Mideast Crisis 2] (MEC2) is a total conversion for 'Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars' set in the near future, letting you use modern technology (such as the Abrams, F-35 and Hind) alongside future technology (such as Drones, Airships and Medibots) in a conflict ranging from Jerusalem to Beirut.

With the MOTY 2008 Winners Showcase coming to a close today, the crew talk about the awards and what makes Mods different from Addons.

Posted by Henley on Mar 2nd, 2009

With the MOTY 2008 Winners Showcase coming to a close today and with the overall lack of releases this week, the crew talk about the awards and what makes Mods different from Addons. Ryan is once again sick, so filling his spot this week is Mike Hillard the voice of the 2008 MOTY videos.



So that's it for this week modders, but don't fear we will be back next week with more mods and goss for you all to enjoy! Don't forget to send your modding/gaming questions to dave@moddb.com and we will answer the questions on the show!

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Henley Author
Henley Mar 2 2009, 3:11am says:

Just making a fix up here, at 15.50 mins in I said Member votes when I meant to say Visitor votes.

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Ryswick17 Mar 2 2009, 4:01am replied:

i forgive you, don't let it happen again

lol jks, but seriously nice podcast (as usual)

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Henley Author
Henley Mar 2 2009, 4:11am replied:

Hahaha thanks man its good to know :P

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fuzzheadtf Mar 2 2009, 4:56am says:

simple solution to the complaining about votes...

dont have a community vote for best upcoming mod... just keep that on editors choice.

i dont think the community has the intelligence to vote for best upcoming mod, it all boils down to hype instead of real content (gameplay that players have tried and can judge, instead of just screenshots and videos).

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Captain828 Mar 2 2009, 6:56am replied:

I don't think I would actually go as far as to say that the community is dum or some ****.

Upcoming mods, as stated in this modcast, are voted based on the PR of a mod.
Most of them don't even have a beta or anything palpable that us regular users have access to.
Moddb editors however usually have more info about a mod or even get to play it.

So... their idea of letting all upcoming mods/indie/[insert_word_here] to be exclusive to editor's choice awards is a great one.
Instead, they could let users vote on the best 10 upcoming mods, and then the editors would choose the most voted ones, BUT filter them as well.
Eg.: second place is a mod for a popular game, but in contrast to third and fourth places, it is far less complex... so you move it to third place or cut it altogether.

Also, why can't we, the players, have a Best SP/MP mod and Indie game award?? I agree that there should be a Editor's Choice one, but why not a player's choice??
After all, what is the difference between a player and a Moddb Editor that have both played that game/mod? there are, after all, both "players" and humans (ok, editors are gods... please don't strike us with lightning!! *goes to hide*).

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Captain828 Mar 2 2009, 7:23am replied:

Rethinking what I said about upcoming mods, I think it's better to let us do this:
- users first vote for 10 nominees (from all submitted, yet unreleased mods) for the Top 5 upcoming mods (without showing the number of votes, as they are just candidates!)
- filter the 10 candidates, first through the number of votes (that remains private) and then through the editor's vision (see example from my above post)
- let the users vote from the top 5 of the 10 filtered upcoming mods (without showing initial number of votes), not showing the number of current votes, as it was done now
- publish the results as voted by the users (without further filtering, as it would turn into editor's choice ;) )

This will require a bit more planning and effort from the editors, but the end result would be a quality take on upcoming mods from the community.

Curious to see what the editors think.
*hides again from lightning*

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Tatsur0 Mar 2 2009, 7:24am replied:

A bit of work but definitely an improvement on my idea.

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Captain828 Mar 2 2009, 7:36am replied:

IMHO, my way is more democratic than not letting us vote at all.

I'd actually take that as an insult...

