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It's been a while since we've last updated and we felt it would be insulting to our watchers to just leave it as it is without saying a word. Over the last few months progress had slowed to a crawl and with it, motivation, to the point where it bordered on becoming a chore as opposed to an enjoyable experience. As such, we are officially declaring this mod on indefinite hiatus and apologize to fans of the Warhammer 40k universe as well as Men of War players who took interest in this attempt to convert an excellent strategy title into the brutal universe of WH40K.

Mod status and clarification

Mod status and clarification

2 years ago News 0 comments

An in-depth explanation on the current status of the mod.

MOTE official forums

MOTE official forums

3 years ago News 0 comments

We officially announce the creation of the mod forums to improve communication between the team and the public.

Space Marine Chapter

Space Marine Chapter

3 years ago News 71 comments

We need YOU to vote for a Space Marine Chapter to use for the mod!



4 years ago News 24 comments

Games Workshop copyright laws and terms of use And Info about the mod

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DCG v4.0 for Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon

DCG v4.0 for Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon

10 months ago Demo 8 comments

Dynamic Campaign Generator for the Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon WiP build.

Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon WiP build

Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon WiP build

10 months ago Demo 38 comments

Latest version of what we had gotten in-game so far.

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spart453 Jan 15 2015 says:

Would it be possible for when you have the enemies complete few maps maybe, you could release that so people can play it within the editor and give feedback on any player bugs and what can be improved and what we all love about it :)

Cheers keep up the great work I'm willing to wait for years for this mod.

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☢SRB-DrunkSoviet☢ Jan 18 2015 replied:

As said before, the MoD is basically at a complete standstill. The only reason this content was released was basically so we didn't leave you empty handed and so that the content could be given for public use in case anybody wanted to contribute to this mod as help is something that's a huge requirement.

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KimJongLulz Jan 14 2015 says:

Will there be any plans on moving this to Assault Squad 2 once you get a steady build?

Perhaps release one version for original Men of war and then work on expanding into Assault Squad 2 as well?

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Chompster Creator
Chompster Jan 15 2015 replied:

If we can get a stable team setup it'll definitely be something to consider. The way AS works(with smaller skirmishes) it might work better to release small "missions" while working on a larger, narrative campaign for vMoW.

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Jason1_ Jan 12 2015 says:

Many thanks and kudos for actually releasing what you have done instead of just going dark! You guys deserve a big round of applause for that!

The stuff you've done so far is incomplete as you say, but it's still pretty cool!

If I can figure it out (no promises), would you mind if I uploaded a DCG version based on your stuff sometime?

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Chompster Creator
Chompster Jan 13 2015 replied:

Thanks :) and go right ahead that's not a problem.

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Jason1_ Jan 14 2015 replied:

Cool. It didn't take very long actually. I tried to follow your FAQ and made two sides, Cadia and Chaos, and one planet, Cadia. The Cadians have plenty of troops for a few squad types, but Chaos has just one squad since it doesn't have many types and they still look like Germans :P

I gave both sides the same vehicle sets and used your maps. In dusk environments they look very moody and nice.

I played a couple of battles: both times I purchased a Leman Russ - the first time, I had some allied Chimeras running around and the enemy had some too along with some support weapons (lascannons or something) - then a platoon of enemy Leman Russ tanks showed up and disabled me. The second time, my allies and the enemy were all infantry; once I realized that, I just drove around and let the side turrets blast them, since the enemy had eliminated most of my infantry already.

There are two big immediate problems for me: one, you don't have minimaps for your maps (unfortunately, I'm not the DCG person who makes those, so I don't know how). Second, the functionality of the tanks is missing alot - they drive and shoot great for the most part, but the damage model and vision aren't really working (as you probably know), and I don't know how to fix that myself.

Anyway, what's there is fun enough, so I'll release it along with our regular DCG release sometime in the next few months...

(if you'd like to see or approve it before I release it, pm me)

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Chompster Creator
Chompster Jan 14 2015 replied:

While lacking(from our side of course) that still sounds like quite a bit of fun. I'll be sure to give it a try!

And no need, release when you feel like it :)

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ToXiCTeRaN Jan 12 2015 says:

I would help, but as before my Models are not exactly great. And more focusing towards C4D then 3Ds Max, if that is the modelling software your team uses for MoW.

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Chompster Creator
Chompster Jan 11 2015 says:

To clarify,

If enough dedicated people offer to help(which really wouldn't be that many) I'd be more than happy to pick this back up. But as it stands there is simply too much work to be done for 2 people.

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Clockworks Jan 12 2015 replied:

I wish i knew how to mod.. it'd be so awesome to work on ideas such as this! But for those who do know, please help out, for the Emperor! for the Horde! for the Chaos Gods! And for the Greater Good!

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Chompster Creator
Chompster Jan 12 2015 replied:

I won't have internet for a week, so sorry if i don't reply to any comments or PMs.

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