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Our goal as a team is to realize the world of J.R.R. Tolkien as closely as possible to his vision. We hold the lore to a very high standard and
will try not compromise to it. We use the films for inspiration, but base our visual design mainly on the descriptions in the books and the works of
Ted Nasmith and John Howe. We work very hard to bring a quality greater than that in vanilla Skyrim. We want our work to be looked at on the
same level as that of a professional game.
An Open-world Middle-earth RPG like no other!

Currently, we have a complete heightmap of Middle-earth (over 9 times the size of Skyrim!). The first stage in developing MERP is
landscaping, and creating settlements on our heightmap. The next stage is designing interiors, then creating NPCs, quests, and so forth.

Full Ringbearer storyline:

Play the role of the Ringbearer, Frodo Baggins. Its up to you to decide the fate of the One Ring. Will you journey to destroy it: from the
quiet Hobbit town of Hobbiton, to the fires of Mt. Doom, or keep it for your own selfish desires? Will you follow the famous path taken by the
Fellowship, or do you destine to take your own path? The choice is yours to make. One fell step could mean the end to Middle Earth itself!


A map over 9 times the size of Skyrim. From Forochel to Harondor and from Forlindon to Rhovanion and every town and great city in-between.

Weapons and Armour:

Wield new weapons and armors designed specifically for Middle Earth.


Adventure awaits across all corners of Middle Earth! Join the White Council, become a soldier amongst one of the great armies of
the Free Peoples, or simply travel from town to town. Your own great journey lies ahead!


Join in many of the famous battles in the War of the Ring: from the Battle of the Hornburg all the way to the Battle of the Pellenor Field.


Meet and battle all the known, and unknown, creatures of Middle Earth: new farm animals, Ponies, Boars, Wargs, Trolls and even the mighty Balrog!

Joining the Team

We are looking for a lot of talented modders to help us. If you are interested, then drop us an application at !

MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project


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100 comments by Epoch_MEB on Jul 11th, 2013

Hello MERP Fans:

Over the past year and a half, we have been through a lot. The port, bugs in Skyrim, and then the C&D (with over a year of campaigns, negotiations, and attrition). We have asked you to trust us with the small amount of information we have given you to work with. But now, the situation has changed and we feel it is time for more transparency concerning the state of things. So we will start with a review of the past year.

After we received the C&D in June of 2012, we had extensive discussions concerning our next course of action. We contacted WB and negotiated as far as we could. We started a petition and contacted people we thought might be able to help. We did, in fact, discuss subjects such as going underground or simply changing project names. But as we delved into the specifics, we didn't want to risk putting ourselves, each other, or our loved ones at risk of a huge ordeal. And the degree of transformation it would have taken to avoid infringement was far greater than most of us were willing to do. And of course we called on you for help. Many of you answered. And through all this, by some kind of miracle, the team held together for months. However, the petition and negotiations only got us as far as a list of unreasonable terms that would have stripped MERP of its high standard of quality. After negotiations, things began to go downhill as we searched for alternatives. The letter campaign came into being as the team began to slowly erode. Then, one more thing happened to accelerate the change taking place.

After almost a year of searching for a way to bring back MERP, the people over at Dark Creations discovered a new Skyrim large world bug, one embedded in the hard coded areas of the game that no one yet has been able to fix. This bug causes activators (doors and chests), magic, ranged combat, and many other aspects to no longer function beyond a set area of a map (the central area between 64 and -64 cells along both the x and y axis). Basically, worlds much larger than Skyrim's are impossible. MERP's map is nearly ten times the size of Skyrim and the -64/64 area isn't even wide enough for Rohan to fit. This bug, combined with the team's dispersion, difficulties with model import, the weight of the C&D, and the lack of success with the various campaigns has brought us to this point. Even if the C&D were lifted, MERP cannot continue. There would be hardly a shell left of it. Many key members have left over the year and much else has changed. The heightmap, one of the gems of our mod, couldn't be used without being mangled almost beyond recognition (for bug and copyright reasons). And so, with heavy hearts, we announce that we have come to the end of MERP's journey.

