New units to all factions. Added 8 black house colors for multiplayer. Uses Deezire's Exended Edition as a starting point. Credits: -Deezire for his mod -BFME+ mod team for Royal Guards -Full credit to anyone who owns anything here!

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Version 0.85

News 5 comments

Hello Everyone, version 0.85 has been released.

It is three years since I started working on my mod and I would like to thank all those who supported me.

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Version 0.85

Version 0.85:

Main changes:

- Added new maps from BFME 1 patch 1.06.
- Spells in Elven, Harad and Gundabad's Spellbooks can no longer be purchased out of order.
- Dol-Guldur renamed to Gundabad.
- Tried to fix all gamecrashes exept in the campagin (please let me know if you find some while playing).
- A lot of balancing.
- Many ingame text changes.


- Rohirrim Warriors and Archers now have new models.
- Heal replaced with Ride Light and Swift special power (makes Rohirrim move faster).
- Horse Lords replaced with Muster of Rohan special power (reduces the cost and built time of cavalry).
- Hama's Summon Door Wardens ability now summons 1 Door Warden battalion instead of 2.


- Elven Gifts replaced with The Grey Company special power (summons 3 battalions of Dunedain).
- Last Alliance Soldiers summoned by Isildur now have 180 health (was 110).
- Last Alliance Archers summoned by Isildur now have 150 health (was 80).


- Removed the fat Moran Orc.
- Black Uruks are now trainable in rank 2 Dark Tower.
- Mordor Moran Orcs now cost 150 (was 250).
- Mordor Moran Orcs can now be upgraded with Banner Carriers upgrade.
- Mordor Moran Orcs now have 25 attack (was 10).
- Gothmog now deals hero damage.
- Sauron now deals 50% more damage to structures.
- Witch King now has 250 attack (was 150) when using his sword and 300 attack (was 250) when using his mace.
- Mordor Spearmen no longer have a pink model.


- Elven camps and castles now have floors.
- Changed places of some of the spells in the Spellbook.
- Elrond now has 60 melee (was 50) and 50 ranged damage (was 60).
- Replaced Elronds Arrow Storm with Elrond's Council ability (targeted units gain experience).
- Fixed Gil-Galad's Last Alliance ability not summoning units.


- Bazaar build cost is now 435 (was 450).
- Bazaar build time is now 35 seconds (was 40).
- Variags of Khand now cost 15 command points (was 20).


- Drums in the Deep replaced with the Tunnels special power (creates a tunnel trought which arrive hordes of orcs, lasts for 35 seconds).
- Azog has a new model.
- Azog now costs 3000 (was 2500).
- Azog and Bolg have new sound sets (voices are from the Hobbit movies).
- Bolg's Summon Bodyguards ability now summons 1 Dol-Guldur orc horde instead of 2.
- Ghurzog replaced with the Great Goblin (with voices from the Hobbit movies).
- Added Orcs of Goblin-Town (free and weak, available after the Great Goblin is enlisted).
- Dol-Guldur Orcs now cost 750 (was 800).
- Dol-Guldur Orcs and Warg Riders can no longer be upgraded with Heavy Armor upgrade.
- Dol-Guldur Warg Riders have a new model.
- Removed the Heavy Armor upgrade from the Siege Works.

And a lot more...

Known Bugs:

- The campagins arent working (they crash when entering the first missions).
- On some castle maps Harad's citadel might not appear (will be fixed as soon as posible).
- Rohan and Gondor's Hero Statues and Wells give a discount when they finish auto repair even if you have only 1 of them.
- Elven Barracks doesnt have a ground texture.
- Lindon Horse Archers have arrows with light blue glow instead of a red glow when upgraded with Fire Arrows Upgrade.
- If you find bugs while playing, please report them on the ModDB mod page.


- Nerthea.
- Radspakr.
- GothmogTheOrc.
- Haldir.
- Fudge.
- MattTheLegoman.
- MorguLord.
- RiderofRohan.
- Dickenson.
- Deezire.
- ddc_3188.
- BFME+ mod team.
- LGDA5 mod team.
- QFME mod team.
- WKK3 mod team.
- The Third Age Net (and all the authors of the models and textures used in this mod).

