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Leman Russ sponson & hull weapons (Mods : Men Of The Emperor:Burning Horizon : Forum : Suggestions : Leman Russ sponson & hull weapons) Locked
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May 23 2012 Anchor

fazere3 I am gonna lay it out for you. The chaos factions that are gonna be added are.1)Renegade guardsman.2)Chaos space marines.
3)Maybe chaos daemon but you have to ask the mod team about that.
And just so you know they never said anything about immunity to chaos or a lot of stuff you are talking about. Sorry ☢SRB-CausesOrange☢ that i replied instead of luthorian. I hope it helped fazere3.

May 23 2012 Anchor

Ye I never talked about immunity nd lols :) Nvm I was just saying because this mod is being built from table top rules?

May 23 2012 Anchor

No we take what we know from tabletop and then using the lexicanum and codices transfer it to something that can fit gameplay.

May 23 2012 Anchor

Also the Lexicanium is an encyclopedia. It's just wikipedia for 40K.I mean you're saying we don't know lore but you wanted us to put Yarrick in the mod.

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May 23 2012 Anchor

Oh and you did talk about immunity

fazere3 wrote:
Now chaos space marines, astartes dont die from old age or disease. But they are not imune to chaos. Taking this back a bit long story cut short, in most cases when a space marine becomes infected the armour he is carrying would be new, old, or ancient. No matter what when a chaos space marine goes into battle with a space marine the armour hes carrying is modiyfied or left alone, this results in it being the old dewine armour when it was captured. So in some cases it is weak and other it is strong. This goes with the weapons... not all chaos space marines carry HB, some carry nothing but fists as the 'deamon' inside is so great HB are not needed. All im saying is, chaos space marines are not the same. :/

☢SRB-CausesOrange☢ never said they where immune.

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Luthorian Angry Guard
May 23 2012 Anchor

@fazere3: We are making this mod as close to the tabletop game and the codex's as possible while maintaining balance between factions. We are taking hints from the tabletop to help translate it's rules and units to MoW smoothly. So a single Space Marine squad will be a thing to behold, yet not be completely overpowered as in Matt Ward's demented head (if only we could declare his writing non-canon...).

Also, while Lexicanum and Warhammer 40K Wiki are helpful, I don't trust it's information unless properly sourced to a canon book/codex and even then I prefer to read the source's info to confirm.

May 23 2012 Anchor

@admiral your missing the point... it was a intro the fact that once they are chaos they keep that armour they had, so it could be ancient armour... :L loool

So is that why the ministorum and mechanicus is missed out? :)

Chompster Grey Modeler
May 23 2012 Anchor

those are being left out for now since they play such a small, almost non existing role in the story we are going with(which is still being worked on) so there is no point for them even being there.
Techpriest Enginseers and servitors might be in to serve as the ones who can repair vehicles, but other than that you won't see anyone else from those groups.

now to get back on track(once again..)

Vegas wrote: Let us just brainstorm the next setup. The Leman Russ Eradicator, if I am right?The concept of the Eradicator is close to the Demolisher, I think. Cat suggested this:
Leman Russ Eradicator
Main: Nova Cannon
Hull-mounted: Heavy Bolter
Sponson: Heavy Flamer

it does resemble the Demolisher a lot only it blows up cover instead of bunkers and it has a slightly longer range than the Demolisher. this would make you think that Heavy flamers wouldnt be any good but it is still a tank that you use in urban areas(which there will be) so having a tank that could clear out heavily defended areas would make good use of these flamers, which like the main gun also ignore cover. and the HB in the front for extra protection.

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May 23 2012 Anchor

I bring my support for 2 reason.1)you need to blow up the trenches and directly afterward cleanse them in holy promethium.
2)we only have 3 tanks with Heavy flamer config if this one goes through.

Luthorian Angry Guard
May 23 2012 Anchor

Rules-wise, the Eradicator's weakpoint are space marine equivalents, so anything that enjoys hording is pretty much free kills for it, short range though so urban warfare and line-breaking are where it's home.

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