Over the past year, you have fought with us and been patient . You have trusted us when we were silent and listened when we spoke. Many of you have done what you could to help us. And for that we would like to thank you. You're a wonderful group of fans and have been very supportive. Many of us have labored on this project for years and we have not come to this choice lightly. We said we wanted to make a representation of Middle Earth Tolkien would be proud of and we meant it. And as that is no longer possible (for a variety of reasons), we have decided this is the best choice for us to make.

However, as one fan pointed out, the end of MERP is not the end. The end can bring a new beginning and a new project can be born out of this. Many of us have worked on MERP for many years (I myself for five, others for longer). There are those of us who didn't want for our work to be entirely in vain. And there are many of us who have found a love for creation and development. To that end, many have moved onto new projects. Some have asked not to be named, but two have allowed me to make mention: Noirdesir, one of our best landscapers, and Ztree, one of our best and most enthusiastic modelers, have moved on to Hoddminir, an epic mod project for Skyrim by Elinen that you should definitely take notice of.

But there are others of us who have stayed together to work on something new. We have formed a new team, called Epoch Games, and have begun development on a new project based around an original IP of our conception. This new project is called "Lays of Althas: Sundered Order", a single-player, open-world, fantasy RPG set in an original universe. This new project, which is being developed using the CryENGINE 3, shares with MERP its ambition and dedication to depth of lore, story, game mechanics, and immersion in a vast world.

And so with this, MERP has reached the end of its long voyage. We hope that other modders/developers, at a time when it is possible, will take up the torch and pursue the vision we strived for, that someday an open world RPG for Middle Earth can be realized. Until then, all we can offer is the small comfort of certain assets which have been released by their creators, such as the Gondorian Armor by BGS and the LOTR weapons created by tomato. Think of them as memorials to our efforts and to the talent of our members, past and present.

Finally, having said all of this, I encourage you to follow other LOTR projects and Skyrim projects such as Hoddminir and join us at Epoch Games as we begin a new journey with "Lays of Althas: Sundered Order."

- Nuvendil, speaking representative for the MERP Team

Below is a list of all the various MERP Team Leaders, from beginning to end. Their ambition helped bring MERP through hard times and guided it to what it became.

The Founder, "The Grey Wizard"
"Large Jack"

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GhostOne7 Feb 22 2012, 3:10pm says:

Check and this Boromir in Skyrim:

+1 vote     reply to comment
GhostOne7 Feb 22 2012, 3:55pm replied:

check i made and Theoden:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Merong Feb 23 2012, 2:26am replied:

Why do all those characters have the same beard :P
They are looking nice, but character creation is still some way in the future.

+1 vote     reply to comment
LegolasTibo Feb 23 2012, 7:47am replied:

wrong post sorry :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
LegolasTibo Feb 23 2012, 7:45am replied: +1 vote     reply to comment
GhostOne7 Feb 22 2012, 12:42pm says:

nc mod guys i have managed to do Aragorns face for skyrim check it out

+1 vote     reply to comment
IAspYrI Feb 22 2012, 10:04am says:

Hope the changeover doesn't set you guys back too much, I'm sure it will be well worth it. Good luck to you all.

+2 votes     reply to comment
do_i_ob Feb 22 2012, 1:13am says:

I wish you guys the best of luck and hope to see what you can achieve with the new engine!

+2 votes     reply to comment
snowyness Feb 21 2012, 10:57pm says:

I have to ask, exactly how much bigger than skyrim will this middle earth map be? Also, how do you plan on improving the combat?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Feb 21 2012, 11:16pm replied:

Middle Earth is rougly ten times the size of Skyrim. We will enhance combat by first adding spears and mounted combat and later a Mount&Blade inspired combat system. This system will be optional, but the spears and mounted combat will be standard. Throwing weapons are also a posibility.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Also_known_as_Peter Feb 22 2012, 3:32pm replied:

Do release a preview of the mounted combat ASAP, then XD! We're all itching for that!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Humbugger2537 Feb 21 2012, 12:57pm says:

Umm... after looking at the screen shots posted so far I must admit that it's going to be absolutely, amazingly and astonishingly mind blowing when it all gets finished.

