We're using PORTED models/textures from Mass Effect and Republic Commando, so all rights for those said models and textures go to BioWare and LucasArts; we're not claiming copyright on those models, all we're saying is that, if you wish to use some of ours in your mod we'd like you to ask us first. Again, not because we're claiming the original models, but because bringing props/skins/else into MOW takes a lot of time. We're doing this for free and this mod will never be "for sale" also once the models are exported they CAN'T BE RE-EXPORTED that means that if somebody wants to re-take them to sell them or something like that he can't, because like I wrote the models can't be imported by 3d programs.

You can show your support to BioWare if you're new to Mass Effect by buying the full trilogy, I highly suggest doing so if you're a fan of TPs or RPGs, you'll get your money back in game hours guaranteed: buy the full trilogy here!

Continue to read this description to find links to authors of other assets from DeviantArt, Facepunch and Gmod.


We hope to bring as many factions and objects from the Mass Effect Universe into AS 2, and use this great RTS game to give another perspective to the conflicts that happened in the Milky Way; we are accomplishing this task using our exporting and coding knowledge; since we'd like to port as many things as possible, we will get content from all the three major games of the saga (ME 1,2 and 3, no content from Andromeda will be present). It'll be a difficoult task, but so far everything proceeded with not many problems.

Here are the major things contained in the mod so far, keep in mind these are all under construcion and aren't finished, they will be expanded as time passes:

General overview:

  • Over 300 new skins, all of unique as well as common characters; they range from humans to vorchas, more are added each update.
  • 100+ new props that you met in the Mass Effect universe.
  • 19 vehicles that are both original or new, but in a lore friendly way.
  • Sounds from the games or that give a good sci fi vibe to the mod.

Factions :

  • Systems Alliance: Alliance Marine Corps.
  • Batarian Hegemony: Batarian light infantry.
  • Cerberus: Cerberus' army (as of right now composed by Centurions, Troopers, and Nemesis snipers).
  • Civilians: Human, Batarian, Salarian, Asari and Quarian civilians.
  • Mercenaries: Blue Suns, Eclipse, Shadow Broker's army and generic mercenaries.
  • Reapers: Collectors and the Reapers' infantry army (as of right now composed by Cannibals, Marauders and Husks).
  • Turian Empire: Turian Infantry Corps, Turian Special Forces.
  • Geth: Geth variations present in ME 3 Singleplayer.
  • Salarians: Special Task Force operatives, light infantry and mercenaries (Blue Suns, Eclipse and Shadow Broker's army); some heroes and known characters (Commander Rentola, Jaroth, Lieutenant Tolan and Major Kirrahe).
  • Heroes: Liara/Tali/Legion/Shepard (male).
  • Vorchas: variations of mostly independent Vorchas, but also mercenaries (Blood Pack, Blue Suns and Eclipse).
  • Asari Republics: Asari heavy infantry.

Vehicles :

  • M35 Mako (3 different types)
  • M44 Hammerhead
  • Light Turret (2 variations)
  • M080

They won't be listed, but we also added many props and weapons for you to create your maps with!


Here are a few gameplay videos from Youtube, I will look for some more from time to time, and be sure to record your battles!

Gameplays by ykcir30:

Gameplays by King of Rome:


With this being such a big and challenging project, we use many sources to get sounds, models and textures from, we take note each time that we discover and use a certain source.

