A MMO RP mod for Gmod 10 where you fight and raise your skills. Combat by killing, Woodcutting by cutting woods, Survival, Mining, Smithing and much more. This mod is a continuation of Half-Life 1 mod, Midage. Raise the skills of your character to earn greater power in world of Midage! Better equipment and money! Explore the world of Midage and find where secrets are hidden. This mod features a large variety of monsters, quests and skills; along with a huge world that you will be able to explore!

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Midage : Gmod Logo Contest (Mods : Midage : Gmod : Forum : Stuff : Midage : Gmod Logo Contest) Locked
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Jul 2 2009, 5:59am Anchor

Okay, we're going to do a contest. Draw a logo for Midage : Gmod, and win a spot for alpha/beta testing the game with us :D
It requires only a few things:
- 2 Words "Midage" "Gmod"
- the G must use Garry's Mod 10 logo.

Hope to see your entries here soon :D

Jul 2 2009, 8:31am Anchor

I'm on it..

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Just something little I whipped up in about 15 minutes in cs4.

Jul 2 2009, 11:25am Anchor

User Posted Image

Let me know if you need any other artwork. :D

Jul 2 2009, 4:43pm Anchor

Midage resized

Is there a limit to how many entries we can submit?

Jul 2 2009, 4:48pm Anchor

It says entries so I think you can. :D

Edited by: Alfierulz

Jul 5 2009, 4:31am Anchor

Contest will last until next friday, if you guys have more submissions post them.

Jul 7 2009, 11:08pm Anchor

My entry.

User Posted Image

Edited by: braxus7

Jul 8 2009, 7:14pm Anchor

User Posted Image

This one's mine. I couldn't decide where to put the 'garry's mod' logo, so if you don't like it then just ask me to move it and I will.

Edited by: Fumples

Jul 8 2009, 7:31pm Anchor

Here's my logo:

Hope you like :)

Jul 9 2009, 10:54pm Anchor

User Posted Image

Here's another one of mine. I didn't see a rule on how many you could submit, so here :)

User Posted Image

That's also another one. It's pretty artsy, so I'd assume you wouldn't want to use that one, but it would match the whole 'garry's mod modification' style that I used on the other one, and you could always use both :)

Jul 10 2009, 12:36pm Anchor

I have one more, and it's almost done will submit soon :)

Here's my last submission, tell me if you like the border or not so I can change it :)

Jul 10 2009, 5:05pm Anchor

New contest entries are closed. We'll announce the winner tomorrow :D

Jul 10 2009, 6:00pm Anchor

Oh damn, just as I finished mine too. :(

Oh well, here it is anyway. I couldn't get the Gmod logo to look nice with it, so I omitted it for now.

Edit: I've updated the image. Mainly I vectorized the tree so it's nice and smooth now. I also changed the anti-aliasing on the smaller text so it looks a little better.

Edited by: ElijahT

Jul 10 2009, 9:08pm Anchor

CheifTiger wrote:I have one more, and it's almost done will submit soon :)

Here's my last submission, tell me if you like the border or not so I can change it :)

Although the contest is over, I think this would have looked better if you had used the Smudge tool on the reflections.

Jul 10 2009, 9:51pm Anchor

Oh yeah, woops. Oh well xD. It was my first time I had done reflection so.... :P

Jul 11 2009, 2:30pm Anchor

The Contest voting is over (Don't forget to read bottom!)

1st Place: ElijahT, with:

but since he joined the team as coder the prize will go to 2nd best

Fumples, with:

As 3rd and 4th:
ChiefTiger, with

and Fumples, with:

Don't be sad if you didn't won! We got some prizes for participating :D
Every vote was confidential between "Midage : Gmod" team members and this is final but like I said in the line above we got some prizes for you in-game when Midage : Gmod comes out.

Just for participating in this contest you will receive a unique item in-game that will allow you to draw and trade paintings that will be possible to place in houses in late versions :)
I'll pm you all in a few days with a key that you should be entering in-game to reclaim the prize.

The rest of the entries will not be forgotten and will be published as banners / desktop images (this one would require some HD Version of the images) and if there's opportunity placed in-game in a museum :)

Jul 11 2009, 3:54pm Anchor


Jul 11 2009, 5:12pm Anchor

Thanks! I never thought I'd win. I just stumbled across your mod and happened to love it. JPiolho, if you can, give me the key via Steam, I will probably be on Steam more than I'm on Moddb. Steamid is goldenoreos52. Also, you said that I was the prize winner, but never specified what I'd be receiving. Thanks

Jul 11 2009, 6:53pm Anchor

"Draw a logo for Midage : Gmod, and win a spot for alpha/beta testing the game with us"

Jul 30 2009, 2:23pm Anchor

i think im too late but,


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