly well-defended by the Krewlish Hordes.

- Reach the Plane of Magic and converse with The First
Once Mulgark has been captured and Krewlod subjugated, Gavin Magnus will allow the player to speak with his most potent Wizard advisors. These Wizards, Barsolar and Reamus, travelled to the Plane of Magic during the War of the Elements and will grant the player access to a prototype gateway which they have been building, intended to lead directly to the Plane of Magic. Once within the Plane of Magic, the player must battle through the area, conquering territories while trying to locate "the First", three Magic Elementals who govern this Plane and its inhabitants. The player must persuade the First to reactivate the four Elemental Gateways on Antagarich left over from the War of the Elements. Once this is done, they must return to Escaton and receive their next orders.

- Enter the Elemental Plane of Water and defeat Acwalander
Escaton will ask the player to travel to each Elemental Plane and capture the Four Elemental Lords. The four Lords are paramount to the success of the destruction of Sileneth, and capturing them is the only way to gain their "assistance". Acwalander, Lord of Water, dwells in the Plane of Water.

- Enter the Elemental Plane of Fire and defeat Pyrannaste
Pyrannaste will be heavily guarded by Fire Elementals within the Castle of Fire. His chief lieutenant, the Demoniac Olnubis, will also oppose the player.

- Enter the Elemental Plane of Air and defeat Shalwend
Shalwend dwells in the Castle of Air in The Firmament region. Reaching the Castle requires Boots of Levitation. Hundreds of Air Elementals, Thunderbirds, Avians, Genies and other air-based creatures will protect him.

- Enter the Elemental Plane of Earth and defeat Gralkor the Cruel
Gralkor lies inside The Core, the deepest confines within the Plane of Earth. He will be extremely well-guarded by Troglodytes, Earth Elementals, Gargantuans, Boulders etc. and is the most difficult Lord to capture.

- Travel to Sileneth with the Ring of the Wayfarer
After the four Elemental Lords have been successfully captured, Escaton will give the player a Ring of the Wayfarer. This ring, an instrument of the Guardians themselves, will permit travel through the Sparkling Bridge, an interplanetary monolith in the Sparkling Mountains within the Land of the Giants. The Ring will shuttle the player to the Fiery Moon - Sileneth - though the nearby mountains are well-defended by hostile Conflux creatures, driven insane by the loss of their Lords.

- Speak with Tarnum, the Immortal Hero
Once upon Sileneth, the player must restore the Forces of the Dome (or the "Ancestors") on Colony to their natural order before Escaton can destroy the world. The Dome is an unseen energy stemming from the Ancients' elemental manipulation, designed to protect the world from destruction and balance out its elemental energies. Three of these Forces of the Dome (Bellum, Cosmonium and Esoterica) are paramount to the wellbeing of Colony in future centuries. The only friendly people upon this desolate planet are an army of Barbarians from Colony led by Tarnum, the Immortal Hero, who also seeks to rescue the Ancestors. The player must persuade Tarnum that they are friendly before setting out.

- Save the Ancestors of Colony from Xyron and the Kreegans
Xyron, the Jailer, is an Efreeti charged with preventing the Ancestors from escaping their prison. He is hugely well-guarded by Kreegans. Tarnum and the player must combine forces and defeat Xyron before releasing the Ancestors.

- Conquer the Inglarion Coast
There is another obstacle to the destruction of Sileneth - its own Dome is still active. Escaton would shut the Dome down, but the Guardian of Sileneth, Icarus, refuses to allow this. Icarus must be destroyed. She dwells on an island within the Ashen Sea, and the Inglarion Coast must be conquered before any ships can be sent out.

- Defeat Icarus, Guardian of Sileneth, at the Ashen Sea
The player must lead armies against Icarus, destroying her. Once this is done, Escaton can attempt to shut down the Dome.

- Conquer the Ashen Sea
Unfortunately, it turns out that there is further opposition to Sileneth's destruction. The Dome has been reinforced, and must be deactivated manually at the Lunar Sanctum. In addition, Icarus activated the Planetary Evacuation System which will conjure countless portals to a neighbouring world upon the Convocation. The Kreegans may be able to escape through these portals, so conquering the Ashen Sea and travelling forth into the Lunar Tides beyond is the player's next goal.

- Override the Sileneth Dome through the Lunar Sanctum
The Lunar Sanctum can be reached via a whirlpool in the Lunar Tides. This astral plane unique to Sileneth contains two control systems: one for the Sileneth Dome and another for the Planetary Evacuation System, both of which must be successfully overrided. Guarded by Terminators, Drones and other robotic defenders, the Sanctum is difficult to navigate. The player can weaken the Dome's influence, but Icarus's reinforcement prevents them from shutting it down completely. The Planetary Evacuation System, however, can and must be destroyed.

- Capture the Inferno city of Vor'n Incarnum
Vorr has briefly departed for the west to set into motion some obscure plot, leaving his capital city of Vor'n Incarnum far more open to attack. The player does not seek just to capture the city, though - Escaton has charged them with retrieving a Control Cube from the city, a device Vorr used to activate the Sparkling Bridge and reach the Fiery Moon in the first place. With this device, Escaton himself can reach Sileneth and perform the Convocation of Cataclysm which will destroy the world.