  • The community from DeviantArt that brings many models into XNA, if you are a Deviant artist or have experience with XPS, go ahead and pay them a visit here with special credit to: nach77, Just-Jasper, Mellin and Padme4000, them being our main sources for many re-done textures and some difficoult to extract models.
  • The Gametoast Battlefront 2 community for many asstes check them out over at Gametoast, if the link is broken it's because I can't access the main site (apparently it's blocked in Europe), but Google can find who I'm talking about for you.
  • Corra_Ashu and other people from Facepunch (especially from this thread, but also from the Mass Effect thread) for making public sounds, models and textures from many games, in our case Star Wars Battlefront 3, by Free Radical and well games from the ME saga.
  • Garry's mod website for addons that contained textures, I don't rember exactly the authors (apart from cire992), but you can find part of the textures we used on the site.
  • The major MOW modders, that always helped me in my modding problems and gave me instructions in every part of modding: λpone and SullenMan. A special mention goes to Buzztr0n, for helping me on a daily basis, letting me use part of his files and in general never letting me fail at something, if you are new around go ahead and check out his awsome mod.
  • for some models, Glitt666 for some heads from his released assets for MOW, I don't have any direct link to him, but you can check out his awsome game (originated as mod) here
  • The Vk community, the Digitalmindsoft forums and this site.
  • Sounds for particoular characters like Geth and Marauders from this youtuber
  • Zombie code used for the Husk from the U.N.I.T. mod (if I'm wrong correct me).
  • Various skins and a vehicle taken from the "Galaxy in Flames" project from theddd1.


Beta99: 1st main developer, exporter, coder

XxMrDestructionxX: 2nd main developer, exporter

Soldier[VANGUARD]: 3rd main developer, unit creator, general helper for assets

foreshad0w1: interface creator

F.A.Q :

Q: Why Mass Effect in particoular? There are plenty of games out there!

A: Because we love Mass Effect and its universe, each playthrough is a differnt experience, making this series unique.

Q: Will there be biotics?

A: We'll think about it in the future, not for now.

Q: What game is this for?

A: The mod is developed on AS 2, you can try and bring this in other MOW games, but you'll have to adjust many things, only the skins will work with no problem immediatly.

Q: Does this work with other mods?

A: Probably doesn't, but it always depends on what files the other mods change, so go ahead and test, at your own riks!!

Q: This sucks, doesn't look like ME at all/ X mod is better

A: Nobody is forcing you to be here, leave if this isn't for you, useless comments will be deleted, while instead constructive critics are well accepted.

Q: When will this mod be released?

A: TBD, but we'll do and open demo for sure.

Q: Will the work be discontinued?

A: Probably for some time, yes, but when it will be, I'll be sure to advise you.


Man of War - Planetside


Star Wars - Galaxy At War


Rising Empire

Absolute Pressure


Born in the Fire: America

Lord of the Rings: The New Age

The Beginning & The End

Totaler Krieg 1939-45

Heroes of The Napoleonic Wars

Mass Effect

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Update 11/01/16

News 7 comments

Hello everyone, we have updates on the mod's development for you! Be sure top read everything and ask questions in the comment section if you have any.

Update overview:

We've made siginificant progress, and I think this is one of the best periods we've had so far for the mod since its start back in June; much help came from Buzztr0n, Colt and other modders (be sure to check their mods out in the mod's description). There's much more work to do, but creativity and working with others will be our base more than ever before. But let's get into it right now.

Bug fixing and texture re-organization:

On Buzztr0n suggestion I finally created texmods instead of having multiple props different in just textures; this made the mod less heavy and will be a good thing for the folder's size. I still need to move all the props' textures to the texture folder to improve performance even more, but that requires a lot of time and I'm still busy.

I also implemented the random texmods script made by Sonne2 ( that permitted me to make less heavy the humanskin size, basically when you spawn a soldier a random texmod set will be applied (armor, head, eye etc...); I tested this and works really well in my opinion. I created some more texture variations for the Turian special forces' armor:


When I did this re-organization I noticed that the human faces were much darker compared to the un-exported texturez (some users asked me to fix it, but I never noticed the difference) so I'm proceding to fix this, and you can see the difference:


That means that, when exporting, .bmp textures get much darker so that's something I'll have to keep in mind in the future. Compare this image with this one


New content:

Here are the major content updates, we've added some more effects and made minor changes to files, but I'll only show you the new things.


Here is a Varren with 3 texmods, it uses the dog's code used in the mod by Vora_bat, it's very similar to the one used by the husk too.


They deal balanced damage and can be taken down fairly quickly, their sound is tiger-like; they are a bit buggy from the animation side of things, but that's because the Varren is much different from the German Shepard used by Vora_bat.

