MERP is a total conversion modification of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Explore Middle-earth in a fully open-ended environment like you've never seen before. Play races like Elves, Men, Hobbits and Dwarves and take part in the War of the Ring.

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Jul 22 2010 Anchor

Hello MERP Team, 2 people have tried to download the ESM from file front and get a 404 error, I went to the mirror and Middleearth.esm does not exist anymore. I went to file fronts main page and searched for middleearth, middle earth and none were found. Tes Alliance has a 6mb file for Middleearth.esm (just alittle small:P) did you change where to get the 555mb esm? or are the DL sites in error. Can anyone here fix this problem, or address this problem on tesnexus
Thank you
I found the problem, File Front redid their website and lost some of the uploaded files, they are working on this

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Sep 18 2010 Anchor

Hey guys, I had an issue and was unsure where to post. I followed the tutorial for installation of the mod to the letter, plus I have alittle experience installing these mods as well. So I'm sure it was correctly installed. However, I'm having issues with some of the armor and weapon's in Minas Tirith. Some are invisible when equiped, and some are glitchy such as the animation with the Gondor Spear. If there is a solution or fix that I've missed or am overlooking, help would be greatly appreciated. BTW guys, you are doing an astounding job, this is by far "THE" greatest mod for Oblivion yet! Keep up the good work.

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