Mental Omega: Almost Perfect Yuri's Revenge is a free unofficial expansion pack for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge (from Westwood Studios). The mod retells and continues the storyline of the original game. Enhanced with Ares DLL, Mental Omega 3.0 strives to bring new features to Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge.

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Easily one of the best, most professional "YR+" mods around. MO is genuinely produced as a "YR expansion", continuing the game's theme and storyline with a whole brand new campaign for all three factions.

While bringing in a few new ideas and a lot of new units for the games houses (without being overcrowded), MO doesn't depart too much from the original games atmosphere - a great mod for anyone who wants 'a little bit more YR'.

Best mod for Red Alert 2! a mod that make it worth to install this old game again and play it! im really enjoying RA2 now! not just because its my childhood game but also a new lovely gameplay!

Very good mod. If you love campaigns and missions with special limitations, this is for you. Professionally done, but not finished yet. Also, no saving (due to ares), but individual missions are available in campaign format. Get the soundtrack as well as it is awesome and adds allot to the game. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this mod. Pretty much the best RA2 & YR mod out there imho. Once it is done and finished, it will get a 10 from me. The missions are really fun as yeah, if you love RA2, get this, its as close to the professionally made campaign you are gonna get.

Everything is SUPER except the save/load function, which is missing.

Except for the super damn hard missions I like everything else from the unit/structure design to the factions balance and the most important thing is the story which is more serious and more interesting than the RA2 one.

Absolutely love the mod, the campaign is challenging, and the skirmish is entertaining.
Only problem I have is the lack of being able to save games, though I understand this is caused by the ARES plugin.

Look, there is a reason this is called the (almost perfect, almost official) expansion pack. Its all so well done. A well crafted storyline, well-designed and expanded factions with subfactions and a campaign for Yuri (Now Epsilon) and three well designed subfactions for the Allies (America, Euro-Alliance and Pacific Front) and the Soviets (Latin Confederation, Russia and the People's Republic of China).

On top of all this, they're gonna have a second Act covering the Psychic Dominator War (rewritten of course) and an entirely new faction, the Foehn Revolt, who (as of the 8/12/15) are of mysterious origin.

Either way, a great mod with so much potential, and worthy of the title of an official expansion pack.

Really great mod for Red Alert 2 . It add lot of new things (Maps,Faction,Units some old units have now new skin ) . And you can help creation of this mod .
9/10 .

Speeder is a ****, Why?

3.0's campaign and skirmish AI is too hard, even for the intermediate players. Should have been called "Super Mental Omega APYR: The Lost levels" lol. The rest is awesome. 'Nuff said

Overall 3.0 is way better(but way harder!!) than 2.0.

Excellent story, outstanding models, and an amazing layout. Only complaint is difficulty of campaign and AI, as well as a few AI imbalances in multiplayer.

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