Turian building:

I've managed to implement a working building with the help of Colt, it's still fairly basic, but that's a good start for any custom building we could implement (even if there are a few building models in Mass Effect); the roof disappears when units reach the ramp, and that's it for now.


New vehicles:

The major part of this update, something I implemented yesterday and that I'm working on very hardly; I've added types of Praetorians: a heavy one, a medium one, a light one and a "suicide" one, that works like a Goliath (the one with the red light). They're all armed with a zenite cannon, but it shoots in a powerful way and an incredible rate of fire.


They all have an animation that plays while moving, standing still and so on, it consists in their legs moving in and out from the center under the head.

Here's a very simple Geth turret, I didn't script it very well for now, because I focused much more on the Praetorians:


Ok that concludes it this update, I hope you enjoyed it, be sure to continue to follow our work and thanks for the fantastic support, happy Halloween!

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Mass Effect - 0.1 Release

Mass Effect - 0.1 Release

Full Version 18 comments

Hello, I hope you're all having a nice Christmas and that you're doing fine, it's time to finally release the new version. I tried to fix some of the...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 221)

So this is my first mod for the game and I'm still a bit lost. I installed the game correctly and such but and activated it in game. But I don't see where to play the units. Is this for editor only or am I doing something wrong?

As I said earlier, I'm new to modding this game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Beta99 Creator

Editor only!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Alrighty, thanks! Can't wait to see more from this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Beta99 Creator

Hey all, well I can see quite a battlefield here XD , first of all thanks for the support and love, seeing so many people following this mod really makes me happy. Now to answers a few questions:

Why haven't I updated this yet? Cause I'm super busy with school, there are only 2 months left and are the vital ones, so I have to focus.

Why won't I add Andromeda content? I don't hate the game, I just haven't played it yet and don't know how it is; plus I can't run it on my pc and so I probably couldn't even get the contents. Also it's a competely new game and the models are really detailed, I don't know the polycount, but it probably isn't MOW friendly.

See you all soon and thanks again for your support thus far!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Oh lol sorry about that I can get defensive sometimes Im glad it was all juat a misunderstanding I just saw your comment and thought it was directed at me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

And I voiced my opinion. I didn't attack you lol. where did i ever say anythihng like that and why bring world wars and hitler into this??? no one said you were inhuman. and that second comment i made wasn't directed towards you D4rkle0pard. it was at someone who deleted his comment saying that the creator had to do what the fans said. and i thought that was disrespectful i had no ill will towards you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Man, that escalated quickly. You both should really calm down, it's a nice mod and it is up to the mod creator to chose if he will add stuff from Mass Effect Andromeda or not. I personally love Andromeda even more than first two games. That doesn't make me an idiot. I mean, really, you both are overreacting and should really cool down, it's a mod. Anyway, I wanted to ask will you add brutes for the Reapers and those "mech stuff" for Cerberus and System Alliance and how will they work? (I tested the release, but I did not see them, so I guess they are not in the mod). Cheers!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Beta99 Creator

Hi, brutes are a good and really difficoult point, but i will try my best to add them in one way or another; the mechs are simpler cause they can just be added and coded as vehicles.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I didn't demand anything I asked a simple question and was attacked for voicing my opinion Im sure you feel so high and mighty. Everyone has a right to their opinion unless your in this comments section apperently. I wanted to know the reasson as to why Andromeda content wont be added am I wrong to ASK A SIMPLE QUESTION? SO I LIKE ANDROMEDA GO AHEAD ATTACK ME FOR voiceing my opinion. I love all the Mass Effect games and have played and finished ALL of them. Just because I like something you don't makes me evil? Unhuman? Parasitic? This is how real world wars start with people like you telling others what then can and cant do, FORCING their opinions on others.I believe Hitler himself viewed Jews an inhuman and didnt care for their opinions either.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Well it doesn't matter what you think because it is his mod. not yours his he doesn't get paid he is a fan of the series if you people want to make your own mass effect mod with andromeda stuff then go do it. he does not have to do anything that he doesn't so who cares. this mod is rated 10 so people love it regardless of the dumb andromeda stuff. and how dare you say it doesn't give him the right. it is his mod not yours you can't make demands

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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