Mideast Crisis 2] (MEC2) is a total conversion for 'Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars' set in the near future, letting you use modern technology (such as the Abrams, F-35 and Hind) alongside future technology (such as Drones, Airships and Medibots) in a conflict ranging from Jerusalem to Beirut.

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1 Paulpolska

Jan 29th, 2015 0 people agree 0 people don't

Ouch!!! This mod are not playable and I must give this ****** 1/10. Very strange title and tons of bugs. This bugs prevent to do some progress in this mod.

sting2death says
1 sting2death

Feb 3rd, 2012 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

apart form a few bugs which can be overlooked, the game seems somewhat of a "propaganda" and can be insulting by some of the things the GOI say (which are actually quite blasphemous).
Basically, the mod puts down all the factions (EU's westerners and GOI's "Arabs".) except the IDF.

To be fair, the game has good "modern" elements which I enjoy, and it is playable if I turn off the NPC voices.

randyarmy2000 says
1 randyarmy2000

Dec 7th, 2011 0 people agree 4 people don't

Gameplay Too FAST

1 Shot 1 kill

Its like All soldier Use Sniper gun. Stupid rules

TRex2142 says
1 TRex2142

Nov 6th, 2011 0 people agree 5 people don't


James3712 says
1 James3712

Oct 10th, 2011 0 people agree 3 people don't


PPMGangster says
1 PPMGangster

May 6th, 2009 1 person agrees 23 people don't

Crap Israeli mod. Burn it.

karan_sjet says
1 karan_sjet

May 5th, 2014

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rfv432 says
1 rfv432

Apr 2nd, 2012

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joey22 says
1 joey22

Apr 2nd, 2012

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mex16 says
1 mex16

Apr 1st, 2012

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