You've watched the documentaries. You've seen the films. You've read the books. Now play a mod that delivers that realism you've always desired.

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Pretty good, wish there was more in the lite version, but I guess I'll have to wate on GOH to release to see that.

MY VIRNITY IS GONE NOW . DAMNIT STURM :( Why u do this TK ;-; FORGET IT , TK RELEASE IS MORE IMPORTANT <3 #NewGoHCustomer #NamedMySonSturm #PrayForSturm #PrayForDowloadSpeed #PrayForGoH #GabenRateThis 11/10 #PrayForBob #PrayForDouchelat

its a good start, looking forward too seeing the vehicles being released. thank you for finally releasing this mod!

Amazing mod.

I tried it, I loved it. I apologize for before, I withdraw what I said, good luck with GoH. I was mostly upset due to no response at all coming on any level previously. Cheers everyone.


Very good and promising modification. But the release date scam is not good at all.

Awesome cant wait :D


zobert says

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Good mods

This mod has been the best mod i've ever seen, it adds a great variety of units that like me and other people would like to play with....

Just looking at the pictures put up just says how great the mod is going to be and it will be.....


This is the best unreleased mod for vMoW :D

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