MERP is a total conversion modification of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Explore Middle-earth in a fully open-ended environment like you've never seen before. Play races like Elves, Men, Hobbits and Dwarves and take part in the War of the Ring.

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Well, it's been a long road, two years long actually, but we did it! We actually got something out there we feel is worthy of both your time and ours! So now what? Where are we going to take the mod now? What are you going to see in upcoming betas? We're going to tell you!

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Now that we've finished both the North and East Farthings of the Shire we will move on to the South and West Farthings of the Shire. It will only be a matter of time before the compleation of the West and South Farthing with full interiors for every hobbit hole. Then we'll release yet again, another beta based in the Shire. This beta will be much different though. Instead of taking a hobbit hole from Chorrol to Middle-earth, you will actually start in Bag End if you choose to start a new game as a hobbit. The world of Tamriel and Middle-earth will be severed forever and there will be no traveling between them. The next beta will feature a nice little treasure hunt quest that I hope you all will enjoy. We also hope to have the Great East Road from the Grey Havens all the way to Troll Shaws finished and fully detailed. If we have time we may also add the Ruins of Fornost, Weathertop, and Hill Trolls (a new creature) to the next beta. Whatever happens though, the next beta is sure to raise the bar and bring a great amount of enjoyment to your computer.


Sometimes I wish The Grey Wizard would come back :P

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He was for a day or so in April :P

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