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DuckSauce Mar 2 2009, 10:08am replied:

excellent idea

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Herr_Alien Mar 2 2009, 6:06am says:

magical extending powers ... nothing sexual there, you say?
As for the crossfire, Tatsur0 did get caught in it, with the katana comments :)

Regarding community selections, keep them. I would say that it's up to the feelings of the game developer which prize is being regarded as more important for themselves. In that pov, most developers would love to get the editor's choice ;)

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FriedchikenCamo Mar 8 2009, 9:16pm replied:

Because the old Crossfire boardgame(?) got brought up in the Modcast:

Man, memories do come back and bite you in the ***. (o_o)

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woodban Mar 2 2009, 6:19am says:

Someone mentioned Adventure Games, and that made me think, would it make anysense for moddb to incorporate so-called "Fanadventures" based on engines such as Visionaire2d, Wintermute or Adventure-Game Studio as indie games?

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Henley Author
Henley Mar 2 2009, 6:28am replied:

That makes perfect sense, its the case of these groups do not know of ModDB and what it can offer.

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Herr_Alien Mar 2 2009, 6:19am says:

And about mods: I feel that any change in a game is a mod. OK, they can then be split in several categories, but that doesn't change my opinion that a change is a mod.

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Romagnolo Mar 2 2009, 7:30am says:

Aaah, where is the MOTY by the public vote ?

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Tatsur0 Mar 2 2009, 7:33am replied:

It's being put together for us now by the staff. Some of which are quite sick but still pushing on for our benefit. We've waited this long, just need to be patient a bit longer.

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Lorem Mar 2 2009, 9:01am says:

Wasn't the new Age of Chivalry released earlier this week?

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Tatsur0 Mar 2 2009, 9:15am replied:

crap you're right. I'm sure it'll be on the next modcast.

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DuckSauce Mar 2 2009, 10:16am says:

I guess I have behaved rather dumb at the time the results for upcoming mod came out, but surprisingly many seemed to agree with me, at first sight DBD really does look like a map pack, but even so there is more to the anger of the developers then just that.

Anyway I would like to apologize for anything rude or stupid I might have said.

Good modcast and nice explaining of the upcoming moty player's choice.
Btw, discussion about what do with next year's upcoming moty player's choice is interesting. Captain 828 seems to have already posted a sweet idea that allows voting but with some filtering. More work for ModDB staff, but less BASH BASH BASH from the community :)

Because really though, I doubt DBD got enough votes to get top spot from the modding community, most probably came from visitors from the zombie communities and shouldn't the awards be voted by the real modding community that plays more then zombie games? But yeah filtering by ModDB staff would already help alot.

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spnkr Mar 2 2009, 2:42pm replied:

I'd like to say that I am of the school that , to quote, "a tattoo on the handmodel finger" is a mod. That is to say, anything changed [ergo modified] qualifies a "mod". TCs Mappacks,etc. are also mods, but are subordinate of "Mods". Yes, even TCs. My logic there is that a TC is a mod that converts [MODifies] totally the game in question.

Having said this, I concede that languge changes, so that it may be more correct to say that this IS a mod, and that IS NOT a mod at this juncture in gaming/modding.

I conclude that both fRactions may be correct in thier thinking. This school says a particular work IS a mod, and this [other] school says that same thing IS NOT a mod, but rather a "mappack" or "tattoopack", while not being a mod by itself.

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spnkr Mar 2 2009, 2:51pm says:

About community voting. Perhaps for up and coming, it would be satisfying to the communityto vote on "most anticipated mod" or somesuch.

As little or no actuall gameplay experience precludes any rightfull judgement community may be able to render regarding an "up and coming" mod.

While at the same time still allowing community to reflect what they believe WILL BE an exceptional piece of work.

Also keeping the "up and coming" award, but reserving it for those qualified to level a credible verdict.

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Herr_Alien Mar 3 2009, 4:21am replied:

Here's a thought: for any upcomming mod/indie, one condition should be to have a playable level/demo/development build/thinggie. This way, both the editors and the players actually get something to rate.
I think that should make it credible. Your thoughts?

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KindredPhantom Mar 3 2009, 8:06am says:

I like the idea of panel voting. I think it would get less criticism if the moddb votes were done that way for all the categories. I agree with the idea of upcoming mods/indie being chosen by editors. I think that there should be one public vote for Mod of The Year.

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