But, also looking at the some of the screen shots with the water in, I ask for a small request that you include the concept of uhh... fishing, into the whole project, if possible. Just like in Skyrim where you could woodcut, mine, hunt etc, fishing should definately be in there.

I see games as a form of art and it's not just about finishing the game in the fastest time possible, but having little things such as; the hunting, fishing etc that makes something like MERP come to life. Since MERP is going to be mind blowingly huge anyway, fans who play it should be able to LIVE in the world of MERP too. Just like as if Eru created another being and plonks him/her into the open world of Middle Earth.

Uhh... and also 1 question... Say, you're playing on the free roam mode, and the events of the War of the Ring started and finished there and then. Sauron dies, One ring gets destroyed, Mordor scatters, free people happy. What happens after that? Does the game just end or...

+4 votes     reply to comment
FrenziedMango Feb 29 2012, 4:05pm replied:

There is already fishing in skyrim though.. But if you mean fishing with like, a rod, then thats something else. But youre already able to grab some fish.

+1 vote     reply to comment
names_are_useless Feb 21 2012, 1:12pm replied:

The team has discussed the possibility of fishing in MERP, and we will try to script it. How in-depth we go with fishing is really up in the air.

Just because the One Ring is destroyed does not mean that the game cannot continue. As for post-Third Age events, you need only look to the books for answers! When Aragorn becomes king, he begins the reconstruction of the former kingom of Armor in Eriador, campaigns against the Easterlings and Haradrim (re-establishing rule over much territory Gondor had lost in previous centuries), as well as hunting down the few Mordor remnants that would still exist.

There is also the Scouring of the Shire that occurs shortly after Sauron's destruction (The Ents let Saruman free from Orthanc in the books, and he exacts revenge by enslaving The Shire Hobbits with the help of ruffians in the north). Also the Dwarves of Erebor begin a campaign to reclaim Moria. I can't remember what else occurs, but I'm sure there's other major events as well.

+4 votes     reply to comment
SilentShadow Feb 22 2012, 12:33pm replied:

If I remember correct, the Ents did not let Saruman go, he escaped. Also, didn't Aragorn tell the easterlings and haradrim they could live in peace if they would never attack Gondor again?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Feb 22 2012, 1:22pm replied:

No they let him go. He could never have escaped on his own. And Aragorn only pardoned those who surrendered at the Black Gate. The books talk about Aragorn and Eomer fighting in campaigns abroad. There are still corrupt regimes in place set up by Sauron to deal with.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Also_known_as_Peter Feb 22 2012, 3:33pm replied:

ÇPerhaps we could meet the Blue Wizards...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Feb 22 2012, 8:17pm replied:

They went east, which is (sadly) beyond the boundaries of our map. Perhaps we will figure out a way before 1.0 though, so it may be possible to see them even though the map won't include Rhun.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuvendil Feb 21 2012, 2:24pm replied:

Well, the reclamation of Moria happens some time later under the rain of Durin VII, long after the events of the War. So that will not be in. However, we could have a small expedition after the war, in which the player could have a part.

+3 votes     reply to comment
RandomZombi3 Feb 21 2012, 4:39pm replied:

Maybe you could stretch the time-line just a liiiitle bit? Because honestly, any extra content that involves Moria would be AWESOME. And for it to become an actual Dwarf mine/city again... Maybe under constant attack from goblins and trolls of the misty mountains. Would be sweet. (:

+3 votes     reply to comment
AstralRadish Feb 21 2012, 1:04pm replied:

We will try to implement fishing to work anywhere where there is water. it may be as a skill or just passive: we are still working on the plans for the new skills.
In free roam mode, the game should just continue and events which happen after saurons defeat should take place. we will probably stop it at one point though as although we can't stop the player living forever, we can stop the world around from advancing as there would just be too much. This would need more planning into it though as we still need to do everything else which is more important first.

+3 votes     reply to comment
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