- And all others i couldnt remember.

*Names are listed in no particular order.

I dedicate this version to my family.

Version 0.825

Version 0.825

News 1 comment

Hello everyone. Version 0.825 has been released.

Middle-Earth Extended Edition

Middle-Earth Extended Edition

News 0 comments

Hello everyone. After 7 months of work Version 0.80 has been released. I added the Dol-Guldur faction. Dol-Guldur is a faction with weak starting units...

Version 0.75

Version 0.75

News 0 comments

Happy New Year and Merry Christmass. After a year of work Version 0.75 has been released. I want to apologise to all of you because of the long time you...

New Faction

New Faction

News 26 comments

I will be adding another faction in beta 0.75, so i am opening a vote. Factions that can be added are : - Harad, easiest to make, will have men of Harad...

Version 0.85

Version 0.85

Full Version 18 comments

Hello everyone, version 0.85 has been released. I Would like to thank all those who supported me during the last three years.

Middle-Earth Extended Edition 0.825

Middle-Earth Extended Edition 0.825

Full Version 52 comments

Hello everyone. Version 0.825 has been released.

Middle-Earth Extended Edition 0.75

Middle-Earth Extended Edition 0.75

Full Version 46 comments

Happy New Year and Merry Christmass. After a year of work, version 0.75 has been released. I want to apologise to all of you because of the long time...

Version 0.5 New

Version 0.5 New

Full Version 59 comments

Happy New Year and Merry Christmass !!!. As the pics above show, i've been busy last 3 months, In thiss update you'll see new heroes, new units, maps...

0.4 BugFix

0.4 BugFix

Full Version 0 comments

Fixed many bugs. Gondor: -Citadel Guards now dont split when in Ambush Formation. -Citadel Guards can now Combine with Tower Guards. -Imrahil can now...

Vesrion 0.4

Vesrion 0.4

Full Version 4 comments

New heroes, units, special powers, reskins and a new faction Elves!!! To Install Replace with the exendededition.big in "My Battle for Middle earth Files...

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No dwarves???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi Just wondering if Saruman will get any new powers in the next version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Rohirim91 Creator

I was thinks about adding a spell in the spellbook called "Saruman of many colors". It would make Saruman's abilities stronger, similar to what "Gandalf the white" does to Gandalf.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Any idea when a new update will be released? I am really enjoying this mod and i would like to see this game (if possible) to have a working campaign and dwarf factions. I know its a lot to ask and your probably working on patches or a new version but if you could get a dwarf faction in, that would be great. Furthermore
if you do decide to do the dwarfs, don't make it a priority, finish with any possible patches.

p.s. i know i have asked when a new patch or something will be released, but as i have a felling it might be a long time because you have to get the campaign working, i would just like to have some sort of idea.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Rohirim91 Creator

Well, I was planing to postpone the Dwarven faction, mainly because I need artist to create models for me. I realised that there is a lot of other things to do before adding another faction. Harad for example needs a lot more work to be brought to the level of other factions.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i agree,and i know what you mean because the AI for Harad does not work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Rohirim91 Creator

Harad needs new unique spells and their heroes' abilities need some rework. Also the units could use some new models.
I imagined Harad as hit-and-run faction with lightly armored early game units.
Later on they would assemble their powerful allies like the men of Rhun and Variags of Khand, turning their army into a mix of lightly armored infantry and heavy elites, supported with warbeasts, exelent cavalry and deadly accurate archers, similar to the Persian army in the "300" movies.
Also, none of the new factions has an AI.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

whoa...after a looooong time....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

any idea when the new update will release? not trying to rush just asking :) also
the mod is very fun and my only complaint is the attack animation for the haradrim but i fell that will be updated in later patches as i said earlier keep up the good work :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Will you add AI to new armies?And there is no starting units for elves,gundabad and harad.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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I really liked this mod. However, it was really annoying to have to split the battalions apart in order to upgrade them. I liked the specialized moves, giving more control, so maybe he producer should consider doing a menu switch, so you can have access to both...

Oct 22 2012 by johnbeckjr

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