You've watched the documentaries. You've seen the films. You've read the books. Now play a mod that delivers that realism you've always desired.

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Awsome and well made mod! Abit lacking in content and in my opinion the wrong game!
Should be ported over to a updated game such as AS 2. Otherwise a very well made mod
with a very imersive atmospher. The real WW2 RTS experience!

I would have liked to see the look on peoples faces when it came out! It must have been hilarious. Thanks Sturm, for gettin' it out there!

thise is a great mod for any one how like ww2. it is a little tricky to download but it is still vary fun I wish the best of luck to the mod team.

Awesome mod. Great work Strum. Cant wait to see more from you at a later day. Good luck with the steam workshop release.

My life is gone because of how fun the editor and this mod is.

Tahnk you Sturm!!!! (It was well worth the wait, even with the "lies" and set backs, just need to wait for the US now!!)

i thought someone was gonna hear me and give me a mowas version. but no! they want me to buy BOE, the waste of money game

This total conversion mod delivers stunning graphics, sounds, effects, skins, atomosphere etc. It's taken normal Men of War and turned it into a realistic WW2 simulator. You can tell how much time has been spent on it, the attention to detail is insane. Sturm you legend fammm

Well worth the wait. Great work Sturm! Hands down the best mod for the Men of War franchise.

Great, seriously. Good realism.

Only downside, should be able to set year and having yourself setting up your squads of infantry. Some more variability.

Great work Sturm, continue.

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