Mental Omega: Almost Perfect Yuri's Revenge is a free unofficial expansion pack for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge (from Westwood Studios). The mod retells and continues the storyline of the original game. Enhanced with Ares DLL, Mental Omega 3.0 strives to bring new features to Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge.

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Most 1-point reviews are baseless troll reviews. Perhaps their MCV got stolen.

So is this one.

best mod ever

Unplayable on Windows 8.


Undertaker904 says

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It's really cool mod. This mod worth it to buy the game. A lot of people are always in the game. Everything in life. Trails, truckers, cargoes rules.

unbalanced. unnecessary changes just for the sake of beeing changed. no description for anything for the abilitys so more than half of abilitys are useless. even if you don´t put the enemys in a team they will team up on you wtf. ALL battle can one by 1 sort of unit so where is the strategy to use different units. suddenly every **** can swim

1 out of 10 because this mod is a big f-you to everyone who has a cracked game exe.

Mod authors even go on the length to make their content DRMed.
I am not saying they shouldnt or they cant, but that they do is a huge let down to people who dont have a legit version or a cracked version.

Of course, nobody cares if you can even pay for the legit version or if you are a child and do have any money.

Get a job, prostitute yourself! You gotta give money to these poor guys!

Our world is run by these moral supremacists. Just look at what Valve tried to do with paid modding.

Its exactly this type of **** that teaches one, dont share, give people the middle finger and tell them to eff off.

1 out of 10 because you really could of done better with the patches.
A stupid Npatch installer is required. Simple extraction of files would suffice to install the patch in my opinion. Just copy the new files and overwrite. Not a stupid installer that can't tell if I have the latest Yuri 1.001, WHICH I HAVE!

1 out of 10 also because of the stupid "Police Van".

Soviets mostly has an advantage. Even thou with combine allied and epsilon faction. 2nd, Soviet cheats using saboteurs to infiltrate. And even damages every unit once it has been killed. Terror drones detect infiltration units. What about allies and epsilon? How come they don't have mechanical units that can detect infiltration units? 4th, The Yuri's revenge aspect is completely removed. Where mostly the campaign is limited to unit command.

The AI is too powerful and attacks too fast, of course this wouldn't be a problem, if I wasn't playing on easy! Seriously, why does every single RTS mod out there need to do this? Why make the hardest difficulty setting the lowest? Doesn't that negate the fact that it's the lowest? Sure you can argue that Mental Omega is a mod for the more advanced gamers, but why even have an easy setting then if it's not going to be easy. I'm sorry I know I'm going on about this, but I've had enough of this 'troupe' or 'cliché'.
Just think about it for a second, it's a mod with new added content. I don't know what every unit or building does just from looking at the picture in the build bar. I wanna find the right mix of units before I launch my full out assault but I can't, because you need a base to do that. And I don't care if nobody else has a problem with the AI, I don't like not having the option of an Easy AI.
Oh sure, you can turn of opponents all together to have look at the units, but that just raises another question....Why the f**** can you play alone? Is it because the easy AI is already Brutal? Is it fun to play all by yourself? No of course not, you need an opponent, you need an easy opponent to hone your skills, to get better. To be thrown in the game against a superior opponent might be fun for some, but I'm not there.
But this isn't the only thing that bothers me. How about the lack of service depots. As far as I've played (which was a fun-lacking 2 days) I haven't come across anything that could repair your units, except for some weird skill in the defence tab.
And then we get to this, vanilla RA2 YR had what, perhaps 3-4 charge up skills (paratroopers, super weapons,...) apparently this wasn't enough for the creators of this mod, oh no. How about 6-8? How about we just make that defence tab a real mess to look at.
I can say a lot more bad things, but not enough room so yeah a 1 I'm not kidding. Do yourself a favor and dream about better things while you play RA

took away all the aspects that made CnC the game that everyone loved, there is very VERY little base building and all the defense missions are crap, even some of the missions are just crap scripting, not enough reinforcements or units for what you face in the little contained areas. although they deserve a pat on the back for keeping the game alive...somewhat.

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