Mideast Crisis 2] (MEC2) is a total conversion for 'Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars' set in the near future, letting you use modern technology (such as the Abrams, F-35 and Hind) alongside future technology (such as Drones, Airships and Medibots) in a conflict ranging from Jerusalem to Beirut.

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The team for MEC2 has been busy this past month! This update shows strategy in action with the Mr. Stop counter-attack and some shots of the Blackhawk. The heat in this battlefield is getting hot as this total conversion marches to a now August release.

Posted by ashelia on Jul 24th, 2008

There will be no release in July, August is now the target month. While we are quite close to release, a couple of major things prevent us from getting it out this month:

  • It's just not quite done yet. Our methods of development do help the overall quality of the project, but have the tendency of obliterating target deadlines. The big culprit here is the large IDF overhaul we've been doing to improve how well they play, and to remove traces of generic unit design that remained.
  • Audio isn't done! While the sound effects are well on their ways, voices remain a challenge. I'll be personally handling the voices soon, so if you have an Israeli/Arab accent please see the Voice Actor help-wanted topic.
  • Lastly, Isotx is in the midst of a large site and Crosus overhaul--so even if the above was perfect, it isn't exactly an ideal time for a release.

The benefit to this is that the release will include a couple more units, buildings and maps that were planned to be released in a future update.

One of the changes is the Apache shown below. See it? Isn't it shiny?

Well, we're cutting it and replacing it with a new attack helicopter for the IDF--the Gideon.

How to Survive a Merkava attack as GOI
See a large force of Merkava's approaching your base? Your MiGs are busy reloading--what do you do?

It's simple. You hit the 'Mr.Stop' and 'Production Boost' powers, halting the enemy units and drastically increasing your production speed and letting you crank out T-90's with ease. Something to note, when your production is increased, the smoke stacks of your factories spew fire (you can see it on the production building in the screens).

No infantry screens yet, we're still tweaking them. In the meantime, here is the Blackhawk which is how your infantry are delivered to the battlefield.

One Last Thing
You've been so nice to read all of this that we have a reward for you. We have even more stuff to read if you head on over to our official website.

Also, keep in mind that this is just how it is right now; things will change prior to release, we can almost promise that.

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ussr1943 Jul 24 2008 says:

Awesome update,and fantastic work.
I love the model work you've done, they seem very realistic and are highly detailed from what I can tell. The blackhawk transport seems a little small though, I don't know if it's just the angle they are at, but they seem very small compared to your tanks.
I'm very much looking forward to the release, keep up the awesome work!

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Kageh Jul 24 2008 says:

Looks great guys! Too bad I really dislike the C&C3 engine and base mechanics. I'll probably try the mod out anyway as Isotx never fails to impress.

Also, is that a dual flamethrower base defence turret thing?

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smurfbizkit Jul 24 2008 says:

Yea, thats one of the GOI base defenses...a better pic is here;


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STPDeveloping Jul 24 2008 says:

What do the green letters around the stopped tank say? All i could make out was ".. ROR 404". Are you suggesting they have problems with their internet connection? :P

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Keksz Jul 24 2008 replied:

ERROR 404 i think ^^

Hey don't aks stupid questions okay?! It's Mr. Stop!

Haha just kidding. I like the name of the virus ^^

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smurfbizkit Jul 24 2008 replied:

Yea, its Mr.Stop...go see our past newspost (with that as the title) for full details.

For a while we actually had it in arabic...but it just didn't work as well.

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Godwin Jul 24 2008 says:

So tanks need the interweb to work? That's what a 404 means to me. Is there any counter to the virus attack?
Also, any friendly fire or collateral damage with the flame towers?

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Aydynbek Jul 24 2008 says:

Nice man!

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smurfbizkit Jul 24 2008 says:

I think the next newspost will go into detail on 'augmented reality' and the role it plays in MEC2.

Having friendly fire from base defenses would likely mean more kills of your own units than of the enemy. :P

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Godwin Jul 24 2008 replied:

That is the point, it means having flames as a base defense is a bad idea, you could even implement that as a gameplay mechanic to discourage base sieging. I just think it's way unrealistic (or to use something less hackneyed - unbelievable) that the wild streams of flame spewing out of those things could somehow choose what to hurt, almost seeming like you're only doing it for the sake of having something spray fire.

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Soul_XP Jul 24 2008 says:

Sweet update, can't wait to see the new IDF attack chopper.

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CommandoPoop Jul 24 2008 says:

This mod looks awesome I can't wait for the release

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Malvado_Zombie[X] Jul 24 2008 says:

I´ll tell you the true guys... This is a really good mod! Original style for C&C, the units design are realistic, and the idea of increase production is very useful. Last thing... don´t worry in this moment with the sound, only finish it. :D

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