...in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.. Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon hopes to bring the brutal, grim, dark and wonderful universe of Warhammer 40,000 we all love to the Men of War real-time strategy game franchise. With a small but dedicated team, we hope to bring as much of WH40K into the game as we can.

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WiP Long-las (sniper rifle) (view original)

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Sniper rifles are long-ranged and highly accurate rifles, mainly used for assassination. Small groups of snipers, and even lone snipers, can hold back the advance of an enemy force many times their number, pinning them in cover.

Many forms of sniper rifles are longer ranged and high-accuracy variations of existing firearm types. The least advanced sniper rifles use solid bullets, but some lasguns are lengthened to allow them to be used in a sniper role. There are several differences between the solid slug rifles and the long-las, that being while the long-las is an instant hit weapon and therefore has pinpoint accuracy, it will reveal the sniper's position when fired, which a solid slug rifle would not do if equipped with a suppressor as they usually are. Most weapons have specialist sights added on to enable them to pick out specific targets such as officers. The long-las variant of the standard lasgun is a very potent weapon. Using highly charged power packs called "Hot Shots" they can take the head off an enemy with one well-placed shot. A well known user of the long las is Master Sniper Hlaine "Mad" Larkin of the Tanith First and Only.

model by Chompster