- Obtain the Control Cube in the city and return it to Escaton
This part of the mission is self-explanatory: Vorr's Control Cube must be claimed, then the player must depart for the Plane Between Planes and hand the Cube to Escaton, where he will make his own way to the Fiery Moon.

- Defend Escaton as he performs the Convocation of Cataclysm
Having travelled to Sileneth, Escaton will begin casting the Convocation of Cataclysm. The player must defend him from the encroaching Kreegans as he does so. Though powerful, Escaton is not invincible, and his defences will be compromised as he struggles against the Dome which Icarus reinforced before her destruction. When the Cataclysm is conjured, the player has eight months to carry out the final objectives before Sileneth is utterly destroyed.

- Assist Tarnum's forces in reaching Vor'n Incarnum
While the player was returning the Control Cube to Escaton, Vorr called upon Kreegan reinforcements from the Distant Nethers in Sileneth's west. He has taken back Vor'n Incarnum and decimated Tarnum's encroaching armies from the southeast. Now, the Immortal Hero is more determined than ever to destroy Vorr, but the imprisonment of the Elemental Lords has turned indigenous Elementals against the player and the Barbarians. Both armies must overcome the allied Elementals and Kreegans, pushing through the Bittersweet Dale and the lands beyond to reach Vor'n Incarnum once again.

- Defeat Vorr the Insane
Vorr, the insane Ancestor and Colony's "Bellum" or "Might" force, is the last obstacle to Sileneth's destruction. As one of the three Ancestors, he has been driven mad with power by the machinations of a Krewlish tribe, and must be restored to normal before Escaton can proceed with obliterating the Fiery Moon and all the Kreegan upon its soil. The player, Tarnum and the two freed Ancestors will combine forces in attempting to heal Vorr, forcing him to drink a bottle of sap from the World Tree. Vorr is immensely powerful, more so even than Escaton, and will be monstrously difficult to defeat. Once he is subjugated, Tarnum will force him to drink the sap, restoring him from his madness. The epilogue will then be played.

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Drudle Nov 29 2008, 8:14am says:

Is this dead? It can't be dead! Please tell me this isnt dead!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrakeBD Creator
DrakeBD Nov 30 2008, 1:55pm replied:

No Hypergames2k8 are not dead in any way M&M Warlords is just going slowly due to lack of members and support to the project

Plus finding out we may have a few problems with the streaming of the maps so it has slowed down for now our other project is still working as normal

and the HyperUnreal2k4 v2.0 is almost complete and to be released hope this answers any questions lol

+1 vote   reply to comment
kellnite Oct 29 2008, 12:27pm says:

directX 11? now what wud that be.. reality?? lol

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrakeBD Creator
DrakeBD Sep 18 2008, 5:08am says:

It will be a little bit like oblivion with some of the management systems in the mod and the the first person veiw.

+1 vote   reply to comment
karstin Sep 6 2008, 3:36pm says:

is this gonna be like oblivion?

+1 vote     reply to comment
General_Atrox Aug 29 2008, 7:57am says:

Direct X 11? How long have i been asleep.

Anyways, that sounds awesome. You must get a gameplay video up so we can see how its going.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrakeBD Creator
DrakeBD Aug 1 2008, 11:26am says:

HyperGames2k8 (Future News)

HyperEngine 1.0

The Teams Programmer have begun construction of the hyperEngine 1,0
This 3D Engine will be a DirectX 10 & 11 supported
It will makes it first appearance in 2 Titles

1: Life After Humans
2: Universe & Beyond

That is all we can tell about it for now

+1 vote   reply to comment
DrakeBD Creator
DrakeBD Jul 26 2008, 5:35pm says:

"Will it allow you to play in a war of up to 30 odd units?"

Yes there will be full warfair built into the single player and the Warlords multiplayer Gametype.

There will be at least 30 units per team with the possability to unit stack e.g haveing 30 troops with 100 or more in each troop stack.

Hope that answers your question
all questions are welcome and will be answered asap

+1 vote   reply to comment
General_Atrox Jul 25 2008, 3:58pm says:

I have one more question about this mod,

Will it allow you to play in a war of up to 30 odd units? (Or more of course)

Looking awesome so far by the way.

Also from the previous comments it sounds like your an actual games developer :) lol

+1 vote     reply to comment
exdeath May 29 2008, 10:58pm says:

so this game will be a first person, realtime version of heroes of might and magic III. Cooll. I was thiking (just thinking I am not a mod maker) about the same idea, but mine would be 3rd person view and would be based on Heroes of might and magic. So would be like a mix of heroes of might and magic V and dinasty warriors (but without removing the ability of owning towns and building things in town).

+2 votes     reply to comment
MrGreed Apr 8 2008, 2:41pm says:

Hmm... Sounds interesting, might get UT3 after all because of all the great mods out there!

+2 votes     reply to comment
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