You are part of the CIA's U.S. Protection Agency. Your the guy who saves
the U.S. government from those hostile terroist groups. The CIA section
your assigned to, MERC "Major Endagerment Restraining Crew", is always ready
for a good fight.

Last week you shut down business at the local militia training camp, which
housed several anti-government leaders. But this week you just feel like
relaxing, and maybe making a trip to the beach.

This morning you wake up to the sound of a door shutting. You quickly get up
and load your gun, but whoever it was is already gone. "What's this?", you
ask yourself as you stare at your TV stand. "It looks like one of those CIA
message disks." Great they just had to ruin your vacation, didn't they.
"Well I guess I better see what this is all about.", you mumble as you get up
and slip the disk into your computer.




MERC:Fatal Reality replaces most of the old aliens from Duke with compleately
new human enemies. You may be asking youself "Why did they get rid of the
aliens?" Well the answer is simple, I just got sick of them! I thought it
was time that a Total Conversion changed the enemies instead of just weapons
and textures. So read on to find out a little more info about the new enemies
and weapons in MERC.


You will encounter four new enemies while playing MERC. The first is the
Robot Guy. He is not too strong and carries the shotgun. But he can be
dangerous if you get too close to him.

The second new enemy is the Army Guy. He is probably the most difficult.
He carries the rpg and is deadly at close and far range. Your best be with
this guy, is to stay as far back as you can get from him, and get out of the
way quickly if he decides to shoot an rpg at you. And if you meet him in a
tight space, well, good luck!

The third ne enemy is the Suit Guy. This is the only brand new enemy in MERC.
Meaning we didn't obtain his graphics from somewhere else. He carries the sub
machine gun, and is quite hard. Don't get too close to him if possible.

The fourth new enemy is a tank that carries the Army Guy. It is the same tank
from the Plutonium add-on, but this time the Army Guy is driving it.

There is also an new boss who you will fight at the end of episode two, but
I am going to keep him a secret. But I can tell you one thing. He is pretty
hard! But then again, did you expect him to be easy?


There are a total of four new weapons in MERC. They are as follows.

*The Sub Machine Gun: (weapon # 2 on keyboard) It packs a little more damage
than the original pistol, but still lacks a lot of firepower.

*The Minigun: (weapon # 4 on keyboard) The minigun is a good all around weapon.
It dosn't take off extreme amounts of damage, but it hold more ammo than the
original ripper weapon.

*The Electricity Gun: (weapon # 7 on keyboard) This is really cool weapon. It
shoots bursts of electricity at an enemy, and is quite powerful.

*The Radiation Gun: (press 7 twice on keyboard) This weapon disenegrades enemies
with a blast of pure radiation.

*The Flame Thrower: (weapon # 0 on keyboard) Just what you might think it is.
The flame thrower shoots balls of fire toward an enemy, setting him on fire
when he dies.

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Merc: Fatal Reality
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Merc: Fatal Reality 1.4

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You are part of the CIA's U.S. Protection Agency. Your the guy who saves the U.S. government from those hostile terroist groups. The CIA section your...

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