Dimension gates have started popping up all over cyrodiil to distant lands it is your fate to find out the reason why this is will you be good and choose the path of Light Wizards or become something more terrible by joining the Dark necromancers of the Might & Magic world

Episode 1 Quest for Harmondale (Emerald Isle) (can be got to in layawiin in side the house for sale there is a dimension gate open, these are starting to pop up all over cyrodiil transporting anyone who dares to enter to new worlds and new lands and maybe even new time periods)

Episode 2 The Dawn Crusade (Evenmorn Isle & Harmondale) [This will require Episode 1 to play](Can be got to by useing the boat in emerald isle or finding the dimension gate located in an abandond mine in cyrodiil somewhere will allso include Harmondale landmass so the player can use the deed he won in episode 1 and will have a place to keep all his stuff from each world)

Episode 3 The Mandate of Heaven (Enroth) [Will require episode 1 and 2 to work correctly](A full remake of Might and Magic VI, not including either beta location. Features the same characters, creatures, spells, locations and dungeons from MM6, with some added content. There will be a quest by a powerfull wizard to open up the dimension gate in the wizards tower court yard)

Project Is Due for beta release By DeltaStrium

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Episode 2 The Dawn Crusade Progress Report
Internal Alpha Version 0.034

Quests: 0%
NPC: 0%

Evenmorn Isle: 100%
Harmondale: 100%

Evermorn Isle Decoration 95%
Harmondale Decoration 41%

Interior Cells
Evenmorn Isle Interiors
Crane Residence 100%
Caverhill Residence 100%
Grand Temple Of The Sun 2%
Grand Temple Of The Moon 2%
Paramount Guild Of Water 100%
Sacred Sails 50%
Smithson Residence 100%
The Laughing Monk 100%

Harmondale Interiors
Castle Harmondale 98%
Welnin Cathedral 90%
Harmondale Townhall 100%
Initiate Guild of Earth 100%
Initiate Guild of Water 100%
Initiate Guild of Mind 100%
Adept Guild of Air 0%
Adept Guild of Body 0%
Adept Guild of Fire 100%
Adept Guild of Spirit 0%
Bowes Residence 100%
The Peasant's Smitty 100%
Tempered Steel 100%
Basic Principles 100%
Philters and Elixirs 100%
Otto's Oddities 50%
On the House 100%
Stables 100%
Mist Manor 50%
Temper Residence 100%
Krewlen Residence 0%
Withersmythe's House 50%
The Vault 100%
Stillwater Residence 0%
Mark Manor 95%
Torrent's 100%
Skinner's House 100%
White Cliff Caves 0%
Arbiter 0%
Chadric's House 0%
Weider Residence 0%
Kern Residence 0%
Hume Residence 0%

Overall 51%

Episode 1 Quest For Harmondale Progress Report

Episode 1 Quest For Harmondale Progress Report

News 1 comment

This is the progress list for Episode 1 Quest For Harmondale Progress Report this will be updated as more updates are made

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Hay totaly unrelated but note worthy... Ive been playing dagger fall latly and i was wondering if it were possible to add banks ships and hore and carts to oblivion any real elder scrolls fan will know what im talking about i dont thing a ship would be to hard to add have a boat that you could buy like a house that you could move to differnt port cites horse and cart and banks seem like theyd be hard but it would be sooo cool

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DrakeBD Creator

Nice thought we will keep these ideas in mind but as it goes for the might & magic universe you could never move the boats only use them to get to other docks.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I know i figured just like in Daggerfall you use the boat fr fast travel and item storage and yeah you could only travel to port cities Imerial Bravil Lay. and anvil when you arive replaces your boat with another one have a crew maybe and horse and cart would be really hard i was thinking though you could add a banker to each castle for each town and have one in the imperial commerce office but we are talking about a totaly diffrent mod it would be very cool if you are intersested in starting this project pm me i think it would be cool to add a hint of the past

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DrakeBD Creator

If you are interested in posting ideas this can be done in our forum

As far as the mod goes there will be banks in most towns

Emerald isle has no bank
Evenmorn Isle has no bank
Harmondale Has a Bank

Other towns have banks too

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I'm extremely excited about this mod. Looks very interesting, *watching*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks astrozombie, you certainly wont be disappointed we are continually working on it, so watch this space

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will the mods include voiceacting or will it be like in the mod Windfall?
Windfall is a fun mod except that there's an awkward silence when talking to people.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi Deamonfox

Yes these mods will all include complete script voice acting, with real voices, we have a whole heap of family and friends queing up to help, lol.

Hope this helps

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

thats fun i can do voices you konw like alot of voices stareotipcal asains hindus black people vietnamese i can sound like a pirate ive been paid to do it before if u want help pm me but i dont wana rain on ur families perade

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

YAAY!! I'm totally gonna play this when it's released!

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